No 582 “En mi opinion” Enero 31, 2014

<No 582 “En mi opinión” Enero 31, 2014>


“IN GOD WE TRUST” Lázaro R González Miño Editor

La libertad no se mendiga, se conquista con el filo del machete.

General Antonio Maceo

Si no estás dispuesto a usar el machete entonces tendrás que

estar dispuesto a empezar a bajarte los pantalones.

Lázaro R González Miño   


Muy Importante abra el sitio de abajo,  léalo, fírmelo,  llene el formulario y cópielo y reenvíelo. Es para hacer una encuesta para eliminar el obama care.

“En mi opinión” Lázaro R González Miño



Will Obama Use Executive Orders To Act As a Dictator?


President Obama has played fast-and-loose with his executive powers since ascending to the presidency six years ago. However, recently, the president has startled constitutionalists as he repeatedly announces that he will act unilaterally on important issues with or without Congress.Such remarks have been uttered time and time again by kings, tyrants and dictators throughout the world. While the Commander-in-Chief does maintain some sovereign powers to protect the nation and to deal with foreign nations, the executive maintains no legislative power, no means by which President Obama could logically claim the right to raise the federal minimum wage with the stroke of a pen.To see how far Obama’s tyrannical tendencies have evolved in less than a year, we should examine what the president said a year ago and examine what he said Tuesday night during his State of the Union Address.

On March 1st, 2013, when asked why he didn’t simply make the two parties agree on key issues, the president chuckled and stated, “I’m not a dictator; I’m the president.”

However, the line between these two fundamentally different rulers seems to be eroding in Mr. Obama’s eyes as on Tuesday, he promised to unilaterally act on important issues with or without Congress. He stated,

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Analisis de los puntos principales del Estado de la Unión de obama:





15 Dreadfully Treasonous Words In Obama’s Speech



Obama huffed… and he puffed… and he, well, blew nothing down.

He moved nothing forward.

All that our once-mighty leader’s State of the Union address showed was how completely irrelevant he’s become.

In fact, the president began by practically admitting that his legislation is dead on arrival because of how unpopular he is with Congress.

But the problem isn’t Congress… You see, if his agenda was popular with the voters, Congress would be falling all over itself to pass it. Congress follows the voters, and the voters don’t want any more of what Obama’s selling.

Heil, Obama!

During his first two years in office, Barack Obama controlled all three branches of government. He had unprecedented approval, and he used the opportunity to pass several highly unpopular bills. Unfortunately for the president, those bills have gone on to define his legacy.

The most destructive to middle class finances – and the president’s popularity – has been the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

You see, the Affordable Care Act was a gigantic political mistake. Obama allied himself with then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid to pass a bill with no Republican support whatsoever, rather than working toward a healthcare reform plan with bipartisan backing.

With that single act, Obama polarized the nation… and he hasn’t looked back since.

To this day, he continues to poison the body politic; and his newest plans – debuted to a national audience during the State of the Union – will cause even more division.

Since he can’t get anything done by working with others, Obama has decided to declare himself dictator and attempt to pass laws by executive order. His borderline treasonous words were, “Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation…that’s what I’m going to do.”

I can’t help but be reminded of Hitler’s transition from the elected Chancellor of Germany to complete dictator, ruling by decree. Yet even that comparison isn’t entirely accurate. In 1933, the Reichstag passed a law and gave Hitler his power. Obama has simply decided to usurp his.

A Year of Inaction

Thankfully, though, the United States today isn’t like Germany in 1933. And despite Obama’s attempts to rule by executive order, I believe we’re actually witnessing the opposite – the disintegration of his power.

He can command all he wants; but without Congress’ backing, I doubt that states and local governments are going to listen to the president. In fact, his irrelevance may actually be highlighted by his decrees. But he’s going to try anyway.

Obama’s first decree will attempt to fix global warming. Amusingly, while he was speaking about global warming, nearly half of the country was huddled together fighting the abnormal cold.

Suffice it to say that the president’s rhetoric is badly out of touch with reality.

He actually stood before Congress and had the mendacity to call Obamacare a success! Just to recount, the first goal of the Affordable Care Act was to increase insurance coverage… and more people have lost insurance than have gained it under Obamacare.

The second goal was to make insurance affordable… yet insurance is more unaffordable now than at any time in our history.

Still, Obama blithely encouraged the people who were watching the State of the Union to sign up. Not surprisingly, he failed to mention the myriad problems with, including security and inaccuracy concerns that have been well documented.

His grand flourish was to call for a “year of action.”

But I predict that, one year from now, when we’re once again subjected to an excruciatingly painful address, no significant legislation will have been signed by Obama.

If he actually does try to rule by decree, the courts will annul his diktats, one by one, until anything without a basis in existing legislation will be ruled unconstitutional.

Because Obama doesn’t have the character, personality, and charisma to move the nation to action, 2014 is more likely to be remembered as the year of inaction. He is untrusted, untalented, and ineffective as Commander-in-Chief.

He will be even worse as Dictator-in-Chief.






Amenper: Demandas y Realidad

Vamos a tratar de tocar los puntos de Obama en el Estado de La Unión con respecto a la fuerza laboral.

Aparte de las maravillas que nos cuenta que ha logrado esta administración; con su habitual arrogancia, nuestro presidente ha hecho demandas sin condiciones.  Si no se hace lo que demanda, usará su pluma alegre para firmar las acciones ejecutivas.

Las demandas se basan en conjeturas ficticias que no tienen una base real, es como una novela mitológica que según él nos llevará a una era armoniosa de un estado idílico, como un Shangri-la.

Este es son las demandas de Obama, que según él solucionarán el problema, pero cuando la enfrentamos a realidad vemos que no viviremos en Shangri-la pero en un estado como Haití o Cuba.

• Demanda: El “sueño americano” de trabajo y a la mejora de las condiciones en la vida están muertas, asesinadas por el estancamiento de los salarios y la “desigualdad de ingresos”; Debemos “re-distribuir  la riqueza” aún más a través de programas de gobierno y una  mayor redistribución.

