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 “IN GOD WE TRUST”  EDITOR La Directora del Servicio secreto Renuncia… “En mi opinión” una porquería menos en un gobierno lleno de porquería, casi sin excepciones…Lázaro R González Miño

Secret Service director resigns after security failures

Published October 01, 2014

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White House: Pierson resignation in best interest of agency

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Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned Wednesday, after a security breach at the White House and other high-profile incidents raised widespread concerns about the safety of the president and his family. 

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson announced the resignation in a written statement, and the White House confirmed her decision shortly afterward. President Obama “concluded new leadership of that agency was required,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said. 

Johnson said: “Today Julia Pierson, the Director of the United States Secret Service, offered her resignation, and I accepted it. I salute her 30 years of distinguished service to the Secret Service and the Nation.” 

A source familiar with the situation told Fox News that Johnson told Pierson the resignation would be effective immediately, after she offered. 

The resignation comes just days after the Sept. 19 incident where an intruder jumped over the White House fence and darted past several layers of security to enter the White House itself. He was able to make it to the East Room before being apprehended. 

Pierson’s departure, though, marked a sharp turnaround from a day earlier, when despite her rocky performance during congressional testimony the White House voiced support for her leadership. Asked Tuesday whether Obama had confidence in the director, Earnest said “absolutely.” 

But on Wednesday, the director was facing bipartisan calls to step down. Rep. Elijah Cummings, top Democrat on the committee that grilled Pierson, notably told NPR she is “not the person to lead that agency” — though he later clarified he thinks she should go if she can’t restore public trust. 

Asked what had changed to lead to her resignation, Earnest said foremost that Pierson had offered her resignation. 

But he also said Wednesday that “recent and accumulating reports” raised “legitimate questions” about the agency. Earnest said Obama agrees that Pierson’s resignation is in the best interest of the agency. 

Among those reports was the revelation that on Sept. 16, a security contractor armed with a gun who had previously been arrested for assault rode on an elevator with Obama and his security detail at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, violating Secret Service protocol. Earnest said the president only learned about that incident on Tuesday. 

New and alarming details also emerged — seemingly by the day — about the multiple security failures in the Sept. 19 intrusion. Not until late Monday was it reported that he made it into the East Room, a detail that was confirmed by Pierson during her testimony. 

Johnson said that he now agrees that a “panel of independent experts” should review the Sept. 19 incident — something that had been called for by lawmakers. He said such a panel will submit its assessment and recommendations by Dec. 15. 

“I will also request that the panel advise me about whether it believes, given the series of recent events, there should be a review of broader issues concerning the Secret Service. The security of the White House compound should be the panel’s primary and immediate priority,” he said. 

He said a separate internal review will be completed by Nov. 1. 

Johnson said he’s appointing Joseph Clancy, a former special agent in charge of the Presidential Protective Division who retired in 2011, as interim director. 

The Sept. 19 incident involving a Texas Army veteran who jumped the White House fence and was able to make it deep into the Executive Mansion before being stopped is now just one of several embarrassing disclosures about lapses in presidential security involving the Secret Service. 

Despite more than three hours of questioning by House lawmakers on Tuesday, Pierson neglected to mention the incident in Atlanta. Her failure to do so prompted Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, to call for Pierson’s resignation — or firing — in an interview with Fox News Tuesday night. In a statement on Wednesday, Chaffetz welcomed the decision to step down and urged the president to fill the post with “new leadership from outside the Secret Service for a fresh start.” 

At Tuesday’s hearing, Pierson said she was the one who briefs Obama on threats to his personal security and said she had briefed him only once this year, “for the Sept. 19 incident.” She also disclosed that shortly before the alleged intruder, Omar J. Gonzalez, scaled the fence at least two of her uniformed officers recognized him from an earlier troubling encounter but did not approach him or report his presence to superiors. 

Lawmakers were aghast, too, about a four-day delay in 2011 before the Secret Service realized a man had fired a high-powered rifle at the White House, as reported by the Washington Post on Sunday. 

Pierson told the hearing the security plan for protecting the White House was not “properly executed” on Sept. 19. The Secret Service’s story about the extent of that breach changed late Monday night after the Washington Post first reported that Gonzalez got well past the front door of the White House. Previously it had said Gonzalez had been stopped just inside the front door. After hours of questioning Tuesday, it remained unclear what and when Pierson and Johnson knew about the incident. The Secret Service is part of the Homeland Security Department. 

The Sept. 19 breach was the latest black eye for the agency. Pierson was originally brought in early last year after the 2012 prostitution scandal in Colombia. 

Gonzalez was indicted Tuesday and pleaded not guilty on Wednesday before Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson in U.S. District Court.

Fox News’ Ed Henry and The Associated Press contributed to this report. 


Pentagon Official: The President Is Lying To America — About Us, And About ISIS

Posted on October 1, 2014

This Pentagon official is calling BS on Obama’s ’60 Minutes’ interview. Check out what he has to say.

President Barack Obama has taken a lot of flack since his Sunday night “60 Minutes” interview, in which he blamed the intelligence community for his failure to tackle the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. And that is right and proper. Because not only was his excuse of blaming us a lie, but when questioned on his lie, White House press secretary Josh Earnest doubled down with a whole new lie — both of which are easily, publicly proven false.

On Sunday, Obama said the intelligence community had underestimated the rise of ISIS, saying in an interview with CBS, “Our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that, I think, they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.”

But we know that isn’t true, as nearly a dozen administration officials have testified to the threat posed by ISIS publicly over the last year.

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Ebola in America – They’re doing it on purpose

Something to consider. Though I would say it is more just incompetence than them doing it on purpose.
Check it out:

So, Ebola has finally arrived. I’m not surprised, and you probably aren’t, either. But, there are a few things that you might not be aware of.

For instance, you might not know that:

Ebola is MORE contagious in colder climates, in the winter -than in areas where the outbreak occurred.
It is AT LEAST as contagious as Influenza A.
It takes an amazingly small amount of the Ebola virus to infect you.
They’ve been lying to you about this virus.
Oh, and one more thing…

…they’re doing it on purpose.

But, you knew that.

Ebola in America – The Deadly Implications
With this positive identification of the arrival of Ebola in America, we now have to ask ourselves about how much of a threat this is, and what the elites are attempting to do with this threat.

The Massive Threat

When you look closely at this virus, it’s hard to see any reason for optimism. It really is one of the most horrifying viruses known to man. It is massively contagious. It has an extremely low survival rate. Those that survive will often die later on – from organ failure, because of the massive internal damage this virus causes to even those who survive.

It truly is a nightmare disease.

Unfortunately, this nightmare won’t go away by ignoring it, so let me show you a vitally important video that you must see and understand:

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White House Pretends to Loosen Standards for Drone Killing

  Mark Horne  

Drone killing, as anyone knows who bothers to keep up with it, doesn’t have very strict standards. As the New York Times reported back in June,

The group found that more than a decade into the era of armed drones, the American government has yet to carry out a thorough analysis of whether the costs of routine secret killing operations outweigh the benefits. The report urges the administration to conduct such an analysis and to give a public accounting of both militants and civilians killed in drone strikes.

The findings amount to a sort of report card — one that delivers middling grades — a year after President Obama gave a speech promising new guidelines for drone strikes and greater transparency about the killing operations. The report is especially critical of the secrecy that continues to envelop drone operations and questions whether they might be creating terrorists even as they are killing them.

