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“En mi opiniónIN GOD WE TRUST.

.No 366  Abril 21, 2013    Editor Lázaro R González Miño. 

Tremendo escándalo. Ahora si que partieron el bate. 
La lesbiana descarada e inmoral presidente del Consejo Electoral en Venezuela, Tibizay Lucena, acaba abandonar el país!! En un avión privado!!! Fuentes confidenciales certifican que la misma tiene más de 50.000.000 de dólares en las isla caimán! 


Huyo porque sabe que en la auditoría van a descubrir el fraude electoral, le robaron mas de 1.500.000 votos a Capriles! 


Pasa este mensaje no te quedes callado, la voluntad del pueblo es la voz de dios!! Venezuela somos todos!!! La psicología que inversa no le salio ellos fueron los primero que salieron pidiendo auditoría, para ver Capriles se comía ese cuento. Corre la cadena por amor a tus hijos y a Venezuela.

Obama Buries Boston Massacre Saudi Connection

April 20, 2013 by Kris Zane

One Boston Massacre terrorist is dead, under suspicious circumstances. We saw the second terrorist—Dzhokhar Tsarnaev—literally shut down an entire metropolitan area for over twenty-four hours. And now he’s under lock and key, whisked away from the public eye.

America saw what martial law looked like as light-armored tanks roamed the streets and hundreds of special forces conducted a house-to-house search, looking for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, apparently a punk kid.

Except martial law was never declared. Except America wondered: if one nineteen-year-old kid could shut down an entire metropolitan area, what could a small contingent of al-Qaeda jihadis do? Was this the future of America under a President who declared in 2008 that he would make peace with the Muslim world?

What exactly is going on? Is there some type of cover-up? Why was the initial suspect (the Saudi national Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi’s) apartment searched? Why was he declared a “person of interest,” then suddenly widely reported to be being deported, to which ICE stated the information was “categorically false.” Janet Napolitano, in a fiery exchange during congressional hearings, refused to answer whether the information was true or not.

But according to a Congressional Source, the information is in fact categorically true—that  Alharbi is in fact linked to the Boston terrorist attack.

It was reported on April 18 according to an FBI source that the Obama administration had classified the specifics of the deportation. It was also reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had  classified the matter under section 212 3B,  “Security and related grounds/Terrorist activities.”

We know, according to radical Islamist expert Walid Shoebat, that Alharbi has at least a dozen members of his clan connected to al-Qaeda, including members behind held at Gitmo.

What exactly is Barack Hussein Obama hiding? Is he hiding behind the skirts of his Saudi handlers?

Is Everyone Afraid to say Islamic Extremist?

The entire storyline of the two men responsible for the horrible terrorist attack during the Boston Marathon has me completely stunned. These two radicals, picked a very public event and a location they knew would be filled with people, including children, and decided they wanted to kill Americans. Yet, in all the coverage, the phrase all media avoided like the plague, was the one that was the most obvious and readily known: they were Islamic extremists.

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FBI Interviewed Boston Bombing Suspect in 2011

WASHINGTON — The FBI and other law enforcement agencies were aware of at least one of the Boston terror suspects for several years, and even failed to deport him after a domestic violence conviction in 2009.

The FBI in 2011 interviewed one of the brothers suspected in the deadly Boston Marathon bombings, a disclosure that raises questions about whether the government missed potential warning signs about the men’s behavior.

The brothers had not been under surveillance as possible militants, U.S. government officials said. But the FBI said in a statement on Friday that in 2011 it interviewed Tamerlan at the request of a foreign government, which it did not identify.

“The request stated that it was based on information that he was a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer, and that he had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the United States for travel to the country’s region to join unspecified underground groups,” the FBI statement said.

The matter was closed because interviews with Tamerlan and family members “did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign”.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed early Friday in Boston after an overnight shootout with police. His younger brother, Dzhokhar, was taken into custody on Friday evening in the Boston suburb of Watertown after a dramatic, day-long manhunt, Boston police said.

Bleeding and in serious condition, Dzhokhar is in a Boston hospital, a Massachusetts State Police spokesman said.

A spokeswoman for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Kelly Lawman, confirmed on Saturday that Tsarnaev was being treated there, but declined comment on his condition.

The revelation that the elder Tsarnaev was on U.S. law enforcement authorities’ radar screens seemed likely to raise uncomfortable questions for the Obama administration about whether it could have done anything to detect and stop the plot.

“It’s new information to me and it’s very disturbing that he’s on the FBI radar screen,” Rep. Michael McCaul, Texas Republican and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said on CNN late Friday.