Realidad: “Movilidad”, es el término generalmente asociado para garantizar el avance de ingresos más altos, y esta movilidad se ha mantenido en los Estados Unidos durante los últimos 40 años.

Es la estructura de la familia (o su ausencia), no “desigualdad de ingresos”  lo que generalmente predice la movilidad. Premiar la destrucción de la familia sólo lleva al estancamiento del trabajo.

 Los ingresos de la familia estadounidense promedio han aumentado en un tercio en los últimos 30 años.

• Demanda: nosotros debemos extender beneficios de desempleo para ayudar no sólo a los desempleados a largo plazo pero para impulsar una economía aún a la zaga de la gran recesión.

Realidad: “Si usted paga la gente para que no trabaje, muchos responden en consecuencia,”  esto no los recuerda el célebre profesor de Economía Universidad de Ohio Richard Vedder, un erudito de economía laboral en este Instituto Independiente.

Un estudio realizado por la Universidad de Pennsylvania y el Banco de Reserva Federal de Nueva York, concluye:

“Los efectos negativos de las extensiones de beneficios de desempleo influyen en las decisiones de creación de empleo por los empleadores y neutralizan cualquier posible efecto de estímulo que algunos atribuyen a esas políticas,” dice el estudio.

Obama no ha declarado una guerra a la pobreza, ha declarado una “guerra al trabajo” sin trabajo no hay producción y sin producción sólo hay pobreza para un país.

Y recuerden que el desempleo parece que está disminuyendo sólo porque la fuerza laboral, los que están trabajando, es la más baja en los últimos 36 años. No se están contando los que han dejado de buscar trabajo.

• Demanda: aumentar el salario mínimo ayuda a los trabajadores más pobres.

Realidad: En realidad es sólo otro espejismo en lo que el profesor Vedder llama la “guerra al trabajo”. “El Nobel laureado con el premio George Stigler señaló en 1964 que las leyes de salario mínimo causaron desempleo y la posterior evidencia empírica muestra abrumadoramente que destruyen los empleos para los trabajadores más vulnerables, los de menos habilidad, que son los mayor en número”.  

Porque los trabajadores en puestos de poca habilidad, son los más, habrá más desempleados

“Ninguna nación ha logrado grandeza cuando vastas porciones de su fuerza laboral productiva están ociosas,” dice Vedder.

Esto es una referencia no sólo a desempleo extendido y los salarios mínimos sino también a la proliferación de sellos de comida, impuestos más altos sobre los trabajadores activos, mayores tasas de Seguro Social por incapacidad y ayuda financiera federal a estudiantes (que sólo produce una educación superior con un aumento de las matrículas) Se le hará más dificil estudiar a los que quieren estudiar y que ahora pagan por sus matrículas. Los que no pagan por sus matrículas por lo general no terminan sus estudios. 

América no recuperará su vitalidad económica hasta que termine esta guerra al trabajo,” dice Vedder. Y no es probable que mientras el Presidente Obama tan firmemente enjuicia su guerra contra la fibra de la ética de trabajo de la clase laboral estadounidense.






Lester Aviles: Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog,

The REAL “State of the Union” in just 889 words…

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, fellow citizens:

This summer we will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I.

This senseless, destructive war was started and championed by politicians who cared nothing for the 9 million people who lost their lives.

And in doing so, they began a century of warfare which continues to this day.

Our military industrial complex is larger than ever. We have nearly 2 million troops and national guardsmen, plus 3.5 million civilians employed in the defense sector.

With such awesome capabilities, we continue to resort to violence and death to exact political goals which benefit a tiny elite.

All of this has created a police state in the Land of the Free that is a far cry from the country we all grew up in.

Your government has spawned a culture of fear and intimidation. Nearly every federal agency, including the Fish and Wildlife Service, has its own gun-toting police force to pistol-whip citizens into submission.

And we’re stocking up. Your government has recently procured 1.6 BILLION rounds of hollow-point ammunition to supplement our existing supplies.

But frankly, we don’t need guns to harass citizens.

Our tax authorities have become more threatening than mafia warlords.

There are now dozens of federal, state, and local agencies and courts which have the power to confiscate your assets without any due process.

In addition to your house, your business, and your savings, we also have the authority to take your children away from you as if they are property of the state.

We are here to tell you what you can and cannot put in your own body, or whether you can collect rainwater that falls on own property.

In fact, on any given business day, the federal government issues hundreds of pages of new ‘rules’, proposed regulations, draft bills, executive orders, and/or regulatory notices.

And if you are not compliant with these rules, you may be committing a crime. Whether you know it or not.

When this nation was founded, there were four federal crimes on the books. Today there are THOUSANDS. Plus we have millions of government employees at all levels to enforce the penalties.

All of this, of course, is financed by you the tax slave.

You (plus unborn generations) are the poor suckers charged with paying off the national debt we politicians have created.

Officially the debt is just north of $17 trillion. But if you include Social Security and pension shortfalls, the figure is several times higher.

You’ll never know for sure because we have become masters of deceit regarding official statistics, whether inflation, unemployment, or our liabilities.

But the situation is so dire that the Congressional Budget Office projects the Social Security Administration’s disability insurance trust fund to RUN OUT by 2017.

We get by year after year by increasing the debt. And at well over 100% of GDP, we have truly reached the point of no return.

We are now in a position where we must default. Either we must default on our national debt, or we must default on our obligations to you the citizens.

We may end up stealing your savings. Robbing your Social Security. Taxing you to death. Or simply inflating away the value of our debt.

Naturally, we’re going to screw you in the process somehow… so be prepared for that. Especially the inflationary tidal wave that’s coming.

