How to start in Miami-Dade County Recall Referendum Initiative? 17 Reasons To The Recall againts the Mayor Carlos Alvarez.

How to start in Miami-Dade County Recall Referendum Initiative?

1 – On  November 19 personally I will present to the Court of Miami Dade the Recall Referendum Initiative against the mayor of the county Carlos Alvarez (RRI).

2 – We will wait for the approval of the Clerk of the Court (about two weeks.)

3 – When The Recall Referendum initiative is approved by the Clerk of the court, then we “All eligible voters in Miami Dade County” begin to Collecting about 172, 435 signatures to put the mayor in a recall special election against Mayor of Miami Dade.

4 – This collection of signatures will be done during the 60 working days beginning after the date of approval of the IRR by the Clerk of the Court.

5 – The sheets of signatures for the recall will be distributed to voters interested in participating in three ways: a) electronic mail (e-mail). To b) By mail by sending an envelope with $ 0.44 postage stamp pasted on the envelope and your mailing address to: “Recall Referendum Initiative.” Groves 820 Granada Court. Coral Gables. 33134. c) May, Monday to Friday and from 9 AM to 7 PM pass the address: 820 Granada Groves Court. Coral Gables. 33,134 and collect them personally.

6 – The forms were sent after being filled by the voters by mail to: “Recall Referendum Initiative” 820 Granada Groves Court. Coral Gables, Fl 33,134

7 – Also on Sunday during the 60 days we will be collecting signatures in a public places we will notify the county voters with sufficient time to distribute and collect the forms. We need Shop Printers, volunteers; we want to help at no cost, to produce the forms of the referendum.

8 – The forms must be notarized. That is why we need many Notaries who volunteer to work in the legalization process. I need that notaries who volunteered to free notarizing the forms work at first time to call me again to confirm that they are still in position to do so, please send an e-mail which your phone number, address where the service be done and witch days and time they are doing so. It takes about 1,000 notaries to do the work for the almost 180,000 forms. If we get 1000 notaries each notarized average about 1800 sheets.

9 – The forms must be carefully filled with print letters. The signature must be legible not use your rubric. I will send this message with an attached that teaches how to fill the forms.

10 – After closing the collection signatures within 60 working days, will proceed to deliver the forms to the Department of Elections to be counted and certified to be correct and in the necessary amount. This is a democratic and civic activity of each and every one of the Miami Dade County voters, those who wish to participate must do well and hoping the best results. If all those who have been harmed by this government sign the referendum and notarize the form. We will remove the mayor and give an example of active democracy. If we stay in our houses without doing something, The result will be: more of the same or worse.

1) The mayor and commissioners do not have the capacity or the decision to administer efficiently, solve problems or Miami Dade County.

2) They can not hear claims to the wisdom and the rationalization of expenditures by county voters voices. In the last budget hearing many people are denied the right to display different criteria including a lady of 71 years in a wheelchair rally sack her in a manner disrespectful.

3) In this week you are coming to 1/30 households in the USA will receiving a Notice of Foreclosure, the state’s second-place is Florida Foreclosures and Florida is among the first in the nation, we have 70.799 Foreclosures in Florida this year and Miami is the county that has more foreclosures.

4) We are the fifth poorest county in all U.S.

5) The crime, gang crime, are increasing everywhere, the streets, homes and even in schools in the county and yet the mayor’s increase the salaries to the police commanders.

6) The drugs are everywhere, schools, homes, workplaces and clubs. The police not doing what they have to do. And drugs are the incentive to commit other crimes.

7) The official unemployment in the county is over 15% but the mayor did nothing to solve this major problem which is the most important of all.

8) We have seen the closed of hundreds of small private businesses that employing thousands of people, partly by the soaring prices of county permits, inspections and services they receive. When you go through the streets or malls see the sad spectacle of the premises closed with boards.

9) We have all types of Trust’s Children Trust, Jackson trust, Homeless trust, and so on. They spend our money foolishly without tangible results satisfactorily. Jackson Memorial Hospital has more than 90 functionaries earning more than $ 284,000 and over 130 people earning over $ 134,000. Hundred staff has cars, cell phones, laptops and a lot of other allocated expenses paid for us; and not go to the health of the people, go to the welfare of the functionaries. And all our trust operates more or less equal.

10) For each dollar collected by the county 70 cents is to pay the pension plan and wages of officials and employees. You can never dream of having a pension plan or salaries like the one you paid to County employees with your taxes. This is a huge irresponsibility that they refuse to settle. Only 30 cents of every dollar what they actually collect go for services of the resident of the Miami Dade County.

11) We have a number of investments that have not been well thought out. A Private sport business “The Marlins” Base ball Estadium costing $ 740’000, 000.00 to the residents of the county, these bonds interest have an interest 6% It will be more than triple the cost in ext 10 years. A tunnel that is not necessary “that is above the $ 1,000 ‘000, 000.00 dollars, who knows where those interests are mounted in 10 years? And more of other beauties are in the way.

12) They have been charged to residents of the property taxes equal to or greater than the previous year concealing the depression on the of residential property value under more than 50% but they have to spend money foolishly as soon as possible, have to make residents pay much higher taxes than those who actually have to pay.

13) The county administrative efficiency is evident in the mayor’s. The resent increase salary of some of his assistant goes up by 54% to his aides and friends as you pay over the taxes payable in the midst of a crisis that is far from having played bottom yet. If you think this year is bad wait for the next. And if this administration continues the predictions are ominous.

14) What have they done with the huge amount of money they raised during the past years, in the era of “fat cows”? They have spent all? They have left nothing for the reserve. What administration is this?

15) There are not channels for maintaining a dialogue with the mayor or the commissioners. There is no truly public hearing, direct and free.

16) The commissioners and the mayor can spend without having to justify about $800,000 each year, but what’s that? The county has hundreds of cars cell phones, laptops, gasoline and others miscellaneous futile expenses allocated to executives. From where do you think that money comes out? Surprise! From our pocket.

17) In the latest The Miami Herald  poll county residents felt like this: 68% mayor and the county commissioners are in the wrong direction. 64% want to renegotiate wages and pensions with unions. 81% want to reduce the salaries of county employees. 78% want to reduce the staff of the mayor and commissioners. 65% want him to cancel all wage increases that have been made. 58% said that l will bounce against the mayor if the referendum.

From this moment this only in the hands of registered voters in Miami Dade County the opportunity to resolve this situation which we have complained so much and do so little. If you want to send a strong message to all politicians. Not only in Miami Dade, but States and the entire United States of America. You must actively participate in the Referendum Recall Initiative process.

The Democracy have the root in the people. You are in the possibility of resolving this injustice, but you must do what you have to do, if not everything will be just remained the same or worse. You have the ability and the possibility to solve it. But please do not complain more act the ball is in our side. Lázaro R González Miño “Recall Referendum Initiative at Miami-Dade County”

Lazaro R



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