In an interview with Russian state television broadcaster RT, the mother of the bombing brothers said Tamerlan, the older of the two suspects, had been under FBI surveillance for at least three years.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, who was killed in a shootout with police a day before his brother’s capture yesterday, was accessing extremist sites and was closely monitored by the FBI, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva said in a phone interview in English from Makhachkala, in the southern Russian region of Dagestan, posted on the channel’s website.

“My son would never do this,” Tsarnaeva said. “He was controlled by the FBI for three to five years, they knew what my son was doing, they knew what actions, on what sites on the Internet he was going,” she said. “So how could this happen? They were controlling every step of his.”

Tsarnaeva, whose younger son Dzhokar, 19, was captured after an almost 24-hour manhunt that shut down Boston and surrounding cities, said she had been interviewed by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents about Tamerlan, who had described him as an “extremist leader.”

The brothers’ father, Anzor, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, said he was present when the FBI interviewed Tamerlan in Cambridge. He said they visited for what they called “prevention” activities.

“They said: ‘We know what sites you are on, we know where you are calling, we know everything about you. Everything,’” he said as cited in the interview.

Tamerlan, a legal resident of the U.S., flew out of the country on a flight bound for Russia in January 2012 and may not have returned until July, said two law enforcement officials briefed on his travel.

U.S. intelligence agencies reviewing international communications and other terrorism intelligence found no signs that the suspected bombers were members of, or inspired by, any foreign terror group, said a U.S. official who asked not to be identified because those matters are classified.

The Tsarnaev brothers and their two sisters moved to the Dagestan region of Russia in October 2001 from the central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan as refugees, and left for the U.S in March 2002, said Emirmagomed Davudov, director of Gimnasium Number 1 in Dagestan, where Tamerlan went to the seventh grade and Dzhokhar to first grade.

Ruslan Tsarni, their uncle in Gaithersburg, Maryland, said his brother’s children arrived in Cambridge when they immigrated in 2003. Asked for a possible motive for the attacks, Tsarni said they were “losers not being able to settle themselves and thereby just hating everybody who did.”

National security and law enforcement authorities said on earlier Friday that they had not turned up any evidence that the Tsarnaevs had contacts with al Qaeda or other militants overseas.

The brothers were in the United States legally. But Tamerlan Tsarnaev could have been deported after an alleged domestic violence arrest in 2009, the website Judicial Watch reports. It is unclear whether Tsarnaev was convicted in the case, but the arrest alone would have been sufficient for deportation, the site reports.

Tsarnaev came to this country in 2006 on a tourist visa, which means his alleged crime occurred within his first five years in the U.S.

According to Federal Immigration Law, anyone who commits a crime of “moral turpitude,”  including violent crimes such as assault and battery, during the first five years after being admitted to the country can be deported if the crime was punishable by a one-year jail sentence.

Violent plots involving a single individual or small groups who self-radicalize and have minimal dealings with other militants can be extremely difficult to detect in advance, according to U.S. counterterrorism officials and private experts.

The revelation about the FBI contacts with the elder Tsarnaev came as U.S. officials told Reuters that investigators are scouring government data banks to determine if spy and police agencies missed potential clues that might have alerted them to the two brothers, originally from the Russian republic of Chechnya.

Another top priority for investigators is to determine whether the brothers had any confederates either inside the United States or overseas, one U.S. official said. This official and others spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation.

Three people were taken into custody for questioning in New Bedford, Massachusetts, police said on Friday. Two men and a woman are being questioned by the FBI “on the assumption there is an affiliation with” Tsarnaev, Lieutenant Robert Richard of the New Bedford Police said.

One official said the possibility that the U.S. government had information that should have raised questions about the Tsarnaev brothers before the attack could not be ruled out. Other officials said they were unaware that such material had turned up.

In several recent cases, U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies failed to put together clues that, in hindsight, might have led them to pre-empt a plot.

In 2009, U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Hassan killed 13 people and wounded another 32 at Fort Hood, Texas. Prior to the shooting spree, Hassan had email contacts with Anwar al-Awlaki, the U.S.-born cleric and leader of al Qaida’s affiliate in Yemen who was later killed in a U.S. drone strike.

U.S. authorities had investigated Hassan’s emails, but concluded they posed no threat of violence.

The father of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called “underwear bomber” who tried to bring down a U.S. jetliner over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, reported suspicions about his son’s activities to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria. But Abdulmutallab’s U.S. visa was never revoked.

A report by the Senate intelligence committee heavily criticized U.S. intelligence agencies for failing to act on available information in that case.

But Brian Jenkins, a respected terrorism expert at the RAND Corp., dismissed the idea that the Boston bombings represented an intelligence failure.