Our central bank has expanded its balance sheet at an unprecedented pace, creating massive asset bubbles in its wake. These asset bubbles have disproportionately benefited the ultra-wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

Such wanton money printing has also been tremendously destructive to our credibility. Other nations worry about our reckless irresponsibility. That’s why we keep spying on them.

Make no mistake: the consequences of our actions are here. And the days of the United States as the world’s dominant superpower are finished.

As the decline hastens, we will struggle to sell our debt to the world and to ship our dollars abroad. Fewer nations will be interested in our empty promises.

And without the generosity of other nations loaning us money at record low interest rates that fail to keep pace with inflation, you will really be screwed.

When this happens, you can absolutely count on us to clamp down even harder on the economy and control even more of your lives. For your own good, of course.

No, this may not be the country that you all grew up in. But it is the state of our union… whatever remains of it.

And so my fellow Americans, I urge you to grab your ankles and get ready for a little ‘shared sacrifice’.

But don’t worry about me, or my senior staff. We will leave government with cushy pensions, $750,000 speaking fees, board seats on public companies, and top positions in the industries that we have accommodated at your expense.

And of course I will be paid handsomely for the arrogant memoirs I will write in which I deny any responsibility for the shit I’ve gotten you all into.

So when I say “shared sacrifice”, I really mean “your sacrifice”.

Thank you. God bless you, and God bless these United States of America.





Amenper: Bush speechwriter accuses Obama of plagiarism in State of the Union

By Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo NewsJanuary 29, 2014 9:38 AM

A former speechwriter for President George W. Bush accused President Barack Obama of plagiarizing one of Bush’s speeches for the Tuesday evening State of the Union address.

Marc Thiessen, who served as Bush’s lead speechwriter for his 2007 State of the Union speech, told Megyn Kelly of Fox News, “Barack Obama has gone from blaming George W. Bush to plagiarizing George W. Bush.”

Politco reports:

Thiessen then read phrases from the 2007 speech which focused on the theme “hope and opportunity.” “It was eerily familiar. There were lines like ‘Our job is to help Americans build a future of hope and opportunity, a future of hope and opportunity begins with a growing economy, a future of hope and opportunity requires that all citizens have affordable and available health care, extending opportunity and hope depends on a stable supply of energy,’ all of that came from the 2007 State of the Union from George W. Bush,” Thiessen said.

Poliico writes that none of Obama’s lines “were directly lifted” from Bush’s 2007 address, though in both speeches the presidents repeatedly used versions of the word “opportunity” and both concluded with stories about veterans who had been wounded in combat.

A transcript of Obama’s speech is available here.  Bush’s 2007 speech can be read here.

This isn’t the first time Obama has been accused of plagiarism in a State of the Union address. In 2011, Alvin Felzenberg, presidential scholar and former spokesman for the 9/11 Commission, wrote an op-ed for U.S. News and World Report stating the Obama’s speech “contained enough recycled ideas and lines lifted from speeches of others to make historians wince.”

However, President Bush was not immune to similar accusations. In 2010, a Huffington Post reporter accused Bush of lifting passages of his memoir from the books of his advisers.

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  Another example of our current inept federal government! This short clip will make you laugh / and cry at the same time. Beyond sad …..






Two Videos: Obama in 2013: ‘I’m Not a Dictator.’ Obama in 2014: I’ll Act Without Congress. BY GREG CAMPBELL

President Obama has played fast-and-loose with his executive powers since ascending to the presidency six years ago. However, recently, the president has startled constitutionalists as he repeatedly announces that he will act unilaterally on important issues with or without Congress.

Such remarks have been uttered time and time again by kings, tyrants and dictators throughout the world. While the Commander-in-Chief does maintain some sovereign powers to protect the nation and to deal with foreign nations, the executive maintains no legislative power, no means by which President Obama could logically claim the right to raise the federal minimum wage with the stroke of a pen.

To see how far Obama’s tyrannical tendencies have evolved in less than a year, we should examine what the president said a year ago and examine what he said Tuesday night during his State of the Union Address.

On March 1st, 2013, when asked why he didn’t simply make the two parties agree on key issues, the president chuckled and stated, “I’m not a dictator; I’m the president.”

However, the line between these two fundamentally different rulers seems to be eroding in Mr. Obama’s eyes as on Tuesday, he promised to unilaterally act on important issues with or without Congress. He stated, (emphasis added)

“The cold, hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery, too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by – let alone get ahead.  And too many still aren’t working at all. Our job is to reverse these trends.  It won’t happen right away, and we won’t agree on everything.  But what I offer tonight is a set of concrete, practical proposals to speed up growth, strengthen the middle class, and build new ladders of opportunity into the middle class.  Some require Congressional action, and I’m eager to work with all of you.  But America does not stand still – and neither will I.  So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that’s what I’m going to do.”

2013: “I’m not a dictator.”

2014: “Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation… that’s what I’m going to do.”

Emperor Obama can call himself whatever he wants; the title of the dictator is meaningless. What is important is how our executive maintains the rule of law. If he rules by abiding by his constitutional limitations, he is our president. If he rules in clear violation of our Constitution, he is a dictator. It’s really as simple as that. 

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Dear Concerned American,

Hold on to your wallet! 

As you know, in 2010 Barack Obama succeeded in shoving through Congress a government-imposed health care system which will require massive new taxes and further balloon the national debt

That’s why I hope you’ll sign your emergency petition below to force a Senate vote to repeal ObamaCare right away. 

It’s vital that you do so at once. 

You see, most of my Democrat counterparts in the Senate are running scared. 

So just forcing a Senate vote on ObamaCare is a win/win situation. 

Either my colleagues and I repeal ObamaCare, or . . . 

. . . another group of big-government tax-and-spenders goes down to defeat in the next election. 

That’s why President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are feverishly defending it. 

But unless you and other opponents of ObamaCare join together, this bureaucratic monstrosity will irreparably damage our health care system and bankrupt America’s taxpayers and small businesses. 

