No 427 7/8/13 “En mi opinión” Lázaro R González Miño Editor ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’

No 427 7/8/13 “En mi opiniónLázaro R González Miño Editor ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’

Does The CIA Director John Brennan, Have Obama’s Fraudulent Records?

July 6, 2013 by Breaking News. We know that John Brennan got the head job of the Central Intelligence Agency. However, as we stated in a previous article, by obtaining the records of Barack Obama he may well show that Obama is not eligible to be President.

We have to go back to 2008 and a break-in that very few people even knew about. It was a structured break-in to obtain records that may well show Obama is not a United States Citizen. However, this break-in was not seen nor heard of. It was kept silent to all, including the Obama campaign. Let us look at what Mr. Douglas Hagmann says about this.

“Since 2008, the accepted and unchallenged motive for the breach was that the perpetrators were looking at the passport and biological data on all three presidential candidates in some sort of ‘exploratory’ mission,” Hagmann writes. “They were summarily fired from their jobs and disappeared into the night before they could be interviewed by investigators working on the case. What took place following this admitted breach, however, has an extremely sinister overtone.”

Hagmann continues, “Recall that at the time of the passport office break-in, Barack Hussein Obama was on the campaign trail as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. The news of the breach was made public within a week of the last intrusion, and a week later, on March 21, 2008, Obama was asked for his reaction by ABC News Jake Tapper while campaigning. Obviously, Obama now officially knows that the public has been informed about the level of the breach, and that Obama’s personal and confidential biographical information, in addition to his international travel was apparently ‘accessed.’”

It is important to note that the files accessed included Obama’s personal passport and not limited to his diplomatic passport.

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Russian Troops On American Soil

July 6, 2013 by Kris Zane

Imagine you’re attending the Boston Marathon in 2014. Because of the terrorist bombing the year before, the route is crawling with security, primarily militarized police.

It’s hot, so you have a large store of bottled water in a sports bag, along with a video camera and miscellaneous items. One of these militarized police accosts you and demands in a vicious voice that you empty out your bag. He’s especially interested in your video camera and views the tape. He sees nothing to cause alarm and lets you go.

The whole episode shakes you up; but, as Barack Hussein Obama drums in your ear constantly, it’s the price we pay—what he calls “the right balance” between our safety against terrorism and losing our liberties.

One thing though: The police officer who rifled through your belongings, although seamlessly blending in with the other militarized police officers, speaks with an odd accent, not to mention the fact that you don’t recognize his badge.

You learn an alarming fact: He’s a member of the Russian Special Forces, invited by FEMA to help out with “mass security events.”

Welcome to a dystopic version of Orwell’s 1984, when the enemy of the United States, a country whose nuclear missiles are pointed directly at our bases in Europe, are on American streets conducting security!

This isn’t some Special Ops campaign where the Russians are holding a gun to the head of the FEMA chief, demanding that they be able to roam the streets of America terrorizing American citizens.

On June 25, 2013 in Washington, D.C. the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, Russia’s equivalent to FEMA, signed an agreement with FEMA to allow Russian “experts”  to engage in “monitoring and forecasting emergency situations, training of rescuers, development of mine-rescuing and provision of security at mass events.”

Forget about a Red Dawn style large scale invasion. Forget about the Russians lobbing nuclear bombs at us. Through the rogue Obama administration clothing treason in the form of touchy-feely bureaucratic mumbo jumbo, anything deemed a “mass event” will allow Russian “experts”—let’s be clear, these are in effect Russian soldiers—to trample on Americans’ constitutional rights.

But this is only the beginning. The so-called “agreement” also allows these Russian “experts” to deploy during “national disasters.”  This in fact is the main purpose of the phony experts:

The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and the USA Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are going to exchange experts during joint rescue operations in major disasters.

Remember after Hurricane Katrina when police were illegally confiscating citizens’ guns? Well, during the next disaster, it might not be police, but Russian soldiers nullifying your Second Amendment rights.

Plan on seeing these “experts” at the Super Bowl. Concerts. Is a high school prom considered a “mass event?” With Barack Obama’s parsing of language to do whatever he wants, your kid’s next prom or Bar Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen party may have a few Russians mulling around.

This is called colluding with the enemy. This is called treason.

Barack Hussein Obama not only constantly tramples on the Constitution but now has become an enemy of the State. Guilty of treason. A traitor.

Impeachment must begin now. Today.

Efectos secundarios del Obamacare. Otro impuesto del Obamacare que es malo para su salud. Por Alberto Pérez.

La  mentalidad socialista de los burócratas que están proyectando el financiamiento del Obamacare, implementan nuevos impuestos que crean costos secundarios que no sólo afecta indirectamente el bolsillo de los ciudadanos, pero también el sistema de salud que nos ha convertidos en la generación más longeva desde los tiempos pre-diluvianos.

Tenemos la tendencia a tomar los adelantos de la ciencia como algo normal, pero para que esto ocurra se tienen que aglutinar un número de factores, como son el estímulo económico y moral a los científicos facilitando su trabajo.

De esta manera, bajo el sistema establecido, se han logrado las maravillosas drogas y los dispositivos médicos que hace algunos años se hubieran considerado como ciencia ficción.

Esta administración ha decidido que una de las maneras para costear el Obamacare es imponer un impuesto de un 2.3% a los fabricantes de dispositivos médicos.  

No sé si no se dan cuenta o no quieren darse cuenta de las consecuencias que esto traerá. 

En primer lugar, los costos de producción de los dispositivos subirá con la subida de impuestos, entonces el panel del Obamacare considerará que poner un moderno marca pasos a una persona de 80 años, no debe de ser cubierto porque es muy costoso,  por lo que el mejor tratamiento debe de ser la pastillita consoladora. 

Además estará el factor intangible. Los inversionistas no inyectarán más capital en una industria bajo ataque, y las investigaciones para crear nuevos dispositivos se paralizarán, afectando los adelantos de la industria.