People will inevitably ask, “did we miss something in intelligence?” said Jenkins, speaking before the news of the 2011 FBI interview with Tamerlan Tsarnaev become public.

“Some people will label it an ‘intelligence failure.’ But that’s because people have come to expect 100 percent security,” he said.

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En Líbano se hablan 3 idiomas: árabe, francés e inglés

Circulan 40 diferentes periódicos diariamente.

El nivel de alfabetización es del 99%

Tiene 42 universidades.

Hay más de 100 diferentes bancos.

El 70% de los estudiantes están en escuelas privadas.

El 40% de da la población libanesa es cristiana (es el porcentaje más alto de todos los países árabes).

Hay un doctor por cada 10 personas. (En Europa y América hay un doctor por cada 100 personas)

El nombre de Líbano aparece 75 veces en el antiguo testamento.

El nombre Cedro también aparece 75 veces en el antiguo testamento.

Beirut ha sido destruido y reconstruido 7 veces (por esto es comparado con el Phoenix). Si quieres saber qué es el Phoenix o ave Fenix click en: http://es.wikipedia.org/ wiki/F%C3%A9nix.

Hay 3.5 millones de libaneses en Líbano.

Hay aproximadamente 10 millones de libaneses fuera de Líbano.

Solo en Beirut hay más de 350 centros nocturnos.

El país ha sido ocupado por más de 16 países (Egipto-Hititas-Asirios- Babilonios-Persas- El ejercito de Alejandro-El imperio Romano Bizantino- La península Arábiga-Los Cruzados-Los Otomíes-Francia-Israel y Siria).

Byblos es la ciudad más vieja del mundo que aun existe.

El nombre de Líbano ha persistido por 4,000 años sin cambiar (es el nombre más viejo de un país en el mundo que aun existe).

Líbano no tiene desiertos.

Hay 15 ríos en Líbano y todos provienen de sus propias montañas.

Sus sitios arqueológicos son de los más populares del mundo.

El primer alfabeto fue creado en Byblos (se encuentra en el museo del Líbano y está escrito en la tumba de Ahiram rey de Biblos.

El único templo de Júpiter (El más importante Dios romano) está en Baalbek.

Líbano es el único país del mundo árabe que no tiene un dictador.

El nombre Biblia proviene de la ciudad de Biblos.

En Líbano es donde se han escrito la mayor cantidad de libros relacionados con la Biblia.

Jesucristo hizo su primer milagro en Líbano en Sidón, (Convirtió el agua en vino).

Los fenicios en Líbano fueron los primeros en construir un barco y los primeros en navegar en la historia.

También los fenicios llegaron a América mucho antes que Colón. (Se encontró un barco fenicio en Brasil).

La primera facultad de leyes en el mundo fue construida en el centro de Beirut.

Se dice que los cedros de Líbano fueron plantados por las manos de Dios por eso se les llaman los cedros de Dios y a Líbano la ciudad de Dios en la tierra.

Deja tranquilo al embargo.

Los Estados Unidos es el primer suministrador de productos agrícolas a Cuba incluyendo el 96% del arroz

y el 70% de los productos de carne avícola proporcionando la materia prima para ese sabroso arroz con

pollo cubano que solo disfrutan los privilegiados del régimen.


1 / 1

En Octubre de 1960, el régimen castrista presuntamente ?expropió ? propiedades de ciudadanos

americanos establecidos en Cuba. Decimos presuntamente pues en realidad el gobierno confiscó

esas propiedades ya que un expropiado tiene derecho a recibir a cambio una indemnización

equivalente al valor del objeto expropiado y aquellos propietarios no recibieron ninguna remuneración

por parte del gobierno cubano. La respuesta de los Estados Unidos fue tomar medidas comerciales,

económicas y financieras contra el gobierno cubano. Respuesta de un gobierno democrático que

respeta y defiende los derechos e intereses de sus ciudadanos.
En 1992, treinta añ os mas tarde sin aun haber recibido remuneración alguna por parte del mismo

gobierno cubano que confiscó los bienes en primer lugar, los Estados Unidos aprobaron la ley Cuban

Democracy Act donde se establecía que las medidas comerciales, económicas y financieras se

 levantaría cuando el gobierno cubano estuviera de acuerdo de dar pasos hacia ?la democratización

y mostrara mas respeto hacia los derechos humanos??
Mas tarde en 1996, el Congreso aprobo la ley Helms-Burton Act conocida por “el embargo” donde

se elimina la posibilidad de hacer negocios dentro de la Isla o con el gobierno de Cuba por parte de

los ciudadanos estadounidenses hasta que reclamos por las propiedades confiscadas (robadas) pot

el gobierno de Cuba se lleven a cabo. Es de notar que esto limita solamente transacciones económicas

 entre Cuba y los Estados Unidos y por lo tanto Cuba es libre de llevar a cabo toda clase de transacción

 económica con el resto de los países del mundo. Posteriormente el presidente Bill Clinton amplio esta

ley prohibiendo a compañías extranjeras con intereses en el Estados Unidos a comerciar con Cuba por

 valores superiores a 700 millones de dólares anuales, un monto que aplica a grandes inversiones.