Of course, Obama and his ilk originally promised ObamaCare would cost $900 billion. Now the Congressional Budget Office projects it to be twice as expensive, to the tune of $1.8 trillion of your taxpayer dollars

It takes a lot of government bureaucrats to spend $1.8 trillion. 

So many, in fact, that the Congressional Research Service says it’s “impossible” to estimate “the exact number of new organizations and advisory bodies that will ultimately be created” by ObamaCare

And considering it hasn’t even been fully implemented yet, I fully expect that number to increase, especially as Obama’s minions at the IRS continue to unroll new bureaucratic red tape and regulations. 

Our country is already well over $17 trillion in debt

Before long, the already burdened American taxpayer will be forced to dig even deeper to pay for President Obama’s program. 

But that’s just the beginning. 

ObamaCare’s employer mandate will force hundreds of thousands of small businesses to provide their workers with health insurance

If they refuse, they’ll be fined $2,000 per employee. 

The costs to comply will be huge. 

Many businesses are already being forced to postpone planned expansion, drop employee health coverage, cut other forms of compensation, or lay off workers

Some might not survive at all. 

And under ObamaCare’s so-called “individual mandate,” government bureaucrats will be able to force you and me to buy expensive health insurance plans we don’t want. 

Plans that include coverage for things that, for many people, don’t even apply to them, such as maternity care (even if they don’t have children), and substance abuse treatment(even if they’ve never touched drugs and alcohol).

But worst of all, under the government exchanges being mandated under ObamaCare, not only will they say what will be covered, they’ll also say what won’t. 

Under ObamaCare, bureaucrats will be making your medical decisions on what will be paid for instead of you and your doctor. 

We already know how government-run medicine works. In other countries, we’ve seen it end with disaster again and again.

As American taxpayers, you and I must ask ourselves the following:


Do we want to follow the “lead” of our northern neighbor, Canada, where a human patient has to wait two years for hip replacement surgery, while his dog can have it in 3 days?


Do we want to become like Great Britain and have our wives and mothers wait for over two months before receiving a follow-up exam after testing positive on a pap smear?


Do we want the kind of health care they have in Sweden where the wait for an ordinary diagnostic heart x-ray can take up to eleven months?


Do we want to pull our own teeth, like Jeff Miners from Brega, Australia, who languished on government dental waiting lists while his teeth rotted away?

The fact is, there will be no fixing of ObamaCare. It’s too big and too complicated. 

Which is why I’m hoping you’ll click here to sign your petition telling your U.S. Senators to do whatever is necessary to force a vote to repeal ObamaCare outright. 

The House of Representatives, of course, has already voted to repeal ObamaCare. 

Now, if enough Americans get behind repeal with their signed petitions, you can send a clear message to the Senate, that the American people will settle for nothing less than full repeal

If enough Americans contact their Senators to let them know they want ObamaCare repealed, lawmakers on both sides of the issue will know exactly where the country stands. 

Senators will be spurred to action, and ObamaCare’s backers will either think twice about risking their careers for a politically-toxic law, or be held accountable for their actions when they run for re-election

That’s why it’s vital that you click here to sign your petition to your U.S. Senators at once

And why, in addition to that, it’s vital that you help my friends at the National League of Taxpayers with a special contribution. 

The fact is, even though many Americans who receive this email will sign the petition, many won’t be able to contribute. That’s why it’s vital you give $10, $25, $50, $100, or even more if you can

Your special gift of $35 or even $100 or $500 could ultimately save taxpayers millions of dollars in the years to come. 

You should also know that a generous supporter has agreed to match your contribution, dollar-for-dollar, so there isn’t a better time to give

Your donations will help the National League of Taxpayers to organize:


An extensive internet, direct mail, and telephone campaign to generate at least one million petitions to Congress like the one accompanying this letter.


Extensive personal lobbying of key Members of Congress by rank and file National League of Taxpayers members and staff.


Hard-hitting TV, radio and newspaper ads to be run in targeted states and districts, detailing the disasters of ObamaCare and mobilizing the American people.

So after clicking here to sign your petition, please help with a contribution of at least $25 or $35.

Some people have already given as much as $500. Others have given $50 and $100.

But no matter how much you give, whether it’s chipping in with $10 or a larger contribution of $150, I guarantee your contribution is urgently needed and will be deeply appreciated.

And don’t forget that a generous supporter has agreed to match your contribution, dollar-for-dollar, no matter the amount. 

ObamaCare is bad medicine Americans can’t afford.

Bad for patients, doctors, small businesses and employees. With your help, we can stem the tide of Big Government and stop Obama’s government-run health care scheme from becoming a reality.


Steve Stockman
United States Congressman

P.S. Medical and insurance costs continue to skyrocket while our national debt continues to hit the roof.

As you know, the Senate will be the key.

That’s why it’s so vital that you sign your petition right away.



Amenper: ¿Se Podrá Salvar el Salvador?

El próximo domingo es el Super Bowl, pero quien gane no es realmente tan importante como quien gane  las elecciones que se celebrarán ese dia 2 de Febrero en El Salvador. 

Por Arena va Norman Quijano, la esperanza, por los comunistas del FMLN, va el comandante guerrillero Salvador Sánchez Cerén, que se ha declarado más comunista que el actual presidente Mauricio Funes, antiguo guerrillero que ha estado destruyendo la economía del Salvador por cuatro años. Y después esta el antiguo presidente Tony Saca, del nuevo partido GANA, que lo que tiene es ganas de joder porque sabe que no puede salir.

Para que se hagan idea de quien es el antiguo comandante guerrillero Sanchez Cerén  hay una foto de una entrevista alucinante de Radio Venceremos en los tiempos de la guerra civil salvadoreña en que aparece Sanchez Cerén con el Ché Guevara cuando este era joven, también hay una más reciente con Chavez, sin contar las múltiples fotos de sus visitas a Cuba.

Este pudiera ser el próximo presidente de El Salvador.

La esperanza es que ninguno tenga mayoría para ver si se puede ganar en la segunda vuelta.