There is no indication that a U.S. strategy to destroy Al Qaeda has curbed the rise of Sunni Islamic extremism, deterred the establishment of Shia Islamic extremist groups, or advanced long-term U.S. security interests,” the report concludes.

“No indication that a U.S. strategy to destroy Al Qaeda has curbed the rise of Sunni Islamic extremist groups”? You mean like ISIS, ISIL, or the Islamic State—by whatever name you use?

Anyone can look at our documented “double tap” policy to know our standards have always been a sham.

So now that it more months have passed since President Obama did not give new guidelines, what does he do now? He loosens the standards that were allegedly in place. What else would a Nobel Peace Prize winner do?

Thus, Yahoo News tells us, “White House exempts Syria airstrikes from tight standards on civilian deaths.”

The White House has acknowledged for the first time that strict standards President Obama imposed last year to prevent civilian deaths from U.S. drone strikes will not apply to U.S. military operations in Syria and Iraq.

A White House statement to Yahoo News confirming the looser policy came in response to questions about reports that as many as a dozen civilians, including women and young children, were killed when a Tomahawk missile struck the village of Kafr Daryan in Syria’s Idlib province on the morning of Sept. 23.

The village has been described by Syrian rebel commanders as a reported stronghold of the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front where U.S officials believed members of the so-called Khorasan group were plotting attacks against international aircraft.

But at a briefing for members and staffers of the House Foreign Affairs Committee late last week, Syrian rebel commanders described women and children being hauled from the rubble after an errant cruise missile destroyed a home for displaced civilians. Images of badly injured children also appeared on YouTube, helping to fuel anti-U.S. protests in a number of Syrian villages last week.

So, basically, Obama imposed “strict standards” that don’t actually apply to the major battlefield. So why not put it out there as a general principle:

The strict standards President Obama imposed last year to prevent civilian deaths from U.S. drone strikes will not apply to U.S. military operations using drones anywhere in the world.

As much as I am opposed to sending troops back to Iraq, these deaths are the inevitable result of launching mass death from the sky. You can’t do surgery with a sledge hammer.

The main reason we were told we had to intervene in ISIS was because they were killing people, including women and children. Does this long-term, gradual (assuming it will ever succeed) “degrading” of ISIS really constitute help for those victims when we are victimizing them more?



Ricardo Samitier: Existe Terror en USA SI o NO Mire Este Caso Y Sea Usted El Juez

Revisemos las pruebas, publicadas por la misma CIA pero 18 años después…  

La CIA tiene una oficina para tratar con la Prensa… y hace solo dos días Anunciaron una nueva oficina para tratar con HOLLYWOOD… para ayudarlos A producir PELÍCULAS… E INCLUSIVE PERMITIR EL FILMAR DENTRO DE SU EDIFICIO… PARA DARLE VERACIDAD A LA PELÍCULA… ESOS SERVICIOS SON  GRATIS… ayuda que enriqueces a los productores…  

Pero veamos el caso del periodista GARY WEBB…

Fue el periodista que describió como durante la guerra de los CONTRA en Nicaragua… agentes De la CIA usaban los aviones para traer COCAÍNA a Estados Unidos…

Fue Un Gran ESCANDALO… PERO SU DENUNCIA PÚBLICA… no fue seguida Con un FISCAL ordenando arrestos…

Pronto los “VALIENTES PERIODISTAS” pro socialistas, pro homosexuales Incluyendo Los Ángeles Times decidieron arruinarle la vida a Gary Webb,  

Gary Webb perdió su trabajo, fue acusado de todo y hasta ser un traidor.

Por Fin Fue Encontrado Muerto!                              ¿Qué dictaminó el forense de su muerte?                                     Que Webb Se Suicidó

Con 2 Tiros De Calibre 38 A La Cabeza:

A pesar que algunos periódicos publicaron titulares que decían que su suicidio Lucia más un ASESINATO que un suicidio… Pronto el caso pasó al OLVIDO…  

Webb ‘Suicide’ Looking More Like Murder

Then there’s that literal smoking gun. We’re to believe that Gary shot himself in the head TWICE with a .38? Call some gun shop owners, talk to coroners, and medical personal about the likelihood of that scenario. Even coroner Robert Lyons admits it’s only a distinct possibility. I’d say that suicide is a slim to none possibility…just based on the fact that there were 2 shots to the head. It’s more like a CONFIRMED COVER-UP. Yet, based on this selective pastiche of flimsy, circumstantial evidence, projections and mere possibilities, we’re told it’s a confirmed suicide, and to move on nothing, to see here.

En Otra Información Se Dijo

Looking back on the weeks immediately following the publication of “Dark Alliance,” the document offers a unique window into the CIA’s internal reaction to what it called “a genuine public relations crisis” while revealing just how little the agency ultimately had to do to swiftly extinguish the public outcry. Thanks in part to what author Nicholas Dujmovic, a CIA Directorate of Intelligence staffer at the time of publication, describes as “a ground base of already productive relations with journalists,” the CIA’s Public Affairs officers watched with relief as the largest newspapers in the country rescued the agency from disaster, and, in the process, destroyed the reputation of an aggressive, award-winning reporter.

Lo más interesante de este caso, es que fue la CIA, con Total Impunidad, la que publicó las pruebas!  No fue ningún politiquero congresista o senador! 

La publicación por la CIA del caso Webb, no es nada más que una amenaza a todos los periodistas del mundo!!

Es una advertencia colectiva, que si no cooperas con la CIA,

te arruinamos la vida y hasta te “SUICIDAMOS” y no pasa nada!!!

¿Dónde está la Primera Enmienda?

¿Libertad de Expresión?

¿Qué hace la Prensa?


Cuando yo digo que vivimos en un estado policial y existe terrorismo de estado en EEUU,es porque las pruebas están publicadas.


Freedom is not Free!

Hay que defender nuestras libertades o las perdemos!! 

Permitir que una agencia del gobierno, importe drogas, blanquear dinero, exporte armas,asesine sus oponentes, silencie la prensa, todo esto en SUELO AMERICANO,  es la definición de una Mafia fuera de control y estamos, solo a un paso de una Dictadura El Director de la CIA acaba de pedir “DISCULPAS” a los Senadores por haberlos ESPIADO… y no se ha vuelto a hablar del caso… ¿Para Quién Espiaba? Claro está que para Obama… y por eso el crimen de espiar a nuestros senadores ha quedado IMPUNE… ni siquiera han tenido el valor los senadores de pedir su renuncia…  

No hay ni un solo politiquero que se haya expresado publicamente contra la CIA!

Por qué? Solo hay 2 respuestas.

·        No están enterados

·        Están aterrorizados por la CIA 


No importa cuál sea su excusa, Todos los politiqueros que se han quedado callados se merece ser expulsado de su cargo por incompetencia a la Constitución!

Supuestamente, hay 3 ramas equivalentes del Gobierno.

Ahora sabemos que existe una cuarta rama equivalente en EEUU- la CIA.

La CIA opera con Impunidad Total…. ¿Tú que vas hacer?

Aquí tienen la prueba del caso de Gary Webb: Un Suicida que

Se dio DOS TIROS en la cabeza…

Watch: Trey Gowdy Just Made An Inept Gov’t Official’s Worst Nightmare Come True On Live TV

Trey Gowdy does it again…


South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy has been in the news seemingly nonstop for the last several months showcasing his ability to question/interrogate individuals.

The IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, and his tirades against Obama are just a few that come to mind.