El mismo Clinton autorizóó a su vez la venta de productos humanitarios a Cuba.
Los Estados Unidos es el primer suministrador de productos agrícolas a Cuba incluyendo el 96% del arroz

 y el 70% de los productos de carne avícola proporcionando la materia prima para ese sabroso arroz con

pollo cubano que solo disfrutan los privilegiados del régimen. En 2006 los Estados Unidos exportaron

a Cuba 45 millones de carne de ave; 40 millones de arroz; 11 millones de carne roja; 13 millones de

productos lácteos entre otros productos.
En 2008 las exportaciones agrícolas de los Estados Unidos a Cuba llegaron a un máximo de 710 millones

según un reporte de Reuters/Europa Press el cual calcula que desde 2001 los Estados Unidos han

exportado a Cuba mas de 2,500 millones de dólares en productos agrícolas sobre todo carne de pollo

y de cerdo, maíz, trigo y soya. Sin embargo estas importaciones cayeron un 6% en 2011 debido a la

escasez de divisas y problemas financieros de Cuba creados por la ideología política y falta de

democratización por parte del régimen castrista.
Y acá viene el problema.
Como dicen los americanos: fool me once shame on you; fool me twice

shame on me. (si me engañas una vez la culpa es tuya, pero si me engañas dos veces la culpa es mía).

 Por lo que los Estados Unidos no concede ningún tipo de crédito financiero al gobierno de Cuba hasta

que este tome chocolate y pague lo que debe. Mientras tanto el gobierno cubano tiene que pagar en

efectivo y al contado todos los productos que importa desde los Estados Unidos.
Y por que no se levanta el embargo? Primero, por que es el resultado de la malversación de fondos

pertenecientes a ciudadanos americanos por parte del gobierno cubano y segundo, por que la ley

aprobada por el congreso de los Estados Unidos estipula que primero es necesario la democratización

de Cuba y que el gobierno cubano muestre mas respeto hacia los derechos humanos.
Hasta el momento no hay signos de democratización en un país donde no se han celebrado elecciones

libres y multipartidistas por mas de cinco décadas y el gobierno ha dicho bien claro que este tipo de

elecciones no está en la agenda y un permiso de salida a una bloguera no es muestra de respeto

hacia los derechos humanos cuando el regimen determina a quien y cuando dejan salir del pais y las

cárceles están llenas de presos políticos.
EL embargo es la bofetada económica a un ladrón de bienes. Deja tranquilo al embargo y concentrate

en denunciar al verdadero causante de la miseria del pueblo cubano: el régimen castrista.

Marta Menor


Police told to choose: Gun control or Constitution

Video warns military, too – D.C. lawmakers about to commit ‘treason’


“This is a message to every member of law enforcement and the military,” a sizzling new YouTube video

begins. “You know you have a choice to make.”


The video, produced by a man identified on Facebook as Aaron Hawkins, is a challenge to those who enforce America’s laws, warning them the day is coming when gun-control legislation will undermine the U.S.

Constitution’s Second Amendment and police forces will be asked to restrict or even confiscate American

citizens’ firearms.


On that day, the video warns, America’s lawmakers will have committed “treason,” and the nation’s

police and military will be forced to choose “which side of history you’re going to be on.”


The video, titled “Police & Military – Time to Choose,” cites alleged offenses already enacted against

 the Constitution from both current and past presidential administrations, including the Patriot Act

– which expanded the federal government’s use of domestic security and surveillance powers –

and the National Defense Authorization Act – which many worry opens the door to indefinite

 detention of American citizens without trial.


“At this juncture in history, there can be no question that those holding the reins of power in

Congress and the Senate and in the executive branch no longer represent the rule of law,” the video

continues, “By destroying the Constitution with the Patriot Act and the NDAA and numerous other

 police-state measures, they have abandoned every shred of legitimacy and have made themselves

 into enemies of the people.”


Hawkins, who administers a site called StormCloudsGathering.com, paints the picture in stark terms,

but says he hopes principled police and military will rather refuse to enforce the laws than permit a

conflict over firearms turn to civil war.

“You took an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” the video

reminds the police and military. “The Congress, the Senate and the executive branch have made

themselves into a domestic enemy, and they are going to attempt to use you to help them. It’s time

to choose which side of history you’re going to be on.