Para los que conocemos la industria, sabemos que los avances de la industria médico-farmacéutica siempre ha tenido costos debidos a las investigaciones y a las numerosas regulaciones de las agencias oficiales. Sabemos que estos costos siempre se reflejan proporcionalmente en el precio final de las drogas y los dispositivos, es normal. Es parte de los dolores de parto de los avances científicos de alguna parte tiene que salir el dinero para las investigaciones, no importa cual sea el sistema socio-político, pero la historia ha demostrado que trabaja mejor en el sistema de libre empresa, que en un sistema de empresas del estado..

Pero cuando el gobierno en un sistema de libre empresa, progresivamente castiga a los que crean, la creación se afecta, y el resultado lo sufrimos todos.

En el Wall Street de hoy, dos científicos, los doctores Burbank y Fogarty, escriben un artículo sobre esto que titulan “Otro impuesto del Obamacare que es malo para su salud” se los estoy copiando abajo.

Muslim Brotherhood and Obama on the Wrong Side of History‏Egypt and the Real Arab Spring: Muslim Brotherhood and Obama on the Wrong Side of History

Thursday, July 4th, 2013 Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times

President Obama and important inner circle leaders had hoped to install the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and throughout other parts of North Africa and the Middle East. Issues related to enforced dhimmitude on Coptic Christians, the future rights of women, mainstream Islam, secular Egypt and a whole array of countless different thought patterns all faced a grim future. Even Saudi Arabia, a close ally of America, was watching events uneasily because the tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood and their real objectives remain masked in uncertainty.

The billions of dollars from the Obama administration to the Muslim Brotherhood led President Morsi (Mursi) which was a continuation of past economic policies under Hosni Mubarak – without the Islamist angle – meant that vast numbers of Egyptians couldn’t trust Morsi or Obama. Now the Obama administration is threatening to withhold military assistance to Egypt by dancing around formalities which can be bypassed with ease if desired. After all, shipping military weapons to third parties which benefit al-Nusra and other al-Qaeda affiliates is a cinch when it comes to trying to defeat the government of Syria. Just like invading Iraq under a false pretext but suddenly Obama is using lofty ideals which don’t exist in reality under his leadership. However, he may be forced to backtrack on military assistance because being on the wrong side of history he now needs to play catch up because Egypt is too powerful to ignore.

Coptic Christian leaders and the whole spectrum of Egyptian society irrespective if Muslim, Christian, non-religious or whatever; ignored the pressure being put on certain elements within Egyptian society. Surely, the current American ambassador to Egypt is a lame duck because her behavior smacked of supporting creeping authoritarianism under the Muslim Brotherhood. It must be stated that Adolf Hitler manipulated democracy for his own means but the literature of the Muslim Brotherhood over many decades meant that people understood the real game. Also, make no bones about it, Obama fully understood that in time the Muslim Brotherhood – and other more radical Islamist parties – would threaten democracy and civil society in the long term.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism reports that “After millions of Egyptians took to the streets to protest the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic rule, the Egyptian military, under the command of General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, removed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi from office Wednesday. In his place, the army’s transition plan calls for Chief Justice of the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court Adly Mansour to take over until new elections can be held.”

In the same article it states that “El-Sisi’s televised remarks prompted cheers and fireworks throughout Cairo’s packed Tahrir Square. El-Sisi was joined by Ahmed El-Tayyeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar University – a bedrock of Sunni theology – and Coptic Orthodox Patriarch Tawadros II. Copts increasingly found themselves under physical and legal attacks during Morsi’s year in office. The Constitutional Court, meanwhile has stood in staunch opposition to Morsi in the past and may be in position to develop a more diverse and moderate government focused on Egypt’s economic needs.”

The sight of witnessing the army, the Grand Iman of Al-Azhar University and the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch was a symbol that vast numbers of Egyptians are united in their disapproval towards the Muslim Brotherhood. It was also telling the people of Egypt that the most powerful Muslim and Christian leaders in this land support a united Egypt against the exclusive policies of the Muslim Brotherhood. Ironically, the Muslim Brotherhood itself was a stop gap from preventing even more militant religious zealots. Despite this, their message of “them” and “the other” wasn’t respected on the whole in Egypt therefore tens of millions of people from all walks of life brought down the Morsi government.

Obama had clearly given the go ahead to silence the leader of the Coptic Christian community by requesting the American Ambassador to Egypt to put pressure on this revered religious leader. Yet the Christian Patriarch ignored Ambassador Anne Patterson just like he ignored Morsi. Instead the Christian Patriarch stated to Morsi that “I cannot stop the Copts from taking part in the protests because this is a matter of their personal freedom. I have no desire to involve the Church in politics.”

Once demonstrations began against the Muslim Brotherhood the brave Pope Tawadros II stated “It is wonderful to see the Egyptian people taking back their stolen revolution in a peaceful way, through the idea of Rebel and its youth.”

Obama knew full well that many Egyptian ministers had resigned prior to the removal of Morsi. Similarly, Obama fully understood that tens of millions of Egyptians were demonstrating against the increasing tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood. Despite this reality and with the knowledge that Coptic Christians were increasingly being crushed – and that elements within the Muslim Brotherhood were using language of sectarianism against the Shia – Obama closed his eyes because he knew that he was on the wrong side of history. Therefore, all the meetings between members of the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood in the corridors of power couldn’t crush the spirit of revolution in Egypt.

The people of Egypt on a whole don’t want to be beholden to the wishes and engineering of America and the Muslim Brotherhood. Egyptians know full well that America only cares about protecting the troika of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Given this reality, the wishes of Egyptians became a distant second under Obama because he believed important think tanks that manipulating the Muslim Brotherhood meant stability.

Gulf powers, powerful Western nations and Turkey have collectively caused untold mayhem in Iraq, Libya and now in Syria. Issues related to human rights is a non-starter because in the land of Saudi Arabia not one Christian church is allowed. This reality, and the fact that America will do anything in order to protect Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – means that other secular based societies can literally go to hell providing chaos doesn’t threaten the troika of nations under the umbrella of Washington. Until the Middle East and North Africa is free from the intrigues of major international and regional powers; then the Arab Spring will turn to dust. Therefore, it is essential that the new revolution in Egypt is allowed to dictate its own move to democracy – albeit, with the army protecting the people from all possible dangers during such a delicate time.