In this video, Gowdy takes it to the Secret Service due to the fact it took them “three to four” days after a shooting at the White House to find any evidence of the shooting.

The housekeeper was actually the one to find the evidence Gowdy refers to, and he wants to know how a housekeeper could find the evidence faster than the Secret Service.




Alberto Pérez “Amenper” Thomas Eric Duncan has been identified as the first patient with the Ebola virus in the United States. He was visiting family in Dallas, Texas after contracting the disease while in Liberia just days ago.

Experto de Inmigración: La administración de Obama es responsable por permitir la entrada de paciente de Ébola en Estados Unidos.

by MATTHEW BOYLE  1 Oct 2014, 1:03 PM PDT

“La secretaria del departamento de Salud y Servicios humanos del  presidente Barack Obama,  Sylvia Burwell, y el secretario del Departamento de Seguridad Nacional Jeh Johnson, y el secretario de Estado John Kerry son directamente responsables por permitir que el Ébola entrara en los Estados Unidos” Dijo la directora de Estudios de Política del Centro para Estudios de Inmigración, Jessica Vaughan  a Breitbart Noticias.

Vaughan señala la ley federal – la Ley de Inmigración y Nacionalidad (INA) – da autoridad a la administración con “amplias facultades” para prohibir los no ciudadanos como Thomas Eric Duncan, el primer paciente del Ébola, la entrada al país . El gobierno no tomó ninguna medida, poniendo potencialmente en peligro a los estadounidenses.

“Ellos tienen amplia autoridad para impedir que cualquier persona no ciudadana de entrar en el país”, dijo en una entrevista telefónica con Breitbart News. “Así que lo que tienen que hacer es establecer un sistema de detección para asegurar que la gente con peligro de contagio no se les va a a permitir viajar en el país sin que sean examinadas”, explicó. “Lo hemos hecho con algunas de estas otras enfermedades en el pasado-y la forma de hacer esto es que con cada emisión de visa tenga los resultados de los médicos locales los cualtes examinarán las personas que reciben visas de inmigrante para asegurarse de que no tienen la tuberculosis o la lepra y otras enfermedades. Usted podría requerir de manera similar que las personas que quieran viajar aquí con visas de visitantes pasen por un reconocimiento médico y poner la carga de la prueba sobre el viajero para demostrar que no están infectadas y no llevan la enfermedad “.

El senador Rand Paul (R-KY), en una aparición en el programa de radio distribuido nacionalmente, la mañana del miércoles de Laura Ingraham, también advirtió que el gobierno no estaba actuando con suficiente fuerza. “Creo que está siendo dominado por la corrección política, y creo que porque está siendo dominado por la corrección política no estamos realmente haciendo el trabajo de las decisiones racionales y científicas”, dijo Paul.

El gobierno ha puesto Ebola en la lista de “enfermedades prohibidos”, pero no ha tomado ninguna medida para poner juntos un proceso de selección o la barra de la inmigración procedente de los países afectados-Ébola en los EE.UU.

“Todo está bajo la autoridad del poder ejecutivo como manejar eso”, dijo Vaughan. “Ellos deberían estar trabajando con los expertos en salud pública sobre la forma de detectar la enfermedad y por qué período de tiempo las personas se deben despejar. Pero mi comprensión al escuchar los informes sobre este caso en Dallas es que es la aerolínea lo que está haciendo es llenar informes y tomando su temperatura. Por lo que he leído que no es suficiente “.

“La gente tiene que no haber tenido contacto con una persona infectada durante 21 días y esto no se está implementando- – Algunos de los miembros del Congreso  habían pedido una prohibición total de viaje desde y hacia estos países y que es el enfoque más agresivo que se puede hacer, dicen que simplemente no vamos a admitir personas que han estado en estos países en los últimos tres meses “, continuó. “Eso es lo que pidió un congresista porque eso es lo más seguro que se puede hacer.

Pero si no quieren hacer eso, se pueden hacer otras cosas como requerir la autorización de su médico y trabajar con el médico y la gente tiene que demostrar que no han estado en contacto con alguien durante 21 días y  sin fiebre por 21 días. “

La ley establece explícitamente que “cualquier extranjero” o inmigrante legal o visitante “, que está expuesto (de conformidad con los reglamentos prescritos por el Secretario de Salud y Servicios Humanos) para tener una enfermedad transmisible de importancia para la salud pública”, o alguien que es “quien se determina (de conformidad con los reglamentos prescritos por el Secretario de Salud y Servicios Humanos en consulta con el [Secretario de Seguridad Nacional])  que pueda. tener un trastorno físico o mental y la conducta asociada con el desorden que pueda representar, o que ha representado, un amenaza a la propiedad, la seguridad o el bienestar del extranjero o de otros, o “se considera que es” inadmisible “.

Como tal, Burwell y Johnson – y el presidente – lleva la responsabilidad directa por no establecer un sistema de este tipo, dice ella. También incluye Kerry porque el Departamento de Estado tiene amplia libertad en cuanto a la expedición de visados ​​a las personas que deseen visitar o emigrar, ya sea a partir de estas naciones.

“En la expedición de visados​​, el DHS ha tenido siempre esta ligera ventaja sobre Estado, pero si John Kerry quería algo hubiera podido hacerlo”, dijo Vaughan. “Y ellos [DHS y el HHS]  no podían decir Kerry en el Departamento de Estado lo que debe hacer. Pero creo que Kerry tiene una responsabilidad aquí también porque en [el Departamento de Estado] saben cuáles son las condiciones sobre el terreno en esos países “.

Pero Vaughan dijo que la administración Obama no ha hecho “nada” para la detección de Ébola entrando en los EE.UU. o para dejar de dar visas a esos países.

“Parece que todo ha sido subcontratado a las compañías aéreas. No sé si el Departamento de Estado ha dejado de emitir visados​​-Desde luego, no he oído hablar de eso “, dijo, y agregó que si se hubieran tomado todas las medidas se hubiera anunciado públicamente por la administración. El único anuncio la administración hizo en Liberia hasta el momento es que suspende las deportaciones de inmigrantes ilegales en los EE.UU. de ese país para  que esas personas no contraigan la enfermedad a su regreso. Vaughan dice que significa Obama está protegiendo a los extranjeros ilegales de Ebola, pero no hace nada para proteger a los estadounidenses de la enfermedad.

“Lo que hicieron fue anunciar que suspendían las deportaciones a Liberia con el fin de proteger a los delincuentes extranjeros que viven aquí de tener que regresar a su propio país y contraer esta enfermedad”, dijo. Vaughan dijo que si el gobierno realmente tenía un plan anterior, no es probable que haya habido este caso en Dallas.

“Si hubieran intervenido antes con un plan de prevención más robusto, presumiblemente este caso de Dallas no habría ocurrido”, dijo, y agregó que Duncan – el hombre con Ebola en Dallas – debería de haber sido detenido la entrada a Estados Unidos .

“En primer lugar, es lo que llamamos un inmigrante de un tercer país – alguien que solicita una visa de no-inmigrante fuera de su país de ciudadanía”, dijo Vaughan. “Es una señal de alerta, porque significa que los vínculos del solicitante con el país en el que vive se supone que son débiles. A esto se añade el hecho de que al parecer es un joven soltero de estado liberiano masculino desempleados en Ghana y un ciudadano del país que tiene una de las tasas más altas de violar visa de cualquier país en el mundo y ya tiene un familiar cercano ilegal en los EE.UU. , y este era su primer viaje a los EE.UU. “.