“Any congressperson or senator who puts their name to any law which infringes on the right to bear

arms should be arrested for treason. That would be a literal fulfillment of your oath,” Hawkins continues.

 “If you don’t want the situation to come to that … send a letter to every congressperson, senator and

state lawmaker, a letter not asking them nicely to abide by the Constitution, but letting them no on no

uncertain terms what will happen to them if they don’t. Make it clear to them that not only will you

refuse to enforce their edicts, but they will be defining themselves as enemies of the Constitution and

of the people, if they go down this road.”


The video can be seen below:

Hawkins’ video ends with an appeal to support Oathkeepers.org, which describes itself as “a non-partisan

association of currently serving military, veterans, peace officers and firefighters who will fulfill the oath

we swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us

God. Our oath is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and we will not obey unconstitutional

(and thus illegal) and immoral orders, such as orders to disarm the American people.”


Though there is no indication the organization endorses Hawkins’ video, a similar call to choose the

Constitution over gun-control legislation does appear on the Oath Keepers’ website from a New Jersey

 police officer identified as Oathkeeper151:


Oathkeeper151 includes in his call to fellow police officers a challenge similar to Hawkins, reminding

them that laws are only as enforceable as those willing to enforce them.


“If [we] law enforcement officials and military remembered our oaths,” the Oath Keeper states,

“[gun-grabbing legislators] wouldn’t be able to do anything.”

Motivación de Tamerlan Tsamaev. Amenper.

Según medios no identificados Tamerian Tsamaev se convirtió al Islam, después de una pelea de boxeo contra un afroamericano, que él debía de haber ganado pero fue derrotado por la decisión de un referee blanco anglosajón. 

Esto creó un odio visceral de Tamerian contra todos los blancos y negros americanos y se convirtió al Islam, como un soldado del Yihad para la destruir a todos los americanos.

Esto trae una moraleja:

Hay que tener cuidado con ser “políticamente correctos”.

Tratando de beneficiar a un negro puedes crear un terrorista


 Noticias de Boston. Amenper.

Poniendo mi imaginación a trabajar, quiero entrar en el pensamiento de los liberales de Boston durante estos últimos días.


Durante la búsqueda seguro que a todos los vecinos liberales del área, les hubiera gustado tener un fusil AR-15 con un magazine de alta capacidad, de los que quiere prohibir Obama.


Seguro que no estaban preocupados por los derechos humanos de los que pusieron las bombas


Creo que les hubieran gustado que inmigración fuera más estrícta investigando a los  inmigrantes y no hubiera permitido la entrada de estos Hermanitos de la Caridad Islamica.


Me parece que ahora estarán de acuerdo con el Senador Republicano Ball  (bola) en que hay que apretarle su nombre para que hable al angelito Dzhokhar


En lo único que creo que Ball estaba comiendo balls, es en que se equivocó al utilizar la palabra “tortura”, eso suena muy mal a los liberales.

Debía aprender de los liberales y usar palabras más sofisticadas, como “Persuasión por estrangulación genital”

Todo es según como se dice Senador.


Sublimidad jurídica según el ACLU.Amenper.


U.S. officials said a special interrogation team for high-value suspects would question Tsarnaev without reading him his Miranda rights, invoking a rare public-safety exception triggered by the need to protect police and the public from immediate danger.

The American Civil Liberties Union said it was concerned about that. It said the exception applies only when there’s a continued threat to public safety and is “not an open-ended exception” to the Miranda rule, which guarantees a suspect the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.

Si dejamos que la ACLU se tome control del poder judicial, como pudiera pasar si la mayoría del tribunal supremo se convierte en agentes del ACLU, como pasará con las nominaciones de Obama antes de que termine su mandato, ya tenemos un avance de lo que sucederá.

Tsamev sería puesto en libertad porque no se le leyeron sus derechos Miranda. No importa el derecho de los muertos, lo que importa es la sublimidad jurídica según el ACLU



 Nuestros “Quijotes” amenper.

Hay ciertas personas que afirman tener ciertos conocimientos de sucesos que escapan a los ciudadanos comunes.


Aunque  el hombre fue a la luna 6 veces desde del 1969 al 1972, hay quien nos dice que a pesar de los cientos de miles de personas que estuvieron involucrados en esos viajes, todo fue un montaje secreto  de  una conspiración de los diferentes gobiernos de los Estados Unidos con las cadenas de televisión y artistas, y que el hombre nunca ha caminado en la luna.