The National Salvation Front in Egypt states that “We would like to confirm that what Egypt is witnessing now is not a military coup by any standards. It was a necessary decision that the Armed Forces’ leadership took to protect democracy, maintain the country’s unity and integrity, restore stability and get back on track towards achieving the goals of the January 25 Revolution. We have full confidence in the commitment the Armed Forces made yesterday that their role would remain to be a national one, and not political, aimed at restoring stability, security and fulfilling the economic and social rights of the Egyptian people.”

“We believe that the joint decisions reached in the meeting yesterday between the Armed Forces and several national forces, and witnessed by respected spiritual figures such as the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and Coptic Pope, those decisions further confirm that the Armed Forces have no intention to intervene in politics.”

Obama was much more somber because he stated after the removal of Morsi that “The United States is monitoring the very fluid situation in Egypt, and we believe that ultimately the future of Egypt can only be determined by the Egyptian people. Nevertheless, we are deeply concerned by the decision of the Egyptian Armed Forces to remove President Morsi and suspend the Egyptian constitution.” 

It is clear that the Obama is now involved in face saving but his action towards the Muslim Brotherhood is evidence that the current changes in Egypt were not part of the Washington script. Therefore, it is now hoped that the real Arab Spring takes place whereby the empty phrase becomes a fresh start for the people of Egypt. Of course, the next few days, weeks and months are fraught with danger because events can always change unexpectedly. However, it will be difficult to crush the voices of the tens of millions of people who demonstrated against Morsi in Egypt. Therefore, the policies of the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood collectively in this nation became a paper tiger and the hope is that both forces remain to be a paper tiger in order for Egyptians to decide their future.

Obama toma el lado musulmán de la historia.‏ Alberto Perez

 Islam significa paz

Islam significa paz, por lo tanto no creen en la guerra o la violencia, aunque esa sea la manera en que muchas veces es clasificada.  Sin embargo para que pueda existir guerra en la ley Islámica, debe da haber cierto antecedente de agresión o amenaza, la cual ponga en peligro a la comunidad Islámica. No obstante siempre se debe preferir la paz (What is Islam, 2005)


 El problema de esta descripción del Islam es que para ellos cualquiera que no tenga sus mismas creencias es de hecho un agresor a la comunidad islámica, un infiel, y por eso la guerra o Yihad siempre existirá hasta que se establezca el califato mundial y no haya infieles que puedan poner en peligro a la comunidad Islámica.

El problema es histórico, desde que Mahoma inventó el Islam, fue para la conquista y la guerra, negar esto es negar la historia.  Por esto es que cuando se logra salvar a un país como en el caso de Egipto de las garras musulmanas, hay que apoyar a los que tratan de evitar una provincia más del califato Islámico. Por esto es que la posición de Obama es tan sospechosa.

Presionando, en este link pueden ver un artículo de un periodico japonés que se pregunta sobre la actitud de nuestro presidente

Egypt and the Real Arab Spring: Muslim Brotherhood and Obama on the Wrong Side of History | Modern Tokyo Times


La mayoría de las instituciones cristianas, en algún momento de sus historias se han dejado llevar por su ambición del control institucional y hasta han llegado a conflictos armados.  Pero el cristianismo, y su cabeza que es Jesús, no fueron creados para la guerra con ambiciones de conquistas terrenales.

Jesús fue un mesías espiritual, su reino no era de este mundo. Cuando los islámicos acusan a los cristianos de cruzados guerreristas, están usando un anacronismo de un período de la historia que no tiene la menor similitud con la situación actual.

Pensar que los cristianos tienen ambiciones ir a la guerra con los países, no sólo es anacrónico pero absurdo.

Si un misionero predica el cristianismo en un país Islámico, está simplemente llevando las noticias del cristianismo (evangelizando) ,para la edificación espiritual, no para crear un levantamiento armado contra el país islámico, no lleva armas, no pone bombas, no siembra el terror pero simplemente predica una doctrina de amor y perdón..

Esta diferencia no se reconoce, muchas veces por ignorancia, otras veces por mala fe,  porque el temor es perder el control terrenal que es el objetivo del Islam.

La paz del Islam es la paz de los sepulcros, hasta que no entierren a todos sus enemigos que son los infieles que no creen lo mismo que ellos, seguirán en su guerra santona.

Nunca veremos en el Islam algo diferente a los que estamos viendo en todos los países del mundo musulmán, manifestaIciones violentas, guerras, rmenazas de guerra, discursos de odio. 

Si Islam significa paz, que le cambien el nombre




Ricardo Samitier. Los Maricones NUEVAMENTE al ATAQUE‏


Defensores De Los Derechos Gay Instan A Capital One A CANCELAR A Alec Baldwin Por Haber Insultado A UN “bloguero” GAY Que Escribió Contra Su Esposa…   

Entonces lo llamó “BITCH” Que en la calle significa “Mujer Calumniadora” En Otras Palabras… Se Creen “INTOCABLES”   

Los “GAY” Amenazan que si no le cancelan el contrato… No Van  A usar mas la tarjeta “Capital One”  es hora que los hombres le Digamos a CAPITAL ONE si lo cancelan… LOS HOMBRES QUE  SOMOS EL 98% No Vamos A Usar Su Tarjeta… Recuerden como le hicieron la vida imposible a ANITA BRYAN  Que le cancelaron el contrato de anunciar el Jugo de Naranja  De la Florida hace ya 35 años…

Abajo el Poder de los Maricones… que se han robado el nombre De “GAY” (alegres) cuando son los elementos más TRISTES y deprimentes del mundo…

·         El Periódico el País, Madrid: Un artículo que explica el porqué de Échenlos a todos!‏

·         Este articulo del Periódico Español “El País” señala lo fácil que fue para los “Promotores Del Gobierno Mundial” crear las condiciones para que los PUEBLOS se cansaran y PIDIERAN  Botar a todos los políticos a la BASURA… 

