No 593 “En mi opinion” Febrero 13, 2014

No 593 “En mi opinión” Febrero 13, 2014


“IN GOD WE TRUST” Lázaro R González Miño Editor


Enviado por Betty: Arriba cabezas pensantes.. ¿Quién es?

Yo se que son muy inteligentes pero creo que no vas a definir quién es este personaje a pesar de que se dan muchísimos datos…  (Escriban el nombre inmediatamente que crean que lo han identificado y sigan viendo el video, solo dura 2 minutos)

Who is this person???




Admit It: Decent Folks No Longer Have a Place in the Democratic Party. By Steve Pauwels / 


The most recent edition of my favorite political journal, National Review, features this blurb in their wrap-up of the week’s happenings:

The war on poverty has been conducted partly in earnest and partly self-servingly … Head Start today is a money-laundering program under which federal expenditures are transmitted to Democratic candidates … The main beneficiaries of the war on poverty have not been and will not be the poor – the beneficiaries are the alleged poverty warriors themselves. The result: a large and expensive welfare state that provides relatively little welfare, a destructive and ruinous war on poverty that has not done much to reduce poverty. It gives the poor some material succor, but leaves the root causes alone – at best.

Fortunately, I was reading this in a public place — because the excerpt made me want to throw my coffee cup against the wall. Righteous indignation? Well, I hope so. But fear not, self-control won out – the only place the java went was down my gullet. 

With so much to choose from in the political/cultural Left’s fetid trove of ludicrosities and obscenities, I’m not sure why this particular outcropping of obnoxiousness set me off so sharply– but it did. And reminded me of a harsh truth that simply must be acknowledged once and for all: these are bad people– the Democrats, I mean.

I know, the frontliners in the GOP too frequently are prodigies of gutlessness. Boehner and company? An embarrassment of don’t-create-a-ruckus, go-along-to-get-along accomodationalism, for sure.

But Democrats? They’ve nakedly, ineluctably morphed into the party of evil. As I said, harsh; but undeniably true. 

Along with leading the charge in bankrupting America fiscally, Dems have gone whole hog in ransacking the soul of her citizens, as well. These towering disgraces have nailed their colors — Pink? Lavender? Red? Mortuary Gray? — to the mast of legalized baby-killing, perversion of sex and genuine marriage, institutionalized envy and victimhood. Defecating on our military and law enforcement is a party-wide pastime for these wretches — cloyingly using cops or troops as political props when convenient, otherwise icily cutting their legs out from under them at virtually every juncture. This braying Donkey caucus thrives on distorting facts and debauching history — that is, lying — and turning American against American: black or Latino versus white, woman versus man, young versus old, taker versus producer. Since God specifically clues us in that He “hates” those last two bits of odiousness (Proverbs 6:19), are we allowed to call their proponents what they are: wicked? 

Admittedly, I’m fingering most directly Democratic leadership — national and state politicians, party chairmen and hackish muckety-mucks. I must say, though, the “little people” who heedlessly keep returning these jamokes to power are on the hook, as well, bearing a dilating measure of blame for the catastrophe the party of FDR and LBJ and Clinton and Obama are wreaking upon this decreasingly praiseworthy nation. Sorry, but “I was born into a Democratic family” or “My Daddy was a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, so I am, too” or “I belong to a union, so I always vote Democrat” flatly doesn’t cut it any longer as justification for re-installing these America-smothering scoundrels into office year after year. The sentimental and selfish obliviousness of these, my fellow Americans, is despoiling my country. 

At one time, I suppose, one could insist there remained redoubtable outposts of psuedo-sanity within this Liberal/Leftist claque — the odd public official, the local or state branch which bore the title “Democrat” but still came down on the right side of things, at least intermittently. That hoary possibility, however, is currently, virtually non-existent as those adhering to the big-government-adoring, morality-eschewing faction march lockstep toward a utopia they envision, but which sensible, decent and sentient people dread. 

You read my implication correctly: “sensible, decent, sentient” people are no longer Democrats. 

If you’re a God-and-Country loving habitué of the United States, a patriot who believes the State shouldn’t perpetually pay people NOT to work, that our Republic was founded, in some meaningful regard, on reverence for the Creator and respect for the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, that unborn human beings and that highest of human institutions — marriage — deserve some official protections, that Christianity is NOT the problem in this land but part of the solution, that skin-color or ethnic ancestry are not the traits to trump all others — if you are that kind of individual and still are clinging convulsively to any smidgen of devotion to the Democratic party? Time to wake up and make the break. 