A pesar de que los perpetradores del atentado a las torres gemelas fueron identificados y que Osama Bin Ladin asumió responsabilidad por el hecho, hay personas que afirman categóricamente que el ataque fue producto de un plan del gobierno de Bush. Algunos hasta dicen que no existieron los aviones que fueron explosiones internas y que los aviones fueron montaje de la televisión.  Todo esta a pesar de los miles de testigos que vieron los aviones en persona. 


Ahora algunos están afirmando que esos dos muchachos que pusieron las bombas en Boston son unas victimas que  están siendo acusados basados en un plan del FBI y que esta agencia es la responsable por los ataques.

Una tía de los terroristas que vive en Canadá terminó sus declaraciones diciendo “hagan ustedes las conclusiones de acuerdo con los hechos”  para afianzar su teoría de la conspiración. 

Bueno la conclusión que es que ella es tan loca  o sinverguenza como sus sobrinos.


Lo que más asombra es la autoridad con que afirman estas conspiraciones, hasta nos dejan entender que la información tiene su origen en las altas esferas del gobierno.

En lo personal cuando uno se encuentra oyendo a  estas personas, hay  que seguirle la corriente, porque si uno le lleva la contraria lo acusan a uno ofensivamente de ignorante estúpido y algunas veces se vuelven hasta violentos,

No sé cómo se puede catalogar la conducta de estas personas, no sé si es un problema psíquico, cultural o producto de la proliferación de las películas de conspiraciones ficticias y programas de ciencia ficción. 

En el Quijote la obra maestra de nuestro idioma, tanto en el Prólogo de la I Parte como en el de la II, Cervantes muestra la idea de que su creación obedece a la necesidad de criticar los libros de caballería, cuya popularidad resultaba ya perniciosa para el buen gusto y el buen seso del público.

Cervantes crea su personaje Don Quijote, como una persona enajenada por la lectura de las novelas de caballería de su época.

Estas historias de conspiraciones, muchas veces como en el caso de JFK, de Oliver Stone, siguiendo la motivación política, crean en la mente de los crédulos que toman como algo real todo lo que ven y oyen en los medios de entrenimiento.

Estos individuos creen que tienen conocimientos adquiridos basado en lo que han visto en las novelas de caballería de nuestro tiempo.

Son nuestros “Quijotes” los vemos y oímos en la vida diaria, sobre todo si escuchamos algunos de los programas de micrófono abierto.




Ten Disaster Myths That Could Cost You Your Life

Different disasters require a different response. And every type of disaster has myths associated with it.

Falling into the trap of believing those myths could cost you your life. From the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti (316,000 dead)… to the March 2011 tsunami in Japan (129,225 buildings collapsed)… to Superstorm Sandy in October 2012 ($75 billion damage) – we’ve seen regular reminders that big disasters can strike anywhere, anytime.

Every disaster highlights the importance of being prepared for anything. They also give us a chance to learn from the mistakes of others.

Un Paso más y llegamos

ricardo samitier

7:49 AM (58 minutes ago)


El abuelo Rockefeller fue un empresario visionario que se hizo dinero

Con el petróleo y también invirtiendo su dinero en negocios…

Incluyendo el ferrocarril de Flaguer hasta Miami…


Sus Nietos… tienen tanto dinero que NI SIGUIERA SABEN LA

CANTIDAD QUE TIENEN… y tampoco conocen a todos los que

Trabajan para ellos y sus fundaciones…


La casa de Rockefeller en Nueva York tiene 9 pisos y es la casa

Privada más grande de la ciudad!


Su casa de verano en Bar Harbor, Maine cuenta con más de

100 habitaciones! Son “dueños” de la Fed y de la que se



La Reserva Federal, cuenta con 7 miembros de la junta.

Nombrado por el Presidente y confirmados por el Senado

Y plazo de su empleo es por 14 años… TRES PERIODOS Y MEDIO

PRESIDENCIALESsolo la muerte los separa de esa TETA FEDERAL.


La junta esta supuesta a VIGILAR los 12 bancos regionales de

la Reserva Federal. Sin embargo, es el banco Regional de Nueva York,

el que realmente pone las pautas y dice la última palabra para todos.


El resto de los miembros de la junta sólo aprueban como sellos

de goma la política del Banco Federal de Nueva York!


El presidente de la Fed, Benjamín Shalom Bernanke, ES SÓLO LA BOCA

Encargada de dar las noticias y opiniones de la junta…


Desde su fundación… el propósito de la Reserva Federal es


Si usted hace eso, se le llama Falsificación y es un delito federal.


Si la Reserva Federal lo hace, se llama ampliación de la oferta de dinero!

Una vez que se crean ese dinero, se lo prestan al Tesoro de los EE.UU. con



Luego, usted y cada persona viviendo en el país tiene que devolver el dinero!