Lo que este articulo No hace es IDENTIFICAR y SEÑALAR que es un PLAN MUNDIAL que se REPITE en todos los países… y está FINANCIADO por los RICOS y PODEROSOS que están ATRINCHERADOS en WALL STREET… y controlan LA POLÍTICA DE USA…

Incluso ya han logrado que los NORTE AMERICANOS como todos los PUEBLOS del MUNDO estén CANSADOS…


El plan les FRACASO EN Egipto:

Lo usaron en SUR Y CENTRO AMÉRICA… donde comenzaron por darles derechos a los revolucionarios mientras CASTIGABAN y JUZGABAN A LOS MILITARES…. para darle PASO a la “DICTADURA DEMOCRÁTICA SOCIALISTA”

Estaban felices… castigaron a los militares Egipcios… y tenían una “VERDADERA DICTADURA DEMOCRÁTICA” obediente y disciplinada al “NUEVO ORDEN” en el país más GRANDE DE ÁFRICA… PERO los militares Egipcios… SE REBELARON… y ahora vemos a LOS SENADORES  DEMÓCRATAS Y REPUBLICANOS pedir a GRITOS EN LA TV… que se le suspenda la ayuda a los militares… SIN AVERGONZARSE que al mismo tiempo apoyan a los Rebeldes Sirios… ¿Qué PASA”  ¿NO NOS DAMOS CUENTA DE LA TRAICIÓN? 


Lean este articulo y se darán cuenta que YA ESTAMOS EN USA… como en el resto del mundo…

¡Pidiendo Que Los Echen A Todos!

Berlusconi, Putin , Chávez Lula, Dilma, Cristina ,Morales, Castro, Chaves todos socialistas llegaron rápidamente al poder porque sus respectivos países estaban hartos de los políticos tradicionales

En la década de 1990, italianos, rusos y venezolanos estaban tan hartos de sus políticos como los egipcios, brasileños y turcos hoy están de los suyos. La corrupción, que durante mucho tiempo había sido tolerada, de repente se les volvió insoportable. La gente también perdió la paciencia con la ineptitud burocrática y los malos servicios públicos. Se evaporó la apatía política y salir a la calle a protestar al grito de “Échenlos a todos” se hizo normal. “Todos” eran, por supuesto, los políticos que vivían cada vez mejor mientras a la mayoría le iba cada vez peor. En Italia, Tangentópolis, el escándalo de corrupción que desveló los enormes sobornos en los contratos de obras públicas, produjo un terremoto político. Mani pulite (manos limpias), la investigación realizada por un grupo de magistrados, llevó a juicio a más de la mitad de los miembros del Parlamento italiano. Los Gobiernos de más de 400 ciudades fueron disueltos una vez descubierta la vasta corrupción que los corroía. Los cinco partidos que habían gobernado Italia desde 1947 colapsaron, y con ellos el sistema de partidos que hasta entonces dominó la política. Los italianos exigían líderes honestos y, sobre todo, nuevas caras en el poder. Silvio Berlusconi ofreció sus servicios a la nación. En 1994, solo tres meses después de crear su partido Forza Italia, Berlusconi obtuvo los votos necesarios para ser primer ministro. Y ahí se quedó: es el político que más tiempo ha gobernado Italia durante la posguerra.

Vladímir Putin fue otra “cara nueva” que llegó al poder como resultado de un repentino estallido de indignación popular contra el Gobierno, la corrupción y por la generalizada percepción de que Rusia estaba en caída libre. Putin, el agente de la KGB, al igual que Berlusconi, el magnate mediático, no venía de la política —y eso los hacía atractivos—. En 1999, Putin fue nombrado primer ministro por el presidente Borís Yeltsin, quien estaba mal de salud y políticamente muy débil. Poco tiempo después, Yeltsin dimitió y encargó a Putin la presidencia. Unos meses más tarde, y como resultado de unas intempestivas elecciones, Putin gana con el 53% de los votos. Millones de rusos descorazonados por el Gobierno que reemplazó al régimen comunista depositaron su esperanza en este nuevo líder que les prometió acabar con oligarcas, mafiosos y terroristas y restituir la dignidad de Rusia. Una vez que llegó al Kremlin, Putin nunca se marchó.

La lección es que echar del poder a los políticos ineptos es la parte más fácil del problema

Mientras tanto, en las antípodas de Rusia, algo parecido estaba pasando. En 1998, Venezuela también votó por una “cara nueva”. Una vez más, la corrupción, la exasperación producida por la crisis económica y el desprestigio de los políticos de siempre nutrieron un enorme apetito popular por tener a “alguien distinto” en el poder. El teniente coronel Hugo Chávez supo satisfacer esa demanda. Y al igual que Vladímir Putin, una vez que puso el pie en el palacio presidencial, nunca se fue. Se aferró al poder durante 14 años, y una vez que su enfermedad entró en etapa terminal, designó a Nicolás Maduro como su sucesor.

Berlusconi, Putin y Chávez no podrían ser más diferentes. Sus respectivos países tampoco podrían ser más distintos. Sin embargo, los paralelismos son sorprendentes. Los tres basaron su meteórico ascenso al poder en el hecho de que su país estaba harto de los políticos y de la élite gobernante tradicional. El apetito popular de tener una “nueva cara” en el poder les abrió las puertas. En los tres casos, la “nueva cara” gana las elecciones y rápidamente impone nuevas reglas políticas que le permiten concentrar poder, pulverizar a una oposición ya débil y perpetuarse en el cargo. Todo su capital político y toda la energía la ponen al servicio de un solo objetivo: mantenerse en el poder. Por desgracia, hoy día, Italia, Rusia y Venezuela son sociedades débiles y fragmentadas. Las “nuevas caras” no resultaron ser buenos gobernantes.