Nunca he entendido a los Salvadoreños, es el lugar de Centroamérica que más he visitado y en el que más amistades tengo. En mis visitas vi como bajo ARENA, el país se estaba desarrollando, en cada visita estaba mejor, vi como habían mejores medios de comunicación, mejor infraestructura mejores carreteras, como la industria privada estaba floreciendo.  El dólar era y es la moneda que más de usa, nadie quiere el dinero Salvadoreño.  Hay 2 millones de Salvadoreños en los Estados Unidos y 4 millones en el Salvador, y si gana Sánchez Cerén, posiblemente se empaten los números, o quizás habrán más Salvadoreños en Estados Unidos que el Salvador.  Si algún país debiera tener relaciones cordiales con Estados Unidos, debiera de ser El Salvador, el mayor ingreso del El Salvador viene del dinero que los emigrantes envían a sus familiares. ¿Se imaginan? la mayor industria es la exportación de personas al país enemigo.

 Pero en una de esas cosas inexplicables de nuestros países, han decidido elegir gobernantes enemigos del sistema de libre mercado y que odian a los Estados Unidos.  ¿Como se puede explicar esto?.

Como era y es de esperar, la fuga de capitales en los últimos cuatro años se ha sentido en el problema económico, pero lo que hacen es lo que parece lógico a la mentalidad socialista, atacar a los ricos que están tratando de salvar el dinero y elegir a un comunista para que los acabe de joder.  Entonces todos se joderán.

Nosotros en Miami nos estamos salpicando ya con ellos, están locos por invertir dinero en Miami que es el país más cerca a los Estados Unidos, a todos le gusta vivir en nuestro país de Miami.

Nos salpicamos también con los Venezolanos, estamos bien.  Pero lo malo es cuando nos toque a nosotros, ¿Para donde nos vamos?




Amenper: Henninger: Obama’s State of Disunion

His operating method has been social and political division.

Daniel Henninger



The 2008 campaign phrase “hope and change” will haunt future histories of the Obama presidency.

Many Americans voted Barack Obama into the White House for that reason alone. That reason is gone. The notion that this president would unify the nation by allowing people to summon their better spirits, as he promised, faded fast.

Even Mr. Obama’s supporters see now that his operating method wasn’t unification, but political and social division. Support for the president among the independents who gave him 52% of their vote in 2008 has fallen into the 30s.

Dividing the nation in his first term so that some Americans would vote in anger against his opposition was clearly the game plan from the start. He repeatedly scapegoated “the wealthiest” and the “1 percent.” In 2012 when House Republicans published their deficit-reduction proposals, Mr. Obama dismissed the document as “laughable,” “social Darwinism” and “antithetical to our entire history.”

After four years of the politics of divide-and-conquer, Mr. Obama had stirred sufficient resentment in his political base to win a second term. What he has produced entering the sixth year of his presidency is a nation in a state of disunion.

The pollsters at Gallup wrote last week that Mr. “Obama is on course to have the most politically polarized approval ratings of any president.” Segments of the U.S. population see themselves not just in disagreement with the Obama administration, but as the target of its policies.

This includes not only the famous 1%, but also the upper-middle class, Southern states, charter schools, politically active conservatives, private businesses, the Catholic church, electric utilities, doctors driven out of ObamaCare’s health networks and those famous partisans, the Little Sisters of the Poor.

All have been vilified, investigated, audited or sued by the president himself, Eric Holder’s Justice Department, the National Labor Relations Board, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency and, not least, the Internal Revenue Service. Last year’s most remarkable polling number from Gallup said in December that 72% of Americans regard big government as the greatest threat to the U.S. They got the message.

Even ObamaCare has contributed. The law’s rules pit the healthy against the unhealthy by forcing them to pay higher premiums to subsidize the unhealthy. Catholics, some of whom might have supported ObamaCare, see their hospitals as singled out for retribution by their government.

The administration’s supporters dismiss complaints about the in-your-face tenor of the Obama presidency as conservative sour grapes. “We won,” they say, “get over it.” OK, you won, but what have you done with it? Where’s the upside?

The slow fade of hope is revealed in last week’s Fox News poll, with 74% saying the country feels as if it’s still in a recession, no matter that the real one ended in early 2009. It’s hard to pretend hope is coming when, five years after the 2008 election, December’s monthly jobs report said 347,000 Americans have given up looking for work. That’s your real income inequality—the legions of chronically unemployed Americans who now have no earned income whatsoever.

In his speech, Mr. Obama pitched the causes of weak employment back “more than three decades.” This 30-year-old problem has three major policy solutions available to him in 2014: tax reform, pending free-trade legislation and immigration reform. All require doing business with the other party in Congress. He can’t, and by personal disposition doesn’t want to. The speech made that clear.

Instead, Mr. Obama said his overdue promise of change is going to roll in on a cascade of unilateral executive orders and directives from his regulatory bureaucracies. (This includes sentencing Joe Biden to reforming all the federal job-training programs, another 30-year failure.)

Progressives justify coerced public policy with their belief that what they are doing is good. Setting aside several hundred years of unhappy world history with this notion, a glitch always occurs in the U.S.: Because the Founding Fathers designed an arduous system for producing progress, the far left has never been able to put its most purebred ideas consistently across the legislative goal line. Too many citizens resist. One might say the same of the far right, but they’re not running anything just now. In frustration—and Mr. Obama is nothing if not frustrated—the White House is defaulting, as the left does everywhere, to direct executive action. We are at the dawn of the Unilateral Presidency.

How can this be good, if the price is more national disunion than we have now? Disunion is a dangerous political virus that sends a nation as complex as the U.S. toward a state of permanent, embittered opposition, which can be difficult for mere politicians to set right. We’re about there.