Si que nos demos cuenta nos ponen un yugo… Nosotros somos los esclavos de la deuda!

Gracias a los políticos!


Dado que ellos controlan la cantidad de dinero en circulación…

la única manera de pagarles es pedir prestado más dinero, el cual ellos

imprimen y también le suman los intereses… Este ciclo es interminable!

Nunca podremos pagar la DEUDA y ellos lo saben! Y también lo sabe usted.


Lo interesante es que hay un LEMA QUE TODOS CONOCEMOS que dice:


“La Historia Se Repite”

Todos los imperios han desaparecidos de esa misma  manera!

Comienzan con un buen dinero. Desarrollan políticas sociales,

obras públicas y enormes ejércitos.


Luego se libran guerras, la actividad humana más costoso que hay!

A continuación, se imprimen dinero para pagar por los ciudadanos

Que no trabajan…

Entonces progresivamente se produce una pérdida de la fe en los

Políticos que se dedican a enriquecerse… el dinero va perdiendo

Valor… la gente no trabaja, la moral se pierde, los vicios aumentan

colapso económico y se establece la dictadura.


Voy a mencionarles en orden las más conocidas, comenzando por

El siglo XX…

1.       El ZARISMO RUSO en 1917… = Lenin y el Comunismo

2.       El Káiser Alemán 1918 = desaforada impresión de dinero = NAZISMO.

3.       Italia 1919 impresión de dinero = Fascismo /Mussolini

4.       Luis XVI= impresión de dinero = Revolución Francesa…. Dictadura de Napoleón…

5.       Roma: eliminación del oro y plata de las monedas = Desaparición del Imperio = Régimen Feudal


Les pregunto:… ¿En qué etapa cada uno que lea esto cree que estamos?

Todas las sociedad que imprimieron dinero malo se derrumbaron!


La Única Solución: VOLVER ATRÁS…  ¿Pero Cómo?

Es muy Difícil… Democráticamente… Pues hay

Que Eliminar A Los Politiqueros


Entonces Cuando llegue la Crisis… los Demagogos

Se encargaran de Hacer Gritar Al Pueblo…

“¿Elecciones Para Qué?”

“Queremos Una Dictadura”

Ten Deadly Myths about Disasters. Ricardo Samitier.  

Let’s put these myths to rest once and for all.

Myth #1: Tornados can’t cross rivers.
Reality: Tornados can cross rivers and they will. Driving like a bat out of Hades to get on the other side of the nearest river won’t save you. All it does is put you at risk of a high-speed car accident.

Myth #2: Tornados only happen in certain area, such as the South.
Reality: Tornados can happen anywhere there are thunderstorms. A June 2011 tornado outbreak ripped through Massachusetts and Maine. And Canada averages 80 tornadoes a year. So, you should learn the warning signs. A sudden darkening of the sky, a loud rushing sound, and clouds that rotate in a circular pattern are all things you should take notice of – these are signs of the conditions that make a tornado possible.

Myth #3: During a big storm, open your windows a little to equalize the pressure.
Reality: Whether you’re in a tornado, a hurricane, or a big thunderstorm, opening the windows is a bad idea. Being by the window is one of the most dangerous places to be during a violent storm. Don’t waste time messing with the windows. Take shelter in your basement or in a small, interior room like a bathroom or closet.

Myth #4: During an earthquake, stand in a doorway.
Reality: Most doorways are lightly constructed – if something is going to give way in your home, a doorway is a likely candidate. If you’re standing in the doorway when it collapses, it could very well kill you. When an earthquake strikes, if you’re indoors, get beneath the nearest table. If you’re outside, move to the nearest open space as quick as you can. Often – if you can’t move to a safe spot very quickly – the safest bet during an earthquake is to stay put unless you are near something that is likely to fall on you.

Myth #5: After a disaster, if you’re trapped under fallen debris, shout as much as possible.
Reality: This myth is almost true. If you’re trapped, you want to make as much noise as possible, but shouting could cause you to inhale dust or toxins that may make you sick. Bang on pipes or whistle instead. If you feel you have to shout to get the attention of your would-be rescuers, try to cover your mouth with a piece of clothing to help filter out dust and debris.

Myth #6: If you don’t live in a flood zone, a flood can’t happen to you.
Reality: Plenty of floods happen to people living outside of designated flood areas. Even if you think a flood is unlikely, make sure you know where the nearest high ground is, and have a plan to escape there should a flood ever strike.

Myth #7: Government agencies are well equipped to respond to a chemical or biological attack.
Reality: The truth is that there are so many possible biological or chemical agents that government responders will be hard-pressed to identify what is making people sick, and that means that they won’t be able to offer the kind of help you might expect. The best thing you can do is take steps now to prepare so that you can remain in your home indefinitely should such an attack occur.