La lección no es que los políticos “de siempre” que han dejado de oír al pueblo, que son ineptos o que toleran la corrupción no deben ser denunciados y eventualmente reemplazados por métodos democráticos. La lección es que echarles es la parte más fácil del problema. Reemplazarlos por un líder que no sea simplemente una “nueva cara” y que no se limite a decir las mentiras que satisfacen a la mayoría es el verdadero, y muy difícil, reto. Pero sobre todo, hay que impedir que la “nueva cara” se perpetúe en el poder. Como hemos visto, una vez que llegan al palacio es difícil sacarles de ahí, como ejemplo, tenemos Brasil, Venezuela Argentina,Bolivia,Ecuador,Peru,Nicaragua, todos bajo el manto de la corrucion,compra votos,favores y influenciar a jueses con dineroo con favores especiales, por eso quieren seguir dentro del Palacio Presidencial y no duden que el famoso por el mensalon, Lula quiere volver, seria la gota de agua para ver Brasil y el resto de la America del Sur caer en el fondo del abismo.Al mismo tiempo estamos viendo el gobierno de Obama queriendo destruir poco a poco el poderio military, leyes impopulares, luce que desea cambiar la Constitucion que los padres de la patria hicieron, congresistas y jueses que se venden, bueno lectores, por hoy basta ECHENLOS A TODOS.

El Caso Del Traidor SNOWDEN‏Ya Cervantes En El Quijote Dice:

La Traición Complace…El Traidor Se Aborrece”

Sin lugar a DUDAS Snowden… FUE EMPUJADO… a HUIR…

¿Por qué huyo si nadie lo estaba Persiguiendo??? Nadie Ni Siguiera Sospechaban De El… Tenía la alternativa de pasar por un CONSERVADOR… Y denunciar el ESPIONAJE INTERNO desde USA…PERO LO EMPUJARON y VENDIÓ AL VIAJAR A HONG KONG los secretos a los CHINOS… pero estos USANDO la EXPERIENCIA de SIGLOS después que consiguieron lo que deseaban… se lo pasaron a los RUSOS… ¿Quien puede creer que estos lo aceptaron a CAMBIO DE NADA???? Los rusos… después que consiguieron lo que quisieron… hicieron LO MISMO que los CHINOS…  Ahora… Obama, se aprovecha de su caso para lucir CONSERVADOR y DEFENSOR DE LA SEGURIDAD DE USA, cuando en realidad, el es un COMUNISTA MUNDIALISTA, que desea destruir a Estados Unidos… Las Dos Potencias Más Grandes Del Mundo… Al unisonó REPRESENTAN el papel de ser PACIFISTAS Y desean COOPERAR con USA! Ante esas CONDICIONES… ¿Quienes son los que lo acogen??? Los países de Latino América que sus gobiernos han sido llevados al Poder por la “POLÍTICA DE DEMOCRATIZACIÓN de Washington…” Los Gobiernos de EX REVOLUCIONARIOS MANTENIDOS por Washington…  Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador y Bolivia… todos estos liderados por seguidores del Castrismo… gobiernos TÍTERES DE WALL STREET…  que los puede TUMBAR DE UN PLUMAZO… Snowden Lo mejor que puede hacer es DECIR LA VERDAD

¿Quién lo RECLUTO y le planeo su huida? Antes que lo entreguen…

Una conversación entre dos votantes americanos ‏Ricardo Samitier 7/07/13

Bob: “¿Has oído hablar del escándalo de la administración Obama?”
Bill: “¿Quieres decir que el ENVIÓ DE ARMAS a los carteles de la droga en Méjico?

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “¿Te refieres a extorsiones del equipo que elimino a Bin Laden?

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “¿Quieres decir las MENTIRAS DEL Departamento de Estado sobre Bengasi?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “¿Quieres decir que el fraude electoral?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “¿Quieres decir que el presidente desmoralizar y dividir a los militares?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “¿Quieres decir que la forma que reportaron las bombas de Boston?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “El monitoreo de la  NSA de nuestras conversaciones telefónicas, correos electrónicos y todo lo demás?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “¿Quieres decir que el presidente quería matar a estadounidenses con aviones no tripulados en nuestro propio país se benefició el exterior de la ley?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “Dar un prestamos de $ 300 millones a la compañía 123 Tecnologías, y justo después de que se declaró en bancarrota fue vendida a los chinos”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “¿Te refieres a armar el presidente de la Hermandad Musulmana?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “Que el IRS investigue a las organizaciones conservadoras?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “El Departamento de Justicia espiar a la prensa?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “Que Sebelius chantajeé a los ejecutivos de seguros de salud?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “¿El préstamo a Solyndra de $ 500 millones y después que se repartieron el dinero sus amigos se declaró en bancarrota y 3 meses más tarde los chinos compraron”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “Que Obama usando sus poderes de presidente ordeno la liberación de cerca de 10.000 inmigrantes ilegales procedentes de cárceles y prisiones y culpando falsamente el fiduciario?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “La amenaza del presidente de usar sus PODERES PRESIDENCIALES para el control de armas por la Orden Ejecutiva para eludir el Congreso al mando?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “Que ha reiteradamente violado la ley que le obliga a presentar un presupuesto nacional el primer lunes de febrero?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “El voto 2012 del 115% de todos los votantes registrados… que hubo condados que votaron 100% para Obama?

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “inconstitucionales nombramientos en receso del presidente en un intento de cercado de papel consejo-y-el consentimiento de la pequeña porción?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “El inspector general del Departamento de Estado, o interferir con la investigación sobre la mala conducta sexual del departamento?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: “Que los empleados del HHS Daban ser información privilegiada sobre drogas?”

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill: Clinton, el IRS, declaren mentiras al Congreso “?

Bob: “No, el otro.”
Bill:  Ha Ya se: Te refieres a los 65 millones de votantes estadounidenses que padecen de DIARREA MENTAL que votaron por el GOBERNANTE más corrupto de la historia americana.?”