“Hay muchos factores que pesan en contra de la emisión de este tipo de visa, en cualquier caso, independientemente del problema de Ebola”, explicó. “Personalmente, estoy cómodo diciendo que probablemente no habría emitido este hombre visa de visitante de ninguna manera. Este tipo de persona era un prototipo de un caso en que la violación de visa hubiera ocurrido.”



Iranian Doctor Hung for ‘Heresy’ After Eight Years in Prison

Executed for making claim that Jonah did not emerge from whale’s belly

BY: Reuters
October 1, 2014 11:48 am

(Reuters) – A former psychologist has been executed for heresy in Iran after eight years in detention, human rights groups said, in the latest example of what activists say is a worrying rise in the use of death penalty by the Islamic Republic.

Mohsen Amir Aslani was hanged in a prison near the city of Karaj west of Tehran on Sept. 24, according to the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), which is based outside Iran, for “corruption on earth and heresy in religion”.

Iranian opposition news websites have said Aslani, 37, had given religious classes where he propagated a new interpretation of the Koran. He was also accused by the authorities of insulting the Prophet Jonah.

The Iran Wire website reported that in one of his classes he told his audience that Jonah could not have emerged from the whale’s belly, and it was this statement that led to his charge of insulting the Prophet Jonah.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed alarm at a reported increase in executions in Iran. Iran has one of the highest levels of executions in the world, second to China, according to Amnesty.

Some human rights activists and others fear that hardliners who oppose pragmatic President Hassan Rouhani and his negotiations with Western powers over the country’s nuclear program are pushing the executions to weaken him.

Iran officially executed 373 people in 2013. But according to Cornell University’s database, there were between 624 and 727 last year, up from an estimated 314 to 580 in 2012.

The U.S.-based Iran Human Rights Documentation Centre puts the total number of executions at 531 for this year.

On Thursday, in an open letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, 18 physics Nobel laureates called for the “immediate and unconditional” release of Iranian physicist and prisoner of conscience, Omid Kokabee, according to a statement by the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

He is suffering serious health problems, according to the campaign.

Kokabee, who was arrested while on a visit to Iran from the United States in 2011 where he was studying, was charged with “communicating with a hostile government,” and receiving “illegitimate funds.”

In an open letter from Evin prison, in April 2013, Kokabee wrote that his imprisonment was the result of his refusal to heed pressure by Iranian intelligence agents to collaborate on a military research project.

(Reporting By Michelle Moghtader, Editing by William Maclean and Dominic Evans)

¿Qué cosa es ISIS y quien carajo son ellos?


He estado tratando de observar para averiguar exactamente quiénes son esas personas que están jodiendo tanto.

Así me he puesto a observar lo qué (combatientes de ISIS) dicen acerca de sí mismos, lo que aparece en los medios sociales y leyendo lo que personas que observan la situación y saben qué está pasando en el terreno de fuentes locales tienen que decir.
Así que he venido a través de la observación con una división de los soldados de ISIS en tres grupos.

El primero de ellos son psicópatas, quienes son personas que en realidad tienen una especie de odisea personal y que los ha impulsado a desear sangrientos crímenes, que justifican con  una ideología fanática-religiosa de la que se han rodeado en su escape del establecimiento social de sus países que los consideraron inadaptados sociales y criminales.

Los psicópatas tienden a ser extranjeros, algunas veces loquitos de los Estados Unidos y de Europa,  no siempre occidentales, pero casi siempre personas que no son de Siria o Irak. La razón de esto es que la gente de Siria e Irak tiene que vivir allí. No quieren hacer las cosas que son tan horribles y grotescas que podrá enajenar las personas con las que tienen que pasar el resto de sus vidas. Además los habitantes son sus amigos y familia que lo conocen.  Los psicópatas de Siria e Irak se van probablemente para Afganistán o vienen a vivir a los Estados Unidos bajo las leyes de inmigración de Obama..

El segundo grupo son los verdaderos creyentes, quienes son investidos profundamente en la importancia de un califato, la realización física de una idea particular tradicional y religiosa en el mundo Islámico. Este  es probablemente el grupo más grande, y el más peligroso, son fanáticos que están dispuesto a morir por  el Islam.  Estos son los mejores soldados y los que se están entrenando para venir a los Estados Unidos para destruirnos. Es la vanguardia de ISIS.

El último grupo se compone de Sunitas pragmáticos que son esencialmente políticos.

Estas son personas que han venido a la causa porque ellos ven esto como una manera de conseguir un poco de dinero y una influencia política  Los Sunitas pragmáticos, son creyentes de la fe musulmana pero políticos por encima de todo. Quizás sean capaces de morir para estar con las 72 vírgenes, en el paraíso, creo que las prefieren tener en este mundo.  Este grupo es el más pequeño, pero como políticos tienen una gran influencia en el gobierno de ISIS


En resumen, este grupo disímil de locos, fanáticos religiosos y políticos tienen algo en común que los une, sin este común denominador no podrían existir porque cada grupo es diferente.  Lo que tienen en común es de una manera o de otra, es su fe Islámica.que los une en su odio al occidente.

Sólo cuando se acepte esta realidad se puede reconocer cual es el tendón de Aquiles de ISIS.  Hay que atacar y neutralizar al Islam, esta es la única manera de combatir a ISIS.

En otras palabras si se acaban las virgenes ya no tienen motivación para pelear.


Amenper: La Culpa Descargada, ¿o la Culpa Descarada? 


Se la pueden jugar al Canelo que a Obama no lo van a invitar a la fiesta de Navidad de la CIA este año.

 Obama, en una entrevista con “60 minutos” CBS el domingo, una vez más descargó la culpa de los problemas de su administración en otros.  Esta vez culpó a servicio de inteligencia exterior de la nación por supuestamente subestimar el peligro del grupo terrorista conocido como ISIS.  Como recuerdan ISIS  es el mismo grupo que Obama había comparado como un equipo deportivo de segunda categoría y que dijo que no ofrecía peligro para los Estados Unidos.

 Pero las agencias de inteligencia no se han quedado calladas y han reportados que Obama había sido informado y advertido de la creciente tormenta que representaba ISIS.

Claro que CBS reportó esto en las noticias de la madrugada, donde sólo unos cuantos desvelados se enteraron.

 Pero dados los hechos, el Presidente debe compartir la culpa. Sin embargo esto no se comenta mucho, porque los medios de comunicación se ocupan de darle una vuelta a la situación.  Ahora dicen que la culpa es de todos, que todos se equivocaron, de esa manera la culpa de Obama luce más disminuida.

 Esta fue la segunda bofetada que Obama le da a las agencias de inteligencia en Estados Unidos en tantos meses. Dijo el Presidente en agosto, “Creo que sin duda hay avance ese (ISIS), (su) movimiento durante los últimos meses ha sido más rápido que las estimaciones de la inteligencia y creo que las expectativas de las autoridades tanto dentro y fuera de Irak”.

Todo el mundo tiene la culpa menos Obama. No dijo nada de Bush esta vez, porque la culpa de Bush es omnipresente en las noticias de la prensa complaciente, así que no tiene mucho que preocuparse por repetir tanto sobre la culpa de Bush como lo hacía al principio de su administración.