Weather by blinkered ignorance or ugly stupidity or sheer malevolence — and I’d contend it’s very often a blending of all the above — Barack Obama’s party is pushing policies and philosophies which are evincing themselves the undoing of America. He — Obama — is the incarnation of this misguided gang. He’s essentially wrong about everything because his political fellow-travelers are similarly situated: wrong, wrong, wrong; everywhere one looks Team Democrat is wrong. Patronize “wrongness” long enough? There’s always a price to pay, one our nation is paying right now — and will continue, punishingly, to pay far into the murky distance; unless America summarily dumps this bunch.

Dunces among the Republicans? Idiots turning up at Tea Party rallies? Cringe-worthy Libertarians or conservatives? Self-evidently, they exist. Any sufficiently numerous cohort of humanity is going to generate, at minimum, the occasional nit-wit or knave. Democrats, however, make foolishness and villainy their national charter, actively peddling it to the gullible and running the country into the ground in the mix. 

Ronald Reagan memorably announced, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party; the party left me.” That was fifty-one years ago – but today Old Dutch isn’t alone. He’ s joined by other self-professedly honorable people, many of whom have yet to acknowledge the obvious: the party of evil has afforded them no other option but a decisive parting of the ways.




El soldado SEAL que mató a Osama bin Laden no recibe pensión y no tiene seguro de salud. Por Jamie Gumbrecht, CNN


(CNN) – Él es el hombre que entró a un dormitorio en Abbottabad, Pakistán, levantó su arma y le disparó Osama bin Laden tres veces en la frente.

Casi dos años después, el integrante del equipo SEAL6 de Estados Unidos, es una celebridad secreta sin nada que mostrar por la acción: sin trabajo, sin pensión, sin reconocimiento fuera de un pequeño círculo de colegas.

El periodista Phil Bronstein hizo una reseña sobre el hombre en la edición de marzo de la revista Esquire, llamándole solo El Tirador, un esposo, padre y miembro del Equipo Seal No. 6 que cuenta qué pasó al apretar el gatillo contra el líder terrorista. Es un relato detallado de cómo se desarrolló el ataque y lo que sucedió después para los involucrados. El titular en la portada lee: “El hombre que mató a Osama bin Laden… está jodido“.

“Ellos pasaron, en el caso del tirador, 16 años haciendo exactamente lo que están entrenados para hacer, que es salir en estas misiones, despliegues tras despliegues, matando a la gente”, dijo Bronstein, director ejecutivo del Centro de Periodismo Investigativo. “Ellos finalmente llegan al punto en que no quieren hacer eso”.

Bronstein informó que el hombre dejó el equipo SEAL No. 6 en septiembre. La cobertura médica para su familia terminó. Debido a que se retiró antes de los 20 años de servicio, no recibe pensión.

El Tirador es prudente acerca de los detalles de su historia y no ha estado involucrado en libros, películas o videojuegos que harían millones para algunos. Es por lealtad a su trabajo y la preocupación por la seguridad de su familia. A él le preocupa lo que pueda ocurrir si su nombre se hace público, como Matt Bissonette, el SEAL cuya identidad fue revelada después que él publicará el libro “No es un día fácil“, usando un seudónimo.

Bronstein informó que al “Tirador” le ofrecieron un cierto tipo de protección de testigos, pero tal programa aún no existe.


La vida del hogar es una lucha también. El Tirador y su esposa están separados, escribió Bronstein, aunque viven en la misma casa, “en términos muy amables e incluso cariñosos”, para ahorrar dinero. Ha realizado trabajos de consultoría, según le indicó Bronstein a Wolf Blitzer de CNN, en una entrevista que será transmitida el lunes en la tarde, pero no está claro cuánto tiempo va a durar.

“De repente se encuentran tratando de insertarse en un mundo civil al que no están acostumbrados y al que no han estado acostumbrados durante décadas”, dijo Bronstein. “Creo que él tiene pesadillas sobre cómo va a mantener a su familia y cómo va a alimentar a su familia”.

La Marina respondió en un comunicado: “No tenemos ninguna información para corroborar estas afirmaciones. Tomamos muy en serio la seguridad de nuestra gente, así como nuestra responsabilidad de ayudar a los marinos que hacen la transición a la vida civil. Sin más información adicional sobre este caso en particular, será difícil determinar el grado en que nuestros programas de transición tuvieron éxito”.