La política de DEMOCRATIZACIÓN DE WASHINGTON‏ Hace ya casi 30 años Washington Comenzó

La “POLÍTICA DE DEMOCRATIZACIÓN” De De Centro y Sur América…  La Cual Simplemente Consistió En Meter En La Cárcel a Los Militares (como ejemplo) Y Ayudar  a Los Revolucionarios CASTRISTAS a Ganar Las Elecciones, Dándole Dinero Para La Publicidad…

 Inclusive Fue La Presión de USA a Caldera, Entonces Presidente de Venezuela Para Que INDULTARÁ A CHÁVEZ… Más Tarde Siendo Presidente Bush Lo Salvo Cuando Estaba Preso Cuando Lo Sacaron Del Poder…  USA No Ha ABANDONANDO A Hispano América… Los que gobierna en USA HOY Son Los Revolucionarios (los Hippies) de Los años 60 y Entregaron Los Gobiernos  De Hispano América A Los Revolucionarios De los 60… Entrenados Por Su Agente Fidel Castro… Los cuales ellos saben que Los BARREN de un plumazo…

La ONU rápidamente sale en DEFENSA de sus MUNDIALISTAS‏La ONU… Pide Respeto Para Los Mundialistas Musulmanes En Egipto… Olvidan Pedirlo Para Los Prisioneros En Cuba…

Asi va la Justicia en USA.

Sin Duda Los NEGROS Le Metieron Miedo Al Medico Que Hizo La Autopsia… La Prueba Está En El Periódico Negro “The Root”  Donde Lo Declaran “Héroe”

Por Hacer Varios Cambios… entre ellos… Decir que No recordaba Nada de la Autopsia y que lo que decía era basado en leer su Reporte… Entre los cambios más drásticos… de una muerte de Dos o tres minutos… declaración original a mas de 10 minutos… Preguntado a que se debía el Cambio… dijo: llegue a esa nueva Conclusión hace unas 3 semanas… Es decir hace 3 semanas… se recodó de esa parte de la autopsia… PERO NADA DEL RESTO…  

Para leer el articulo…haga clic:

Due to the current financial situation caused by the slowdown in the economy, Congress has decided to implement a scheme to put workers of 50 years of age and above on early, mandatory retirement, thus creating jobs and reducing unemployment.

This scheme will be known as RAPE (Retire Aged People Early).

Persons selected to beRAPED can apply to Congress to be considered for the SHAFT program (Special Help After Forced Termination).

Persons who have beenRAPED and SHAFTED will be reviewed under theSCREW program (System Covering Retired-Early Workers).

A person may be RAPEDonce, SHAFTED twice andSCREWED as many times as Congress deems appropriate.

Persons who have beenRAPED could get AIDS (Additional Income for Dependents & Spouse) or HERPES (Half Earnings for Retired Personnel Early Severance).

Obviously persons who haveAIDS or HERPES will not be SHAFTED or SCREWED any further by Congress.

Persons who are not RAPEDand are staying on will receive as much SHIT(Special High Intensity Training) as possible.Congress has always prided themselves on the amount of SHITthey give our citizens.

Should you feel that you do not receive enoughSHIT, please bring this to the attention of your Congressman, who has been trained to give you all theSHIT you can handle.

The Committee for Economic Value of Individual Lives (E.V.I.L.)

PS – Due to recent budget cuts and the rising cost of electricity, gas and oil, as well as current market conditions, the Light at the End of the Tunnel has been turned off.


Venezuela y Nicaragua le ofrecen asilo a Snowden‏ Ricardo Samitier

En Venezuela… Obama… Ha Seguido La Política De W. Bush…

Todos Sabemos Que Venezuela Depende De USA…

Si USA Deja De Comprar Su Petróleo Por Dos Meses…

Desaparece Ese Gobierno… Pues no hay barcos para transportarlos a ningún otro país…


¿Por Qué  W. Bush NO Sacó a Chávez en sus 8 AÑOS???

Porque Bush Padre fue el primero que DECLARÓ públicamente… Cuando se terminó la Guerra del Golfo:

“Esta guerra es el TRIUNFO de “UN NUEVO ORDEN MUNDIAL”  Todos los “BUSH” son MUNDIALISTAS… incluyendo a Jeft… dejen de PROMOVERLO… El apellido BUSH no tiene CHANCE…  


Como llegaron los ÚLTIMOS Presidentes de USA…


Recuerden con millones de dólares gastados en publicidad… SURGIÓ DE LA NADA ROSS PEROT que dividió el voto conservador… PARA PONER EN EL PODER A CLINTON… y después de esa labor… SE RETIRO AL BUEN VIVIR… y más nunca hemos oído hablar de él… APARENTEMENTE NADA que sucede en USA LE IMPORTA… fue de hecho un TRAIDOR A LOS PRINCIPIOS que decía DEFENDER…


Después vino Clinton… quien quemó la bandera de USA y según él “APARENTO FUMAR MARIGUANA” PERO NO ASPIRO EL HUMO… Le perdono su sexualidad…por lo menos no es GAY… como creo que lo es Obama… DURANTE LOS 8 AÑOS de Clinton… EL SOCIALISMO triunfo en SUR AMÉRICA…


Después llegó W. Bush quien LO DIJO CLARAMENTE antes de ser electo…Soy “SOCIALISTA” pero nadie entendió… pues los DISFRAZÓ diciendo soy “Conservador Compasivo”  Que equivale a decir… “SOY SOCIALISTA MODERADO”  Durante su gobierno siguió creciendo el “SOCIALISMO CASTRISTA”  En toda Sur América…


Su MAYOR CRIMEN POLÍTICO… mantuvo a Chávez… cuando le dieron el golpe de estado… se negó a APOYARLO…


También mantuvo a Castro… durante sus 8 años…  aumentando la venta de comida que el necesitaba… y que ningún otro país podía venderle… pues Castro compra a USA lo mínimo…


Obama es la CREACIÓN de esas mismas fuerzas MUNDIALISTAS… durante las elecciones de Obama… W.BUSH SE MANTUVO EN SILENCIO… EL SABIA PERFECTAMENTE lo que representaba Obama… y NO MOVIÓ UN DEDO para evitar que fuera electo…


Ahora tenemos las CONSECUENCIAS…


Hallelujah!!!! No se dejaron doblegar o intimidar. “Impeach Obama” Protesters Threatened In California‏. “Impeach Obama” Protesters Threatened In California

July 6, 2013 by NewsEditor

In San Diego, the CHP ordered protesters to remove their signs and flags from the fence, or they would be removed by CalTrans and thrown in the trash.