 Pero el registro muestra claras advertencias dadas en sesiones del Congreso en enero y febrero (si no antes) sobre la creciente potencia de ISIS. Y agregó a un ex alto funcionario del Pentágono para el The Daily Beast, “o el Presidente no lee la inteligencia o él se va en imprecación” (una figura retórica que consiste en expresar el deseo de que les acaezca el mal a otros)  Una manera de decir que  el insulto del presidente a las agencias es basado en la  “mentira”.

 Érase una vez bajo un tipo llamado a Harry Truman, que dijo el cubo se detiene con el Presidente.

Esto se refiere a cuando en el pasado el fuego se apagaba pasando un cubo de agua de mano en mano, en el último que era el que tenía que echar el agua al fuego era donde se detenía el cubo.

Pero con Obama lo que se debiera detener son las ruedas de los camiones bajo las cuales el Presidente sigue lanzando a otros cuando los culpa por sus propios fracasos de liderazgo.



Ricardo Samitier: He Aquí Una Razón del Porque Obama No Aprueba el Oleoducto de Canadá A Texas?

Nadie Acusa A Obama De Tener Negocios Para Enriquecerse… Todo el mundo sabe que el billonario Warren Buffet, asesor económico de Obama, es el dueno de una linea de trenes.


El Pentágono publicó Como UNOS Grandes Éxitos Estos videos de sus últimos ataques en Siria!

En este video se ve como DESTRUYEN UN CAMIÓN que quizás valga $5,000.00 Usando un cohete de $25,000.00 

Hay que aplaudirlos… ¿La tecnología es Impresionante? El Gobierno IMPRIMIRÁ MAS DÓLARES… el Pueblo Pagara más Impuestos hasta que como en LA Francia de Luis XVI  se forme la Revolución…  


Ahora, Veamos Los Resultados De Los Ataques Americanos Hace 70 Años En Alemania:

Aunque los despidos de empleados no es agradable… El De Los Periodistas Socialistas y Pro Homosexuales Si lo es…

El Vocero Del Socialismo Norte Americano El New York Time… Periódico Que Vendió A Fidel Castro Como Un Demócrata y Siguió Defendiendo Al Comunismo… Incluyendo A Hugo Chávez… Otra Vez mas Tiene Que Despedir Empleados… De La Cantidad de 13 800 en su “ESPLENDOR” Ahora solo tiene 3,529… De los cuales 1,300 Están en el departamento de Noticias… Quienes Desinforman A Los Lectores…  

Aqua tienen la noticia…

El Oro De Ucrania… Nadie Sabe Donde Esta… Los Holandeses Han Congelado El Oro Ucraniano Depositado En Holanda Una Cantidad Que Salió De Kiev Para Según Se Dijo Para Nueva York… Días Antes De Comenzar La Guerra… La Reserva Federal De Usa… No Reconoce Haberlo Recibido…

Ukraine’s Gold Reserves Secretly Flown Out 

and Confiscated by the New York Federal Reserve?

Netherlands refuses to return Crimean Scythian gold to Russia or Ukraine
Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines –

Warren Buffett’s Railroad

In February 2010, Buffett surprised the markets by buying Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway  

Autorizar la construcción de un oleoducto entre Canadá y el golfo de México

causaría perdidas a los trenes que ahora transportan el petroleo por sus carriles.  

Por alguna razón, Obama no a dado permiso para construir esta infra estructura

que beneficiaría a todos.  El tendrá sus razones….  

Mientras tanto, el resto del mundo sigue extrayendo petroleo, porque es un recurso necesario para las economías industriales.

Aqui vean el ultimo descubrimiento en Rúsia:  

Russia Discovers Massive Arctic Oil Field  Which May Be Larger Than Gulf Of Mexico

La Justicia en la EUROPA Y EL CANADÁ CRISTIANO… Defendiendo la Vida…

Aquí Tenemos A 2 Ejemplos De La Justicia Moderna:

Sea Usted El Juez… y Determine… Si La Burocracia y Los Jueces Tiene Derecho A Realizar estos Fallos… 

El primero, es una anciana que fue EJECUTADA de la misma forma

que usan en las cárceles, pero cuando lo hace un hospital, le llaman- EUTANASIA.

Cual era su enfermedad?  Depresión!  Aquí tienen la noticia: How my mother died

A mentally-ill Belgian woman sought euthanasia to escape her problems. The doctors told her, sure, why not?

– See more at:  

El segundo caso, fue una madre acusada de asesinato de su hijo.

El juez decidió que no la podia condenar porque el aborto es legal.                               Canadian woman charged with hiding baby’s body acquitted because full-term abortion is legal

La Política SINIESTRA De Obama Es De Unir A

Musulmanes “Buenos” Contra Los “Malos”

Más Pronto De Lo Que Pensamos Ambos

Bandos Se Van A Unir… Y Serán Aun Mas

Poderosos Que “ISIS” y No Tendrán Que

Esperar Que Irán Tenga la Bomba Atómica…

Ya Pakistán La Tiene… y no es un país


Para los que no lo saben la actual división de los países musulmanes fue

Diseñada en 1919 para que divididos NO AMENAZARAN al mundo Cristiano

Ahora Obama y los Politiqueros los están UNIENDO… en una Gran Fuerza…

Que en menos de 10 años… quizás 5  tendremos que combatirlos… con la


Y en USA SE ESTIMA… pues increíblemente oficialmente el censo no

registra las religiones… HAY 3 MILLONES  SUFICIENTE PARA



Pero Nada De Esto Se Escribe y Se Comenta En La Prensa

Socialista, Pro-Homosexual,  Pro Mariguana Y Pro Aborto

Todo Lo Que Contribuye A Nuestra Destrucción…

El Que No Lo Ve… Es Porque No Quiere Ver El Plan De Obama y Demócratas

Recuerden El Nombre De Este Ciudadano:

Cody Wilson Una Mente Libre Que Usa Su

Inteligencia Para Legalmente Armar A Los

Ciudadanos Contra La Tiranía De Los

Politiqueros Socialistas Que Quieren


El año pasado, hizo una pistola plástica… de fabricación casera…

y ahora está vendiendo esta máquina para fabricar los disparadores

que convierten el AR-15 en ametralladora

Dentro de poco veremos su nombre en el periódico…


Cualquiera violación les viene bien… al IRS – FBI o el

Fiscal De la Ciudad… que con sus amiguitos uniformados

Realizan la más común persecución… quitarle por un año la

Licencia de conducir… a fuerza de violaciones por llevarse hasta los

STOP… y subirle el precio del seguro de automóvil…

A Los Que Están En Contra… Toda La Burocracia

Se Une Para Perseguirlos En Todas Las Formas…

Vean aquí la noticia de la nueva arma: Defense Distributed’s newest project is a PC-connected milling machine that aims to streamline the process of self-assembling AR-15 semi-automatic rifles.

Hasta aquí la columna de Samitier.


Mark Levin Calls for Investigation into Obama Intel Briefings

 by Cowboy Byte

He has only attended 42% of the intel briefings…
Check it out:

On Tuesday, conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin called for an investigation into the contents of President Barack Obama’s daily intelligence briefings that warned of the Islamic State’s (ISIS) rise years ago–a claim substantiated by Obama’s own national security staff in comments to the Daily Mail.

“He was aware of all of it, if he had read his intelligence briefings,” said Levin. “He is the commander-in-chief. The reason they put together that daily intelligence briefing–Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and sometimes two or three times a day, depending–is so he’ll read it. That’s the least he can do, because most presidents, all previous presidents, have had it explained to them, so they can ask questions right there on the spot and interact. But not




Miriam Dopico: Local paper “Testing on Trial”

Good info from a local reporter, new info on Gov. Scott and Jeb Bush.  