Barack Obama could have allowed some accommodation to decompress the discord and political tension. For example, he could have lifted the economy with a bipartisan cut in the corporate tax rate in his first term. Instead, he raised taxes on “the wealthiest,” and defined them as people with before-tax incomes above $200,000. Instead, the IRS audited his opponents. Get over it? Not anytime soon.

Write to





Amenper: Se Acabaron Los Calvos


Científicos han declarado que pueden ser capaces de ofrecer un nuevo rayo de esperanza cuando se trata de revertir la calvicie, escuchen bien, no prevenir la calvicie pero revertir la calvicie, darnos pelos a nuestras calvas brillosas.

Realmente  nunca creí que había perdido el pelo de mi cabeza, siempre pensé que estaba ahí presente en mi cuerpo, pero que había cogido el camino equivocado y estaba creciendo para adentro, porque el pelo se me estaba saliendo cada vez más fuerte por las orejas,la nariz y en la espalda..

Todo era cuestión de educar al pelo para que volviera a la cabeza pero mi pelo es muy rebelde y nunca me ha hecho caso.

Pero ahora nos dicen que están más cerca de ser capaz de utilizar las células madre para el tratamiento de la restitución  del cabello en nuestras calvas–al menos en ratones, dicen investigadores de la Universidad de Pennsylvania.

No sólo del Ratón Miquito debe de tener una fiesta en Disney World, pero todos nosotros los calvos del mundo debemos de estar muy felices con la noticia.

“Esta es la primera vez que alguien ha hecho escalables cantidades de células epiteliales que son capaces de generar el componente epitelial de los folículos pilosos,” dijo el Dr. Xiaowei Xu, profesor asociado de dermatología en Penn Perelman School of Medicine, en un comunicado de prensa.

Sin lugar a dudas esta noticia confirma mi pensamiento que había esperanza de recuperar mi cabellera perdida. .

Yo no Xe Xi Xu Xabe o no Xabe lo que hay que hacer para que nos salga el pelo en nuestras brillosas calvas pero sería conveniente, no sólo por razones estéticas creadas por la percepción del buen lucir, pero el pelo en el cuero cabelludo protege nuestras cabezas del sol y el frío que creo que es la razón de que Dios nos dio el pelo en la cabeza.  Aunque también tengo la teoría de que Dios no dio una abundancia de una brillante substancia gris en el cerebro, y nos quitó el pelo de la cabeza dándonos una brillante calva, para compensar a otros a los que les dio poca substancia gris y a los que por compasión les dio mucho pelo. Dios es justo.

En otras palabras, Dios nos dio inteligencia a algunos y nos quitó el pelo, a otros les dio mucho pelo y les quitó la inteligencia.  Si no creen mi teoría, miren una foto de Evo Morales y una de Dick Cheney.

Pero bueno, no nos podemos quejar de los descubrimientos que Dios permita, y si permite que Xu invente la igualdad de los cueros cabelludos, no podemos protestar. También me gustaría que hubiera igualdad de materia gris dentro de la cabeza de todo el mundo, así no tendríamos socialismo en el mundo.




amenper: El Salario Mínimo y el Desempleo

Hay algo que no comprenden los que no conocen la economía de Mercado, y tenemos en la presente administración personas que nunca han operado un negocio en su vida.  Han pasado por la universidad con sus teorías económicas pero no saben cómo funciona el mercado en la vida real.  No hay un empresario en la cúpula de la administración, ni uno sólo.

Por eso tratan de decir que estamos equivocados cuando decimos que el salario mínimo crea desempleo.

El empresario cuya razón de existir está relacionada con la supervivencia de su negocio, trata de defender sus utilidades.  Si surge algo que disminuye o have desaparecer esas utilidades, es su derecho y su deber el compensar la pérdida con su ingeniosidad.

Mi edad cronológica no me ha impedido adaptarme a las técnicas nuevas, mi negocio está computarizado, y el personal que tengo es por lo menos la mitad de lo que tuviera que tener si utilizara los métodos antiguos.  El sistema de inventario, la facturación, la contabilidad, todo es más rápido y fácil.

Pero vamos a hablar de cómo se toman las órdenes y se facturan.  Con un iPad que sirve de catálogo y toma-ordenes los vendedores toman la orden en las tiendas sólo tiene que apretasr el artículo en la foto con el código de barras y la orden pasa a la computadora de la oficina, la cual automáticamente crea la factura que pasa a la computadora del almacén donde se despacha. El crear este sistema no cuesta tanto y el ahorro paga el gasto en poco tiempo.

Cuando Obama dice que el aumento del salario mínimo no afecta el desempleo, tiene que pensar en la industria gastronómica que suma millones de camareros en los Estados Unidos.  Con un iPad con el menú que se encuentra usted cuando se sienta en la mesa, que explica detalladamente los platos, especiales y precios, hasta foto del plato, usted mismo solo tiene que poner su dedo en el plato que quiera, esto va a la computadora de la cocina que lo despacha y lo pone en el mostrador con su nombre  donde usted lo recoge después de haberlo pagado con su tarjeta de crédito y presiona en el mostrador el número correspondiente a su pago según las instrucciones del iPad.

Los camareros, ayudantes y otros empelados, cajeros desaparecerán, esto no se ha hecho mucho hasta ahora porque el salario mínimo de los gastronómicos era poco porque se supone que este salario es compensado con la propina.  Pero si el salario mínimo sube más de  $3.00 la hora, a $10.50, los dueños de restaurants tendrán que reducir la plantilla y para no dar mal servicio se computarizarán, es la ley de la supervivencia, es lo que no entienden los burócratas. 