Another ObamaCare Tax That Is Bad for Your Health

Venture capital is drying up for medical-device startups facing the new 2.3% levy.


On Jan. 1, manufacturers of medical devices in the U.S. were hit with a new 2.3% tax on revenue, one of the many sources of money tapped to pay for ObamaCare. This tax will likely cut into the profits of large medical-device manufacturers, a cost that will almost certainly be passed on to health-care consumers. But its effect on U.S. medical-device startups—the small companies that fuel innovation—may prove devastating.

Coincident with the 2.3% tax, venture capital investment in medical devices has all but ceased. Why? Ask yourself two questions: Who would want to invest in a highly-regulated, government-controlled industry that faces a unique tax? What startup medical device company can reach the magical break-even point with a tax on its revenue?

When combined with the ever-increasing time it takes to get approval from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the Food and Drug Administration, this levy is bound to destroy startups and stunt medical-device innovation in the U.S. and thus the quality of health care world-wide.

We are physicians and developers of medical devices, and we know firsthand that—unlike, say, the pharmaceutical industry, which requires high-cost, high-tech labs—substantial breakthroughs in our industry are made by individuals or small teams working in a space the size of a garage.

More than 40 years ago, Dr. Fogarty conceived and developed the embolectomy catheter in an attic during medical school by tying the tip of a surgical glove to a urinary catheter with a fly-fishing knot. This marked the first step in the evolution of the “Fogarty catheter,” which became the world’s first intravascular treatment. This device was a radical departure from the previous cut-down approach for vascular treatment. It enabled minimally invasive access to the inside of vessels, paving the way for angioplasty and stents. In 1969, Edwards Lifesciences acquired the Fogarty catheter, and still distributes it throughout the world.

In 1993, Dr. Burbank and his small team of physicians and engineers invented the Mammotome, a vacuum-assisted, needle-shaped breast biopsy device that enables a doctor to control the pattern of biopsy collection under mammographic, ultrasound, or magnetic resonance imaging guidance. The Mammotome transformed breast biopsy from open-breast surgery to a minimally invasive method requiring only a bandage to cover the skin nick at the end of the procedure.

Dr. Burbank conceived the Mammotome in his living room, creating a model made of balsa wood, a wooden dowel and a drinking straw before developing it into an actual medical device in a shop the size of a two-car garage.

To further develop and finance the Mammotome, the two of us, with pass-the-hat seed money from three other founding physicians, formed Biopsys Medical Inc. As the device succeeded in testing, Biopsys obtained investments from venture capitalists. Once the breast biopsy device proved clinically successful, investors were provided an exit through an IPO in 1996 (Biopsys Medical Inc.). In 1997, Johnson & Johnson acquired Biopsys and began selling its products world-wide.

Venture money is only available if VCs see an exit somewhere in the near future (when their invested money will be returned with a profit). Without reasonable response times from the Patent Office or the FDA, and without new medical-device IPOs and acquisitions, venture capital dries up, leaving startups stuck in the two-car garage stage of development.

How did we get here? There’s a lot of blame to go around. In its 2007 decision in KSR v. Teleflex , the Supreme Court reinvigorated the “obviousness test” used to determine whether a patent should be issued. The court found that lower courts had not been using stringent-enough standards to determine whether a new device was infringing on an existing patent. Thus patents acquired from medical-device startups by large medical-device companies might not hold up in court when a competitor begins selling a similar device. Across town, the FDA slowed its work down to a walk or carefree stroll, making timely approval for new devices increasingly difficult.

At present, response times by the Patent Office and FDA can be measured in portions of a decade. One of our recent patent applications, for a vibrating pad to treat the sleep loss associated with restless legs syndrome, took the Patent Office three years, three months and 17 days to reach an initial negative decision. For the same device, the FDA took four years, two months and 28 days to reach its initial negative decision which, months later, was reversed. Most medical-device startups and their investors can’t—or won’t—wait that long, especially now that a 2.3% revenue tax has to be weighed.

Unless the federal government changes the 2.3% revenue tax, and until the Patent Office and the FDA improve their turnaround time for regulatory decisions, medical-device startups in the U.S. are all but doomed. For the sake of medical innovation and the future of health care, our lawmakers should repeal this damaging tax immediately.

Dr. Burbank is director of the Salt Creek International Women’s Health Foundation in San Clemente, Calif. Dr. Fogarty is director and founder of the Fogarty Institute for Innovation in Mountain View, Calif.

A version of this article appeared July 8, 2013, on page A17 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: Another ObamaCare Tax That Is Bad for Your Health.

Copyright 2012 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Obama Administration Doubles Down on His Support for the Muslim Brotherhood

A year ago, President Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton abandoned Egyptian democrats by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s national elections. This lead to the election of Mohamed Morsi, a rabid opponent of Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and the West. In addition, Morsi called Jews the descendants of Apes and Pigs.

President Obama applauded Morsi’s election as President of Egypt.

Obama showered Morsi’s Egypt with American financial aid and recently awarded the Morsi regime advanced military equipment.

The Obama Administration closed its eyes to Morsi’s corruption and incompetence. The Administration took no action when Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood physically brutalized Egypt’s Coptic Christians — leading to the deaths of many innocents. While Obama’s Administration supported Morsi as he moved toward silencing his opponents, the Egyptian people rose up against the dictatorial Morsi rule. Millions of Egyptians marched against and brought down the Morsi government. Morsi has been disposed of, but President Obama is still defending him and the Muslim Brotherhood. Yesterday, President Obama demanded that Morsi be reinstated as President of Egypt. This is incredible. The United States should be on the side of defending the oppressed and not supporting their oppressors. When Christians were being assaulted by Morsi’s thugs, President Obama was silent. For some reason our President insists on supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. We do not know what will happen in Egypt, but we know that an Egypt without the Muslim Brotherhood in control is a friendlier one, to both the United States and Israel. Tell President Obama to stand up for what is good for America — not for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood!