At least this reporter made an effort. We know there is such a huge problem with the testing and the “follow the money” but it would take another huge article to disclose the indoctrination, the deliberate, dumbing down, the controlling of a child’s life, the lack of parental control, the distorting of American history, the “human capital” and the misinformation about why “opting out” of the testing is going to have some many ill effects (on that alone we need to get Dr. Karen Effrems’ 10 page summary of the “Response to Dire Consequences Predicted for Students, Employees and Funding if Lee County Opts Out of State Tests” in front of the reporter). I give this gentleman a lot of credit, he spent time on the subject, but we know so much more is wrong about the Federal Program known as Common Core and what damage it is having to our children, our families and our country!



 Wayne Thorburn

In early 2013, Democratic activists who had previously coordinated field work for the Obama campaign in other states launched “Battleground Texas,” dedicated to turning Texas blue.  Backed by a number of major Democratic donors, the group claims to have raised more than six million dollars in its drive to build a Democratic infrastructure, recruit candidates, register and turnout voters for the Democratic ticket. Originally operating out of Austin, the project moved its headquarters to Fort Worth and is closely coordinating its efforts with the Davis for Governor campaign. While the names Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott will be on the November ballot, the more lasting verdict for Texas politics may well be the performance of Battleground Texas. Though it has received much media focus and the attention of many political observers, the results to date are anything but positive.

The late Democratic Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Tip O’Neil, once declared that “all politics is local.” If rebuilding the Texas Democratic Party involves strengthening the grass roots and building a farm team, then this year was an abysmal failure for Battleground Texas. Of the 254 counties in Texas, Democrats were unable to find anyone to run for County Judge – the chief elected official in county government – in 165 counties. Without a single vote being cast, Republicans will control at least 65 percent of all the county judge offices for the next four years.

Not a single Democrat could be found who was willing to run for any county office in 86 counties – more than one-third of the total. These 86 include the heavily-populated suburban counties of Denton, Montgomery, Johnson, Parker, and Comal as well as the other urban counties of Bell (Temple), Randall (Amarillo), and Grayson (Sherman). For the Texas legislature, the party was unable to recruit anyone to run in 42 percent of the state representative districts and 40 percent of the state senate seats on this year’s ballot.  As the old saying goes, “you can’t win the game when you don’t field a team.”

Beyond recruiting candidates, the next task for anyone attempting to rebuild a party is to locate individuals willing to help conduct a primary election. This year Democrats were unable to find anyone to administer a primary in twenty-two counties, almost ten percent of the state’s counties. This is the greatest number in the state’s history and an increase from eight in the last gubernatorial election year. When no Democratic primary is held, that county’s voters have no opportunity to choose the Democratic Party’s nominees for governor, U.S. senator or any other offices. Without a primary, no Democratic candidates for county-level office can be nominated.

If Battleground Texas is committed to registering more voters and turning them out, then their first test was the 2014 Democratic primary.  This year, some 555,000 Texans cast a ballot in the Democratic primary, a total that for the third straight election year has been decreasing rather than increasing. In fact, this year’s total of Democratic primary voters is lower than in any year since 1920 when 450,000 voted.  In 1920, however, the state’s total population was only 4,723,000 as contrasted with a current population of some 26 million.

Having failed to recruit candidates for many county and state legislative offices, with no one willing to conduct a primary in twenty-two counties, and the lowest primary turnout in more than ninety years, the remaining test for Battleground Texas and the state Democratic Party is the performance of its statewide candidates this November. Over the last nine elections, Democrats have run seventy-nine candidates for statewide offices; none of them has won and only fourteen of them (17.7%) have been able to obtain a minimum of 45 percent of the vote, one measure of a competitive election.  Should this year’s slate of candidates fail to do much better one must wonder whether Democratic big-dollar donors will continue to pour money into Battleground Texas or move their contributions and resources to more favorable territory.

Wayne Thorburn is author of Red State: An Insider’s Story of How the G.O.P. Came to Dominate Texas Politics, published this Fall by University of Texas Press. He has spent a lifetime in conservative politics.






Do You Support Obama’s Airstrikes Against Islamic Terrorists?

Mr. Lázaro R González Miño “En mi opinión”

Dear Friend,

Terrorist activity is at a fever pitch as Islamic terrorists carve a path of death and destruction across the Middle East. Citing the recent beheadings of civilians, including two American journalists, President Obama says the United States will not back down from their threats. To counter the violence, the President, backed by Congress, authorized airstrikes by U.S. military on terrorist targets in the Middle East.

There are concerns the President’s plan has the potential to commit the U.S. military to another costly long-term engagement in the Middle East. But the experts tell us Islamic terrorists present a significant threat to the United States and our interests and should be dealt with strongly and swiftly., America’s #1 news site for independent-minded individuals, is conducting an urgent poll to find out if you support the President’s decision to bomb Islamic terrorists or if you believe we have spent enough time and money on the deteriorating situation in the Middle East.

The results of the poll will be available to you after you submit your vote, and we’ll also share the poll results with major media outlets across the country. Thousands will vote, so take a moment right now to stand up and be counted. Your opinion matters! 

Bob Livingston,
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™





Reports: ISIS Within a Mile of Baghdad

By Todd Beamon

Islamic State militants are reportedly within a mile of Baghdad despite battling Iraqi forces and U.S.-led airstrikes, and there is “immense fear among everybody,” the vicar of the only Anglican church in Iraq said Tuesday.

“We are at a crisis point,” Canon Andrew White, vicar of St George’s Church in Baghdad, told Sky News. “People know ISIS are coming nearer.” 

The Islamic State is also known as ISIS.

White’s work is supported by the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, which said late Monday in a Facebook posting: “The Islamic State are now less than 2km away from entering Baghdad.”

Special: What This Soldier Did When He Came Home From Iraq . . . (Surprising)

“They said it could never happen, and now it almost has. Obama says he overestimated what the Iraqi army could do,” the posting said, referring to President Barack Obama.
“Well, you only need to be here a very short while to know they can do very very little,” the posting said.

He told Sky News that the U.S.-led airstrikes against ISIS are doing little more than killing civilians.

“People are being killed by the attacks of the coalition,” he said. 

“This is horrendous,” he said about the Islamic State’s advance into Iraq’s capital city. “We have civilians being killed, yet [the Islamic State] are moving toward Baghdad.”

Renewed fighting has also occurred in such central Iraqi cities as Baquba and Ramadi, Sky News reports, as ISIS fighters appear to have advanced within 3 miles of Kobani, a critical border town in Syria, despite the airstrikes.

The reports come as the White House remains in damage-control mode after Obama toldCBS’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday that U.S. intelligence officials had underestimated the ISIS threat.

The suggestion angered congressional Republicans, leading Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, to charge that “this was not an intelligence community failure, but a failure by policymakers to confront the threat.”

Obama had said:

“Our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that I think they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.” He was referring to James Clapper, director of national intelligence.

Alert: Many Risk a Heart Attack and Don’t Know It. Take Dr. Crandall’s Online Test Today.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest sought to clarify Obama’s remarks, noting that he was not blaming anyone as the U.S. sought global cooperation in the airstrikes that seek to weaken ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

“That is not what the president’s intent was,” Earnest said Tuesday. “What the president was trying to make clear” was “how difficult it is to predict the will of security forces that are based in another country to fight.”