Gatria: Peligra la vida del opositor cubano Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez


El Comité de Ayuda a los Activistas de Derechos Humanos (CAHRA) por sus siglas en inglés) se une al llamado mundial por respeto a la vida y derechos individuales del destacado dirigente opositor Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez”. Como se explica en el comunicado original, la vivienda del matrimonio opositor, Antúnez e Yris Tamara, fue saqueado el 5 de febrero, ellos detenidos, golpeados y sus aparatos eléctricos y comunicacionales más importantes robados. Luego, al ser puestos en libertad, Antúnez decidió declararse en huelga de hambre y sed el 10 de febrero reclamando respeto a sus derechos humanos y la devolución de los efectos sustraídos ilegalmente de su hogar. Pero, lejos de ceder a sus justas demandas, la reacción de la dictadura fue enviar nuevamente a sus represores a la residencia de Antúnez e Yris el 11, al día siguiente de haber entrado en la huelga, para amenazarlos, pintarrajear las paredes de su casa y dejarle sentir que lo van a dejar morir si no levanta la huelga total.


Nuestra preocupación es que el gobierno esté tratando de deshacerse de Jorge Luis en forma parecida a como lo hizo con Payá Sardiñas, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, Laura Poyán y más recientemente con Alfredo Fernández Silva, del Partido Democrático 30 de Noviembre. Por experiencia propia puedo decir que en 15 días más el valiente opositor Antúnez pudiera morir pues  una huelga sin ingerir alimentos ni líquidos no se soporta más allá de 15 ó 20 días. Yo participé en una huelga parecida en la cárcel de Remedios en 1968 y a los 11 días tuvieron que llevarme, casi sin conocimiento, hacia el hospital más cercano. Otros hermanos que participaron en dicha huelga tomaron orine, como un amigo nuestro apodado El Murito, para extender un poco más su existencia y se salvaron únicamente porque en esos momentos al gobierno no le convenía un muerto más en presidio. No sabemos si en estos momentos al dictador le convenga o no un muerto más. Parece que no le importa pues en vez de estar buscándole una solución al problema lo que hace es provocar a Antúnez para que continúe sin ingerir alimentos ni líquidos.


Nuestro Comité hace un llamado a todos los gobiernos democráticos del mundo, a todos los organismos de derechos humanos y a nuestros senadores y representantes cubano americanos en este país, en particular, para presionar por todos los medios posibles a fin de que la dictadura castro comunista suspenda toda represión contra la familia Antúnez y contra todos los defensores cívicos de los derechos humanos en Cuba.



Israel Abreu Villarreal

Director Ejecutivo de CAHRA  y expreso político cubano




Capitol Hill Daily: Judge Could Slap the Cuffs on obama Any Minute. By FLOYD





Barack Obama has become known as the president who ignores the law and does what he pleases.

There are many examples, but the latest is the reboot of the White House Office of Political Strategy and Outreach, formerly known as the Office of Political Affairs (OPA). Previously, the OPA had been closed after illegally pouring tax dollars into congressional campaigns and prohibited activities.

The fact that the OPA is being reopened after these abuses warrants concern. Heck, even Congressman Darrell Issa, the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has expressed his extreme trepidation about Obama’s latest move.

The congressman is so troubled that he wrote a letter to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel requesting White House documents related to the OPA.

Congressman Issa’s request included “all documents and communications, including emails, between the OSC and the White House referring or relating to the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach or the reopening of the Office of Political Affairs.”

With them, the committee could “effectively consider whether taxpayer money is being used to advance the interests of Democratic congressional candidates and the Democratic Party.”

Issa seems devoted to stopping the criminal activity, but the Obama White House has been legendary in its willingness to stonewall congressional Republicans’ legitimate document requests. 

I’ll be watching closely to see if Issa is forced to go to court to get Obama to be compliant. If the courts force the White House to release the documents, it would handcuff Obama’s future efforts to hide the truth.

A Disconcerting Lack of Oversight

Ironically, when Barack Obama was running for president, he complained bitterly about the activities of the OPA during the Bush Administration. Obama stated in 2008 that “the days of using the White House as another arm of the Republican National Committee are over.”

I guess in a way he was right. Rather than comply with the law and reverse what he saw as an injustice, Obama is redirecting the money to the Democratic Party (and candidates) instead!

But frankly, this should’ve never been a problem in the first place.

When I was an employee of the Reagan Administration, we had to attend “Hatch Act” briefings. The Hatch Act of 1939 was passed to forbid federal employees from engaging in forbidden political activities. Primarily, it prohibits federal employees from using their official authority or influence for the purpose of affecting the results of an election.

In these briefings, it was made explicitly clear that using government money for political campaigns was illegal. I guess times change, as it sure seems like the president is trying to make an end run around the Hatch Act prohibitions.