Jihadist Group: We Started Arizona Wildfires

5 July 2013 / 52 Comments

Oh the many facets of jihad! Now we’re seeing fire jihad in America. According to reporter David Barnett, a Palestinian jihadist group, Masada al Mujahideen, has recently claimed credit for the ongoing wildfires in Arizona in a statement that was posted to a jihadist forum on Wednesday.

Barnett reports:

The statement, titled “Masada al-Mujahideen Fulfilled its Promise and Attacked America Again After the Expiration of the Period with Fires that Achieved Historic Results,” was obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

“We had previously announced an unconventional war against the occupation state of Israel, and then we escalated this war to reach its main supporter, America, so that it receives a major share of it, which will destroy their flora and fauna, with permission from Allah and then with our hands,” the group said.

The statement further said that the group targeted the United States “in order to make it clear and to make it know we can reach it when we warn it, and to make it certain that our hands don’t just reach it but also strike it.”

The group warned that the attacks “will not be the last…if America does not respond to our demands.” The statement boasted that 19 firefighters had been killed in the fires.

Authorities contradict Masada al-Mujahideen’s claims, saying that they believe the fires were started by lightning. Read more:
Read more:

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NSA Wiretapped Obama!

July 5, 2013 by Kris Zane

In 2005, the Left and the mainstream media lionized the NSA whistleblower Russell Tice for exposing George W. Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program. Of course, when it comes to a Democrat doing the same thing—Barack Obama’s massive PRISM program as revealed by Edward Snowden—not only phone calls, but emails, Facebook posts, Skype, travel records, credit card transactions, even bank records—the Left and mainstream media are oddly quiet.

But Russell Tice has surfaced of late with a new set of NSA revelations. Instead of the Left parading him in Congressional hearings and endless mainstream media interviews, he’s been consigned to alternative media—the only real news left.

And oh he’s got a story to tell! In 2005, when he went public, he discussed the illegal wiretapping of everyday Americans. What he didn’t reveal, however, was that it wasn’t just everyday Americans that got spied on, but power players and politicians, journalists, White House staffers, even Supreme Court Justices!

And guess who was one of the politicians who had their phone tapped? You guessed it: Our own Barry Obama! Russell Tice, as he explains it, even held the Obama NSA wiretap order in his very own hand! It was 2004, just after Obama had won his U.S. Senate primary battle against Blair Hull, a multimillionaire securities trader. Hull initially had a commanding lead over Obama—then a no-name, obscure state senator—when David Axelrod and his minions at the Chicago Tribune successfully smeared Hull by waging a media frenzy to release six-year old divorce records. They would do the same thing to his Republican challenger, Jack Ryan, shortly thereafter, a tactic Obama’s minions use to this day.

But all that was under the bridge. On July 27, 2004, the “senator from Illinois” was revealed to the world at the Democratic National Convention and given the most prominent place—that of the keynote speaker. Many thought it was the most electrifying DNC speech ever. Democrats were whispering behind the scenes that they should have run Obama as their nominee instead of the ghoulish John Kerry.

But Obama’s time would come.

The question becomes, why did the NSA pick this time period to wiretap Obama? Would the DNC put Barack Obama upon the world stage without knowing his past, without finding out whether there were any skeletons in his closet?

If you believe that Democrats and Republicans operate in a vacuum, you are naïve. The powers that be—that include the DNC and RNC—choose who will run and who will win. Four years later, in June of 2008, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunners for the nomination, attended the secretive Bilderberg meeting at the Westfields Marriott hotel in Chantilly, Virginia. Mysteriously—or not so mysteriously—Clinton shortly thereafter dropped out of the race, obviously Barack Obama being the candidate of the globalists. And if you look very carefully at the mainstream media coverage shortly after the Bilderberg meeting that began on June 6, almost to the day, the mainstream media—owned by the Bilderbergers—switched from supporting Clinton to Obama. For example, Politifact, the go-to source for hit jobs on political opponents, ran a smear piece June 3 comparing Obama to Bush. On June 12, Obama released his so-called short-form birth certificate, which was immediately deemed a fraud. But who do you think began defending Obama almost to the day after the Bilderberg meeting? Politifact.  For example, on June 13, Politifact began running articles backing Obama’s phony birth certificate and continued to belch out a stream of articles defending Obama on every front—and ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media followed suit.

The powers that be—that include the NSA in bed with the Democrat and Republican power players—leave nothing to chance. They needed to know Obama’s past. They needed to know what skeletons he had in his closet. Gay relationships. Drug use. Questions about his obvious Indonesian citizenship.

But here’s where it gets interesting: Did the NSA record Obama’s conservations in 2004 not to determine whether Obama should be put up as the 2008 Democrat nominee— but so that the NSA could become the puppeteer of Obama once he became President? To get him to do their bidding? To blackmail him? Why else would John Brennan be appointed the CIA director? (And let’s not be naïve: the CIA and NSA are one in the same). Obama and his leftist base have hated Brennan for years. Brennan was knee-deep in Bush’s use of waterboarding, a proponent of the Iraq War, and a Republicanall things Obama and his leftist base were foaming at the mouth about ever since George W. Bush cried “WMD!”

Is Obama in fact a Manchurian President doing the bidding of his puppeteers at the CIA and NSA, with Brennan being the primary puppet master?

The NSA and CIA have access to billions of recorded phone calls. Among those billions of recordings are a few hundred conversations of one Barack Hussein Obama in 2004. What exactly are on those recordings? Conversations about his phony U.S. citizenship? Arrangement for a cocaine delivery? An appointment at a Chicago gay bathhouse, as revealed by investigative reporter Wayne Madsen?

The White House tapes famously brought down Richard Nixon. Will the recordings of Barack Hussein Obama, if the NSA ever releases them, bring down another President?



¡Impeach obama!  ¡Impeach obama!   ¡Impeach obama!


“En mi opiniónLázaro R González Miño Editor ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ 



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