In his Sky News interview, White said of Baghdad: “I’ve never known the city like it is at the moment.”

“Streets which are usually choc-a-bloc with traffic, cars and people are almost empty. People are too fearful to even leave their homes.”

He said that his church most likely would be “very high up” on the Islamic State’s target list and that “I must be at the top of the list.”

White told Sky News that one Iraqi soldier told him that if he was confronted by ISIS he would “take off his uniform and run,” and that he was in the army “because he needs the money.”

“This, sadly, is the kind of attitude of so many of these forces who should be coming to our aid and help,” he said.

According to The Daily Mail, airstrikes over the weekend appeared to have halted ISIS militants’ advance at Ameriyat al-Falluja, a small city about 18 miles south of Fallujah and 40 miles west of Baghdad.

Editor’s Note: 200 Free Benefits Most Seniors Fail to Use

But most of the fighters were undaunted — and many are making their way to the suburbs of Baghdad, the Daily Mail reports.

In a Facebook posting earlier Monday, White said: “Over 1,000 Iraqi troops were killed by ISIS yesterday, things are so bad.”

“All the military airstrikes are doing nothing,” he added. “If ever we needed your prayers, it is now.”

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·         Gen. Hayden: Obama’s Lack of Participation on Intel Problematic

·         Chris Christie to Obama: Blame Yourself, Not Others, for ISIS

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Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed?
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 El Estado es “esencialmente” ineficiente. 

Enviado por Clemente Sanchez.

Afirmar que el Estado es “esencialmente” ineficiente puede resultar una afirmación algo audaz para muchos, pero solo se trata de una mera descripción bastante concordante con lo que muestra el presente.

Es importante no caer en la trampa que proponen los que se sienten a gusto equiparando la realidad con sus propias utopías. No es razonable discutir intentando poner en un plano de igualdad, una evidencia de la vida cotidiana con esa entelequia con la que sueñan los mismos que dicen que el problema son los protagonistas de la historia y no la estructura conceptual sobre la que se edifica cierta visión ilusoria.

Los defensores de la idea del Estado eficiente dicen que existen sobrados ejemplos en la actualidad de naciones que han llevado adelante proyectos exitosos que permiten dejar atrás las recurrentes críticas a las eternas deficiencias que se describen con lujo de detalles.

Lo cierto es que esos países que parecen victoriosos en esta batalla por conseguir esa fantasía, son buenos ejemplos gracias a un proceso de comparación superficial con otros efectivamente peores como los que se conocen tan frecuentemente en estas latitudes. Se trata, en todo caso, de una mirada relativa, que elogia exageradamente desempeños considerados aceptables respecto de otros claramente desafortunados.

Es solo una cuestión de matices, pero no de fondo. El Estado y la eficiencia son conceptos absolutamente contrapuestos, definitivamente incompatibles, que no tienen consonancia alguna. Tal vez para profundizar la discusión sea necesario recordar que la eficiencia está directamente asociada a “conseguir un propósito empleando los medios idóneos” y se debería partir desde allí si se quiere analizar el asunto con seriedad y sin apasionamientos excesivos.

El Estado dispone habitualmente de administradores circunstanciales, simples operadores del sistema, que en general son los que han superado ciertos procedimientos de selección, que en el mejor de los casos son representantes elegidos por el mandato popular en las democracias más desarrolladas, y en otros ni siquiera bajo esa modalidad, sino bajo las reglas de esquemas mas autoritarios y arbitrarios.

En todos los casos, los que toman decisiones son personas que administran un patrimonio ajeno, bienes que son de todos los ciudadanos de una jurisdicción, dineros de cada habitante local. A la hora de orientar esos recursos, aun mediando la buena fe, la mejor de las intenciones y un espíritu saludable, se cae inevitablemente en cierta injusticia.

No es que en el sector privado eso no pueda suceder. También allí se toman determinaciones inadecuadas y se cometen errores, muchas veces groseros. La diferencia pasa por quien paga los costos de esos desaciertos.

Cuando algo sale mal y están involucrados solo privados,  pues se trata de decisiones que se han tomado asumiendo la existencia de riesgos y los costos de esas cuestiones las pagan solo los individuos involucrados.

Ahora cuando esas decisiones equivocadas se incurren en el ámbito estatal, los disparates los pagan todos los ciudadanos. Eso significa que cada individuo deberá trabajar más para que nuevamente le sean quitados más recursos ganados con su esfuerzo vía más impuestos, endeudamiento o emisión monetaria.

Los criterios de eficiencia tienen que ver con ideas relacionadas a la austeridad, al lucro  y a la humana necesidad de solo gastar con la visión de maximizar utilidades. Al menos así se razona en el medio privado, y hasta en el estrictamente individual y familiar. No es que se trate de un mecanismo infalible, de hecho no siempre sale bien, pero cuando alguien falla el que paga los costos también es ese operador particular y no todos.

En el sector estatal, la austeridad es un concepto casi siempre ausente. A la hora de elegir, de erogar y comprar, no necesariamente se tomarán decisiones como en el sector privado. Se incurrirán probablemente en excesos, lujos superfluos y privilegios que ni se justifican. A cambio de eso se obtendrá un resultado de menor jerarquía, que insume más recursos de los necesarios, al menos si se toma como referencia el criterio con el que se hubiera manejado una inversión llevada adelante con dinero propio.

Al final del camino, la discusión conducente solo debería pasar por minimizar los niveles de ineficiencia. Pero se debe asumir previamente esa ineficiencia intrínseca del Estado, propia de su esencia, que forma parte de sus entrañas más profundas y que no debe ser negada para poder operar adecuadamente. La tarea pasa por atenuar el impacto de esos despilfarros, acotar lo improcedente e incorporar cierta dosis de racionalidad.

No es que no exista forma alguna de lograr parcialmente resultados alentadores. Pero algunos ingredientes son imprescindibles para conseguirlo. La transparencia en el uso de los recursos, la publicación de los actos de gobierno, la información abundante y al alcance de los ciudadanos, permite disminuir el costado negativo de esta innegable realidad.

Los procesos abiertos de información, evitan parte de la corrupción estructural y reducen la chance de que el funcionario de turno seleccione caminos con absoluta discrecionalidad. Se debe trabajar mucho en esta cuestión, pero resulta indispensable entender el problema con claridad y asumir definitivamente que el Estado es esencialmente ineficiente.

Alberto Medina Méndez




‘Power To Them’: Missouri Sheriff Digs Store Owners that Shoot Armed Robbers

Posted on October 1, 2014

We need sheriffs like this one in every county. Check it out!

An armed robber attempted to score prescription drugs in an attempted robbery of a family pharmacy near Branson, Missouri. We’ll give him “partial credit” for his attempt to acquire drugs. The robbery itself was a complete failure, but the bullet wound he picked up from an armed employee during the robbery likely resulted in the issuance of a limited amount of prescription painkillers at the hospital before he’s transfered to the local jail.

According to the Taney County Sheriff’s Office an employee of Family Pharmacy, armed with his own handgun, fired one shot at the suspect — hitting him in the side.

“When this individual went in the store, brandishing a gun and pointing it at people, they didn’t know whether he might try to shoot them [or not]. They… were in fear of their lives,” says Taney County Sheriff, Jimmie Russell.

“So when this employee stepped around and fired a shot, he definitely turned the robber’s attention away from doing the robbery to making him flee. As long as you’ve got store owners or store employees who are well trained and proficient with fire arms, more power to them,” Russell says.