Even The New York Times reported that the White House was reopening OPA because it was “defending Democratic control of the Senate and taking back the House from Republicans.” This constitutes a direct violation of the law!

But since Obama’s team has been having trouble raising money, the honeypot of taxpayer dollars just looks too good to ignore.

Your eyes on the Hill,

Floyd Brown





To my friends and supporters:

I’ve been in a lot of tight spots over the years. I know you’ve been there standing with me.  I’ve been attacked by the media.  I’ve been attacked by political elites.  And I’ve been abandoned by politicians on both sides of the aisle. It has been lonely exposing the fraud of the current administration. 


 Now I need you to stand with me and other leaders from across the country.

I’m asking you to take action and join me on Saturday February 22nd. On that day, I’ll be speaking at the Western Conservative Conference at the Phoenix Convention Center. You’ll want to hear what I have to say. And you only have a few days more to secure your spot.

Friends from around the country will gather there to formulate strategy to alter the course of our country’s history.  The timing is critical.  We can no longer sit back and wait for others to chart our course. 

It is time for us to become the agents of change. You need to be a part.



Patriots from around the country will be gathering to discuss our Second Amendment Rights, the bias of the mainstream media, illegal immigration, attacks on the Tea Party, our compromised national security and other important topics of importance to all freedom loving and law-biding Americans. 

My friend Herman Cain will be opening the event.  At Saturday night’s gala dinner, I have the honor, or horror, of being  “roasted” by some of my best friends including rock legend Ted Nugent, box office star Steven Seagal, Representative Matt Salmon, Senator Russell Pearce, former Attorney General Bob Corbin and an all-star cast. 

This will be a fun evening with a star-studded lineup.  The all-day Conference promises to bring in some of the best and brightest (real) conservative leaders to share their thoughts, concerns and solutions.

Accommodations, speeches, breakout schedules, and other details are available at .  

Come join me in Phoenix on Saturday, February 22nd! Be a part of making history and defining America’s future.  Our freedoms are in the balance and together we can and will make a difference.

Please visit to sign up to secure your seat today. Space is limited.



Be a part of the revolution, be a part of the solution.  I will see you there

For such a time as this…



Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County, Arizona








Un chico de 16 años inventó un sensor que detecta el cáncer en 5 minutos y en etapas tempranas.


Jack Andraka perdió a un ser querido a los 13 por cáncer de páncreas. Se puso a investigar y descubrió el sensor, que cuesta 3 centavos de dólar. Los laboratorios se negaron a apoyarlo porque derriba a la millonaria industria del cáncer. Una universidad avalará su descubrimiento. 


Jack Andraka: para muchos la esperanza. Para los laboratorios, el fin de un negocio.


Con tan sólo 16 años, un estudiante estadounidense de secundaria inventó un sensor para detectar el cáncer en tan sólo cinco minutos. 

El descubrimiento puede cambiar la vida de muchísimas personas, pero también es una amenaza para la industria farmacéutica, que recauda millones por esta dolorosa enfermedad. 

Todo comenzó con la pérdida de un ser querido cuando Jack Andraka tenía 13 años. Le dijeron que el cáncer de páncreas se detecta cuando ya no se puede tratar, lo que lo empujó a investigar sobre el cáncer a través de herramientas sencillas en Internet. 

Y tres años después, descubrió una manera “rápida, simple y efectiva” de detectar esta enfermedad mortal, que gracias a este invento, podrá neutralizarse. Con información que obtuvo de Google y Wikipedia, Jack estudió las 8 mil proteínas que se encuentran en la sangre, hasta entender que una de ellas, la mesotelina, se dispara en etapas tempranas, en las personas que enferman de cáncer de páncreas. 

“Detecta una de las miles de proteínas (la mesotelina) que hay en la sangre de los enfermos de cáncer. La mecánica fue utilizar anticuerpos y entretejerlos en una red de nanotubos de carbono, de modo que se obtiene un marcador que únicamente reacciona ante dicha proteína” explicó al presentarse en el Festival de las Mentes Brillantes. 

El invento es un sensor de papel, que cuesta 3 centavos, y que es capaz de detectar en cinco minutos tres tipos de cáncer: el de páncreas, el de ovario y el de pulmón. 