​m Politics Editors (

Newsletters To:
By Chris Stirewalt
Buzz Cut:
·        Obama dumps on Congress, a lot
·        Unions set to win, enviros set to lose on pipeline
·        War dance or kabuki on immigration?
·        A DeMint man for Oklahoma race?
·        New York declares war on the birds of the 1 percent
From President Obama’s interview with CNN: “Uh, the House Republicans, in particular, have had difficulty rallying around any agenda, much less mine.  And in that kind of environment, what I don’t want is the American people to think that the only way for us to make big change is through, uh, legislation… I mean, the truth of the matter is, is that every president engages in executive actions. In fact, we’ve been very disciplined and sparing in terms of the executive actions that we have taken. Uh, we make sure that we’re doing it within the authority that we have under statute.”
Congress too unpopular to resist him – “…it’s a tough argument for the other side to make that not only are they willing to do an — not do anything, but they also want me not to do anything, uh, in which case, um, I think the American people, uh, who’s, right now, estimation of Congress is already pretty low, uh, might, uh, might have an even lower opinion.”

Damning with faint praise – “[Republican support for an immigration overhaul], particularly in this Congress, is a huge, uh, piece of business, because, uh, they haven’t gotten a lot done over the last couple of years out of the House Republican Caucus.  They – they’ve been willing to say what they’re against, not so much what they’re for.”

But on legal pot, Obama passes the pipe to Congress – “Well, first of all, what is and isn’t a Schedule One narcotic is a job for Congress … It’s — it’s not — it’s not something by ourselves that we start changing.  No, there are laws under — undergirding those determinations…”

Pot may be okay, unless corporations get involved – “…because if we start having a situation where, uh, big corporations with a lot of resources and distribution and marketing arms are suddenly going out there, uh, peddling marijuana, then, uh, the levels of abuse that may take place are going to… are going to be higher.”

Go to the Olympics, even though there might be a terrorist attack – “I’d tell them that I believe that Sochi is safe and that there are always some risks in these large international gatherings…  if you want to go to the Olympics, you should go to the Olympics.  And, uh, you know, we’re not discouraging, in any way, Americans from participating in what is just always a — an amazing, wonderful event.”

[President Obama will sit down with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly in a live interview Sunday at 4:30 pm ET.]
In a sign that President Obama’s dismissive words about Congress are part of the Democratic establishment’s midterm talking points, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi delivered the same message to Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart: “If you’re dealing with people who have no agenda – ‘Nothing is our agenda, and never is our timetable’ – It’s very hard to negotiate with them.”
[Josh Kraushaar notes that Nancy Pelosi, losing many of her most loyal lieutenants to retirement and likely to again fail to recapture the House majority, may be nearing the end of her career.]
Fox News: “The State Department is expected to release an environmental analysis on the Keystone XL oil pipeline as early as Friday that may disappoint environmentalists and opponents of the proposed project, according to individuals briefed on the matter. The release of the long-anticipated evaluation, known as an ‘environmental impact statement,’ sets the stage for a 90-day review period, during which the Obama administration must determine whether the project is in the national interest.”
[Ed. note: What do you want to bet that the final decision comes down just in time to help red state Senate Democrats save some of their skins?]
House Republicans leaders announced Thursday they will back a limited path to legal status for the country’s illegal immigrants.  At the annual House GOP retreat in Maryland, House Speaker John Boehner emphasized border security must come first. The speaker insisted his conference favors a “common sense, piecemeal” approach to fix the nation’s broken immigration system. The “standards for immigration reform” document, released Thursday, ruled out a special path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. More
Far from home – The Hill: “When you lay out a major policy initiative like immigration, I don’t know when it’s going to appear on the schedule,” said Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. “My hunch is it doesn’t come up, you know, tomorrow. It’s probably months out.”
Isn’t that what they said about ‘defunding’ ObamaCare? – “Republicans are poised for an historic election this fall–a conservative tidal wave much like 2010. The biggest thing we could do to mess that up would be if the House passed an amnesty bill — or any bill perceived as an amnesty bill — that demoralized voters going into November.” – Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to Breitbart
The most important question -Washington Examiner’s Byron York gets it: “… [I]n the very last sentence of the principles, comes the key to the whole thing: ‘None of this can happen before specific enforcement triggers have been implemented to fulfill our promise to the American people that from here on, our immigration laws will indeed be enforced.’ It is not an exaggeration to say that the future of immigration reform in Congress depends on whether Republican leaders mean what they say in that single sentence.”
The Center for Health and Economy scores the leading Republican replacement to ObamaCare and finds the plan proposed by Sens. Richard Burr, R-N.C., Tom Coburn, R-Okla., and Orrin Hatch R-Utah would lower premium prices and save $1.4 trillion while providing coverage to a similar number of people that ObamaCare promises to enroll. The group found the plan could lower premiums by 2 percent and would lower federal Medicaid spending.
[Watch Fox: Chief Congressional Correspondent Mike Emanuel considers GOP efforts to unify around an ObamaCare alternative.]
Cantor promises plan –  The Hill: ‘’’This year, we will rally around an alternative to ObamaCare and pass it on the floor of the House,” [House Majority Leader Eric Cantor] said during a presentation [at the House GOP’s issues conference] in which he outlined four areas — healthcare, jobs, helping the middle class and creating opportunities — where Republicans would offer ‘big, bold ideas.”’
[WTAE shares the story of the employees at one Pennsylvania small business hit hard by ObamaCare.]
Work it! – Fox News: Facing a $78 million budget shortfall, California’s ObamaCare exchange has spent $1.37 million to fund an outreach video featuring exercise guru Richard Simmons gyrating on the floor and hugging a contortionist who is kneeling with his buttocks in the air…. has thedetails.
Noonan – Meanwhile, Back in America: “All these things—the pushing around of nuns, the limiting of freedoms that were helping kids get a start in life, the targeting of conservative groups—all these things have the effect of breaking bonds of trust between government and the people. They make citizens see Washington as an alien and hostile power. Washington sees the disaffection. They read the polls, they know. They call it rage. But it feels more like grief. Like the loss of something you never thought you’d lose, your sense of your country and your place in it, your rights in it.”
Got a TIP from the RIGHT or LEFT? Email FoxNewsFirst@FOXNEWS.COM