Myth #8: The biggest issues from a biological attack are centered on treating patients.
Reality: Even if you don’t get sick, a biological attack can turn your world upside down. A biological attack has the potential cause a high level of disruption to food supplies and the availability of medical services. It can also disrupt the economy and the infrastructure if many people choose to stay at home in order to avoid getting sick.

Myth #9:
Epidemics are unavoidable after a natural disaster.
Reality: Epidemics do happen after disasters, but they are preventable. To protect you and your family, do everything you can to keep your living environment sanitary. Wash your hands often. And make sure you have safe drinking water available. You can prepare ahead of time by stocking up on iodine tablets or
colloidal silver that you can use to treat contaminated water so that it is safe to drink.

And The Top Disaster Myth That’s Threatening
You and Your Family…

The single most dangerous – and most common – disaster myth applies to every kind of disaster there is… whether it’s an earthquake, a flood, a hurricane, an epidemic, a terrorist attack or anything else you can think of.

And that myth is that a disaster won’t happen to you, or that if it does it will be so bad there’s no point in preparing for it.

Ask the residents of Boston. Terrorism is alive and well and with it the potential to wreak widespread social havoc affecting food supplies and other essentials. Better to be ready for anything and never be affected by a disaster, than to be caught flat-footed when disaster strikes.
Yours in Preparation,

Lee Bellinger, Publisher
Independent Living

P.S. Being able to evacuate your house in 5 minutes flat takes preparation in advance.

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Heritage’s Carafano: Obama’s ‘Head in the Sand’ on Terror

Heritage Foundation security and defense expert James Jay Carafano tells Newsmax the Obama administration is so eager to declare victory in the war on terror that it is “putting its head in the sand” and ignoring the rapid growth of non-al-Qaida terrorist groups.

Carafano, the vice president of foreign and defense policy studies at the conservative think tank, praised the post 9/11 homeland security effort as “very effective,” citing some 54 instances where attacks and bombings targeted the United States were thwarted. But he criticized the administration for downplaying the war on terror as if it already had been won.

In an exclusive Newsmax.TV interview on Friday, Carafano charged the administration has “defined their way out of the problem” by focusing only on al-Qaida.

“They’ve basically said that we are fighting al-Qaida central, and al-Qaida and its affiliates, where people are actually planning operations to attack the U.S. or its allies. Well, when you define the enemy that way, you look pretty good.

“But the problem is there are a lot of groups that hate us, that aren’t necessarily directly affiliated with al-Qaida, which could attack the United States tomorrow and could be a significant threat, whether it’s Hamas, Hezbollah, or the Iranian Quds Force, or other things. And the reality is you’re not always going to get the early warning or signs that, ‘Tomorrow, I’m just going to decide to attack the United States.’”

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Carafano told Newsmax.TV it is not clear yet whether Islamic extremism played any role in the Boston Marathon bombing. But he said he fears “we’ve adopted a counterterrorism strategy which generally means that the United States is putting its head in the sand and pretending that threats are laxing when the reality is, if you look across North Africa, if you look at what’s going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, the threat is not laxing. There is no waning.”

In fact, Carafano told Newsmax, the threat of terrorism is growing. And he says the current administration “has adopted a counterterrorism strategy which really relies on ignoring a lot of the people who might potentially want to kill us.”

Carafano, a leading U.S. national security expert, advised it is simply too soon to save what motivated the two bombing suspects to commit their horrific act. But he said authorities are leaving no stone unturned in an effort to determine if someone radicalized the youths and encouraged them to commit the bombing, perhaps via the internet.

“Pretty much the No. 1 one tool of global radicalization is the internet,” he said. “Now, we use the internet to buy stuff on Amazon.com. But to terrorists, it’s their most important asset.

“They use it for fundraising, they use it for recruiting, they use it for propaganda, and they use it for radicalization. So they lure people into these things called chat rooms, or emails or discussions, and then they move them into discussions about politics and religion into increasingly more violent activities, sometimes coordinated, sometimes just inspired.”

Carafano tells Newsmax that al-Qaida actually produces an online magazine called Inspire instructing Westerners how to commit acts of terrorism against Americans.

Carafano was critical of the quality of the mainstream media’s coverage of the attacks, which at several key points conveyed inaccurate information to the public. And he praised the national-security infrastructure for stopping as many terrorists attacks as it has.

“We’ve been constantly under attack since 9/11,” Carafano said. “We’ve seen everything. Plots overseas, homegrown plots, self-radicalized connected with something e

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com
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