Pero lo más sorprendente de todo es que ha sido 26 mil veces más barato siendo 168 veces más rápido. Además, este método es 400 veces más sensible que los actuales y no es invasivo. 
Pero su mejor punto a favor es que “se puede detectar el cáncer en las etapas más tempranas, cuando alguien tiene casi 100 por ciento de probabilidades de sobrevivir, y hasta el momento es más de 90 por ciento exacto para detectar el cáncer” dijo. “Y va a ser lo mismo para cáncer ovario y de pulmón” añadía “y cambiando el anticuerpo, este mismo invento puede utilizar una proteína diferente para detectar Alzheimer, otras formas de cáncer o VIH”. 

Pero no fue nada fácil de conseguir. De 200 solicitudes que envió a laboratorios, todos se negaron a continuar con sus investigaciones, excepto uno. Finalmente logró que la Universidad Johns Hopkins ayudará a su desarrollo. 

Es un descubrimiento que podría afectar a la millonaria industria del cáncer. 

Su invento está en etapa de tramitación de patentes, algo que puede demorar varios años, pero el día que se apruebe puede resultar toda una revolución para la ciencia médica.
Además, durante la conferencia, el joven apuntó que la ciencia no debería ser un lujo, y que debería ser un derecho humano fundamental, “el derecho de acceso a la información debe ser de todos, no sólo de los que pueden pagar” afirmó. 

Un descubrimiento que le ha llevado a ganar el premio Gordon E. Moorede la Feria Internacional de Ciencia e Ingeniería de Intel y el Premio Smithsoniano al Ingenio Estadounidense y es el orador más joven de la Real Sociedad de Medicina en Estados Unidos. Sin duda, más que merecido.





10 Successful Economic Lies from National Leaders


Politicians across the globe are assuring us that:

1) The “recovery” is either here or right around the corner.
In fact, it is neither.

2) Remaining in the EU is the best option for Greece, Spain, Italy (and France).
It is not.

3) Soaking the rich is the answer to a multitude of problems.
It isn’t.

4) Raising taxes will generate the necessary revenue without having a negative effect on the economy.
It won’t.

5) Future promises of entitlement payments are solid.
They aren’t. Defaults are inevitable.

Meanwhile, the central bankers of the world are promising us that:

1) Interest rates will remain low for a very long time.
In the end, it’s not central bankers’ choice to make.

2) Quantitative easing has no ill effects and can be withdrawn at will without causing any problems.
It can’t be.

3) Printing money will not translate into higher inflation.
It will. It just hasn’t yet.

4) They will do “whatever it takes,” and that will be enough.
There is a limit to what they can do, and it will ultimately not be enough.

5) They are all in this together.
They’re not. It is every man for himself now, and the Fed will screw them all.





Announcement of AG Eric Holder’s Departure May be Premature

In the February 17 issue of the New Yorker magazine, Jeffrey Toobin wrote, based on an interview he had with Attorney General Eric Holder (shown) back in December, that Holder would be leaving office sometime this year, perhaps sooner rather than later. Almost immediately the Justice Department said Toobin was misinterpreting what Holder meant, and issued a partial transcript of Toobin’s interview to prove it:

Toobin: And how long are you going to be the Attorney General?

Holder: Well, you know, I’ve still got things I want to do. I mean, I’ve got this fight, this criminal justice reform stuff … I’ve got financial cases I’m still working on. So I’m going to be here for a while.

Toobin: Do you want to [be] any more specific … do you know? A year? Two years?

Holder: I guess, I think what I’ve said is, I’m going to be here certainly into 2014.

Toobin: That’s a big commitment. It’s in like three weeks.

Holder: I think I’ve said, “well into 2014.”

Toobin: I see. “Well into”? OK, very good.

In another interview that Holder had with the Washington Post in November, he addressed the issue, saying:

I’ve made the determination — I’m not sure I’ve ever said this publicly — but I’m going to certainly stay in this job well into 2014.

If you had asked me that six months ago, I’m not sure I would have given you that answer. I think I probably would have come up with a shorter time frame. But given the issues that I want to focus on and given the condition that they’re in, I think that staying into 2014 is necessary, but also something that I want to do.

To many observers, his departure can’t happen soon enough. The New American reviewed the articles of impeachment introduced in the House by Rep. Pete Olson (R-Texas) in November which followed hard on the heels of a resolution joined by 130 members of the House calling for Holder to resign immediately. Four articles were noted as grounds for impeachment, including Holder’s coverup of his and his department’s role in the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal and his refusal to hand over related documents demanded by the House. The second article concerned Holder’s refusal to uphold and defend various U.S. laws including the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The third article concentrated on Holder’s refusal to prosecute IRS officials accused of leaking sensitive private information to opponents of conservative organizations, while the fourth related to Holder’s lying under oath about his department’s targeting of journalists, specifically James Rosen of Fox News.




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