Real Clear Politics Averages
Obama Job Approval: Approve – 43.1 percent//Disapprove – 51.6 percent
Direction of Country: Right Direction – 29.5 percent//Wrong Track – 63.0 percent 
Generic Congressional Ballot:  Democrats – 41.0 percent// Republicans 41.5 percent 
NYT: “Election victories have never come easy for Mary Landrieu, who has never drawn more than 53 percent of the vote; her biggest tally came when Mr. Obama was on the ticket in 2008, increasing black turnout. Her success will ultimately come down to her ability to retain enthusiasm among those blacks while attracting moderate white Democrats who increasingly vote Republican, many of whom are furious about [ObamaCare]… ‘Senator Landrieu has supported President Obama’s agenda 97 percent of the time,’ her likely opponent, [Republican] Representative Bill Cassidy, wrote in an email… In an interview, she played down the political threat of the health care law. ‘My opponents take a great risk with that, because I think voters really understand that to have a strong work force you have to have a healthy work force.”’
[To wit: Reuters – “As Senate campaigns begin, some Democrats flee Obama”]
Hey, Bubba! – Former President Bill Clinton will join President Obama to address Senate Democrats when they gather for their retreat next week at Washington Nationals Stadium. As the current president’s poll numbers continue sag, many vulnerable Democrats may sidle up to the biggest moon in Planet Hillary’s orbit.
[Listen to Fox: Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates joins Kilmeade and Friends in the 9 a.m. ET hour]
Roll Call: “Randy Brogdon, a conservative former state senator currently challenging Oklahoma Gov.Mary Fallin [R-Okla.], is considering running in the Senate special election instead. ‘He has got a lot of people inside of Oklahoma, probably eight or nine out of 10, that are urging him to run for Senate, and he is listening very intently to those urges,’ Brogdon senior adviser Louis Waller said when reached by CQ Roll Call. Brogdon’s potential entrance comes just after Rep. Jim Bridenstine, a favorite among conservative outside groups… A primary for the seat is scheduled for June 24, with a runoff scheduled for Aug. 26 if necessary.”
Republicans need to gain six seats to wrest control of the Senate away from Democrats. Which are the most likely to flip? The consensus from Fox News First readers (in order of times selected): Arkansas, Montana, Louisiana, South Dakota, North Carolina and Alaska.
Share your top six picks. Email them – just your top six, please – to FOXNEWSFIRST@FOXNEWS.COMor tweet @cstirewalt.
[Ed. note: Do you people really think North Carolina is an easier flip for the GOP than West Virginia, with an open seat in a state President Obama lost by 27 points? Color me skeptical.]
Longtime California Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman announced Thursday he will not seek reelection, becoming the latest architect of ObamaCare to quit. Waxman, who represents one of the most liberal districts in the nation, will have served 20 terms in Congress by the time of his retirement. Noted birth control activist Sandra Fluke told KPCC, “A number of folks I respect very deeply have reached out today and encouraged me to run [for Waxman’s seat].  I am strongly considering running.” But as LAT points out, so is everybody else.
[Gallup’s latest survey finds Washington D.C., is the most liberal part of America, while Wyoming is the most conservative state. Ideologically, the survey finds a majority of American’s to be center right, while moderates tend to be a large Democratic voting bloc.]
Sunshine State News: “Big names are being dropped — not in a good way — between the candidates battling in the special election for the open congressional seat left vacant by the death of U.S. Rep.Bill Young, R-Fla. The candidates spent Thursday trying to tie the other to leading political figures. Attorney David Jolly, a Republican, is hitting the airwaves with a new ad. Jolly, who worked for Young, is taking on former state CFO Alex Sink, a Democratic, and Libertarian Lucas Overby in the March 11 special election. Jolly showcased a new television spot Thursday where he goes on the attack against Sink for backing President Barack Obama’s health care law and contrasting their fiscal records. ‘Pinellas needs someone to look out for our interests, not President Obama’s,’ Jolly says in the ad, which can be viewed here.”
On “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace” – Live from Super Bowl XLVIII, a conversation with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Plus, Wallace calls the signals with Hall of Fame quarterback turned Broncos boss John Elway, and former New Orleans Saints quarterback and proud poppa Archie Manning. “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace” airs at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. ET on Fox News. Check local listings for air times in your area.
On “#mediabuzz” – Host Howie Kurtz interviews Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews about her stunning sideline encounter with Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman. Howie also chats with former Giants’ sack specialist Michael Strahan – a finalist for the  NFL Hall of Fame – about his transition from player to pundit and television personality. Plus, Jim Pinkerton and Juan Williams will help Howie go deep on the news of the week. Watch “#mediabuzz” Sunday at 11 a.m. ET, with a second airing at 5 p.m.
The poultry elite is under siege in New York! From AFP: “The New York state department of environmental conservation says swans attack people, destroy vegetation, pose a threat to jetliners and damage water because their feces contain e coli… Now the New York state conservation department wants to expand the offensive and eliminate [an estimated 2,200] free-ranging mute swans by 2025, killing them or allowing ‘responsible ownership’ of the birds in captivity. ‘Lethal control methods will include shooting of free-ranging swans and live capture and euthanasia in accordance with established guidelines for wildlife,’ said the draft proposal. Nests would also be destroyed, and eggs oiled, punctured or sterilised to prevent hatching, it added.”
“Essentially, [President Obama] passed a law by executive order that the Congress had rejected – wouldn’t pass. That is unbelievably unconstitutional. It’s as if a Republican ran and said ‘I don’t like the capital gains tax.’ Congress rejects an abolition of that tax, and then he orders the IRS not to collect it.  People would be up in arms and would be impeaching.” Charles Krauthammer discussing Majority Leader Harry Reid’s opposition to the president’s trade agenda, on “Special Report with Bret Baier” Watch here. 
Chris Stirewalt is digital politics editor for Fox News. Want FOX News First in your inbox every day? Sign up here. To catch Chris live online daily at 11:30 a.m. ET, click here.





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