Nobody can take away your constitutional right to vote in any election. But you have the obligation, the moral and civic duty to do so.

Nobody can take away your constitutional right to vote in any election. But you have the obligation, the moral and civic duty to do so.
Governments in democratic systems are made theoretically to defend the rights of the governed, not to defend them from the governed, not to make any scoundrel who want and limit the rights of citizens to hold them accountable and remove them from power if necessary using legal means to upholding justice and freedom.
They are our servants and we are “The Sovereign”
The first step to have better government is to VOTE!
Almost all politicians at all levels of government have done everything possible and even impossible to discredit the electoral process making to the citizens into believing that nothing can change with an election and they always will have their way, there is no way have a better government through elections.
That is why people are discouraged from participating in elections.
In the last elections in Miami Beach voters were less than 7%, In the City of Miami were less than 22% in Miami-Dade County were 11% and even in the last presidential nationally was 52%.
The absentee ballots have become the main prey of political scoundrels, manipulate, sell and buy them. It is the largest organized fraud that exists against Democracy an in the favor of crooks.
Of course the participation of organizations that allegedly recruited voters and “help” the electoral process full of pie scoundrel politicians. All participants of this equation are dirty and the elections are almost all won by the most corrupt and incompetent bastards.
Crimes on the electoral process must be punished severely by law, there are laws to do so, but do not apply to the crooks and the prosecution paid to do this and do not enforcement the laws!
We the citizens must not rest on the laurels thinking that politicians are going to fix this. Lie, them are responsible for this shameless! And if we not defend our right this is not going to fix it.
If you do not vote the situation continued to deteriorate until the system ends in a dictatorship or worse in a tyranny.
Are you going to allow this by remaining at home as a fried potato watching television instead to going to vote?
The second important and critical step is to find a right candidate which is determined to bring the legality, honesty, good administration, intelligence, responsibility and honor to the government. In the elections almost always wins the one who have most money, best lobbyists, which promises more good things, but then does not keep it and after laughing at the fase of the people.
We have a way to keep this from happening. Override costly campaign ads, the lobbyists. (The lobbyist are the termites inside the Democracy building) The politician have to exposing their campaign improvement programs in written sign and swear, record in the court it, and when they take possession of his office, if elected, do we remove if hey do not start to accomplish their pledges in the first years in the position. They have to be accountable for their pledges if not do they have to remove from the position for unfulfilled the Social Contract with the citizens and replaced by the candidate who took second place at the elections.
It is shameful what is happening at all levels of government in America. From the Office of the President, Congress, Estate governments, County and Local.
The presidency is giving blind shots and making a fool since he took office, bowing obsequiously before all emperors and kings who meet with dictators an enemies of us. America bows to God alone and not to any king of trash. The Congress is a very expensive  whorehouse, full of stupidest, which sells everything and makes all kinds of business done below and above the table shamelessly. The Senators and Representatives are rotten in illegal money, by making laws against citizens. They have ore years in their positions at the congress than Matusalen. This has to stop immediately politicians should be in position “One term” No one is good enough mind to be so long in one position. OUT! We do not need to paid our enemies we have more than enough for free. The governors, mayors, county and city commissioners, most of them are garbage, corruption. a hell of lies, corruption, lawlessness, graft and ineptitude.
We the people of America are the ones we can and must end this mess and restore the decency and good governance. We have to do right now.
God helping us in this effort,

Lázaro R González Miño

Initiative for Referendum Recall Miami-Dade County



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