Investigators say the suspect fired back multiple times while running out the door, but no one was hurt.





Teacher: We’re Overwhelmed by Illegal Kids

This mess will certainly get worse with Obama in charge.
Check it out:

The headline of the story: “Schools Scramble to Help Teenagers Who Crossed the Border,” and I must warn you: The AP is not even calling them “undocumented migrants” anymore.

Now they are just “unaccompanied minors.” It’s from Frankford, Delaware. “American schools are scrambling to provide services to the large number of children and teenagers who crossed the border alone in recent months. Unaccompanied minors…” As I say, they’re no longer “undocumented migrants,” no longer “illegal immigrant children.” Nope. These are “unaccompanied minors who made up the summer spike at the border have moved to communities of all sizes, in nearly every state, Federal data indicates, to live with a relative and await immigration decisions.”

To live with relatives.

That’s the key to this. At least they want us to think it’s the key.

“The Supreme Court has ruled that schools have an obligation to educate all students regardless of their immigration status, so schools have become a safe haven for many of the tens of thousands of these young people mostly from central America living in limbo.” They’re not in limbo. They’re home free! That’s what’s happened here. They’re not in limbo. What is this limbo business? They’re home free. The taxpayers are gonna be paying through the nose for it.



Staggering Prediction About Ebola In America

Is anyone confident Obama can deal with this crisis?
Check it out:

In an article published in a scientific journal one month ago, an international team of scientists correctly predicted Ebola would reach the United States by the end of September, arguing a reduction in airline travel of as much as 80 percent would only delay the international spread of the disease by three to four weeks at most.

The study, published in the scientific journal PLOS Currents: Outbreaks, used data supplied by the World Health Organization on the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control reported the first case of Ebola brought to the U.S. by an airline passenger.

The study noted the near impossibility of completely ending air travel from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, the three West African countries most affected by the disease. It pointed out that airlines that have discontinued flights continue to assist West African travelers by booking them on other airlines.

“We have explored the scenario assuming an 80 percent airline traffic flow reduction to and from the West African region that provided evidence of a general time-delay of the distribution characterizing the probability of case importation of about three to four weeks,” the scientists said.

Read the rest of this Patriot Update article here:


Law Enforcement: “Stop Encryption — We Can’t Snoop!” 
The law enforcement agencies are miffed at Google and Apple for having made it far harder for the snoopers to snoop. The old law of economics holds up: “When prices rise, the quantity demanded falls.” The feds demand — at the older, lower prices — but no one responds. U.S. law enforcement officials are urging […] READ MORE 

$777 Billion Deeper in Debt–Fiscal 2014 
The U.S. Treasury needed to pay off a record of approximately $7,546,726,000,000 in maturing Treasury securities in fiscal 2013, which ended last Monday, according to Treasury’s official accounting. During the same period, the Treasury turned around and issued another $8,323,949,000,000 in new Treasury securities. The spread between the old debt held by the public that […] READ MORE 

Federal Regulatory Cost, 2013: $1.9 Trillion 
Taxation, regulation, inflation, and war: these are the four horsemen of the federal apocalypse. Cut these, and the state gets smaller. Of these, regulation gets the least attention. Regulation is the heart of the beast, for it operates in secret. It can be found in the pages of The Federal Register: about 80,000 pages, three […] READ MORE 

America’s Richest: How Will They Give It Away?
The Forbes “top 400″ list is out. The same names appear. We know maybe half of them. The others are unfamiliar. Among the 360 also-rans, we know very few. They did not steal their wealth. They made other people’s lives better, or in the case of the Waltons, Mr. Sam did. But think of the […] READ MORE 

Pension Fund Benefits Are Cut at theWashington Post 
The liberal WaPo got bought last year by Jeff Bezos, who runs Amazon. It has just announced a freeze on pension benefits. The sinking ship of print media is doomed. It is a delight to see. All those liberals; so few lifeboats! They had hoped. They had dreamed. They had trusted management. Now they are […] READ MORE 

Democracy: The Real Deal vs. the Textbook Version 
James Buchanan won the Nobel Prize in 1986. I started reading him in 1964. He was famous for his criticism of democracy in his book, The Calculus of Consent. He was one of two Nobel Prize winning economists who won the prize after the University of Virginia’s department of economics pressured him to leave. The […] READ MORE 

Clarification on Obama and ISIS 

Robot Journalists Never Sleep 
This is an interesting development. At dawn on 17 March the inhabitants of Los Angeles were woken by a mild tremor. Less than three minutes later the Los Angeles Times website published an initial piece on the subject, at first sight a wire drafted in haste by a press agency: “A shallow magnitude 4.7 earthquake […] READ MORE 

Michelle Obama Gets Tough: “You Kids Will Eat Broccoli, You Hear Me?” 
Here is the full transcript of last week’s interview with Michelle Obama. She is not backing down. After all, if schools do not do what she says, they will not get federal money. She knows that school districts know where their whole wheat bread is buttered, and who butters it. This is from Channel One, […]READ MORE 

Ruth: The Most Famous Adoption in the Old Testament 
This is only book in the Bible that you can say is exclusively heartwarming. The story of Ruth’s decision to accompany her mother-in-law back to Israel is the story of the biblical covenant. It is the story of a shift in allegiance: from the gods of Moab to the God of the Bible. Back in […] READ MORE 


Send by Nestor Dan: Written by an Australian Dentist. To Kill an American
You probably missed this in the rush of news, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper, an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American.

So an Australian dentist wrote an editorial the following day to let everyone know what an American is . So they would know when they found one. (Good one, mate!!!!)

‘An American is English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish , Austrian, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American may also be Canadian, Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Iranian, Asian, or Arab, or Pakistani or Afghan.

An American may also be a Comanche, Cherokee, Osage, Blackfoot, Navaho, Apache, Seminole or one of the many other tribes known as native Americans.

An American is Christian , or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim. In fact, there are more Muslims in America than inAfghanistan . The only difference is that in America they are free to worship as each of them chooses.

An American is also free to believe in no religion.. For that he will answer only to God, not to the government, or to armed thugs claiming to speak for the government and for God.

An American lives in the most prosperous land inthe history of the world.

The root of that prosperity can be found in the Declaration of Independence , which recognizes the God given right of each person to the pursuit of happiness.

An American is generous.. Americans have helped out just about every other nation in the world in their time of need, never asking a thing in return.

When Afghanistan was over-run by the Soviet army 20 years ago, Americans came with arms and supplies to enable the people to win back their country!

As of the morning of September 11, Americans had given more than any other nation to the poor in Afghanistan ….

The national symbol of America , The Statue of Liberty , welcomes your tired and your poor, the wretched refuse of your teeming shores, the homeless, tempest tossed. These in fact are the people who built America

Some of them were working in the Twin Towers the morning of September 11 , 2001 earning a better life for their families. It’s been told that the World Trade Center victims were from at least 30 different countries, cultures, and first languages, including those that aided and abetted the terrorists.

So you can try to kill an American if you must. Hitler did. So did General Tojo , and Stalin , and Mao Tse-Tung, and other blood-thirsty tyrants in the world.. But, in doing so you would just be killing yourself . Because Americans are not a particular people from a particular place. They are the embodiment of the human spirit of freedom. Everyone who holds to that spirit, everywhere, is an American.

Please keep this going!
Pass this around the World.
Then pass it around again. It says it all, for all of us.
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Lázaro R. González Miño


En mi opinión 



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